YouTube Vanced MOD APK v17.36.42 (Premium Unlocked/No ADS)

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Youtube Vanced is an application. Let’s not waste time knowing all the unknown information about the “YouTube Vanced MOD APK” app. With these apps you will make your work easier and faster. I think you are looking for this app mod version. If so, or my guess is true, this article is for you personally. These apps will help you in your work.


App Name

YouTube Vanced


Google LLC


Video Players & Editors



Information of YouTube Vanced

Youtube Vanced is an application that allows users to watch videos under various headings provided by the developers, which you can also do. Hot pictures or music videos, clothing, stories, beauty, education, and much more. You can participate in building this business and share your interests with users around the world. You can join the team and work with everyone.

Mod Information of YouTube Vanced

  • Premium Unlocked
  • Open Settings
  • Open Vanced Settings
  • Dark theme
  • Swipe Controls
  • Open Layout Settings
  • Original Files
  • Toggle ON Dark watch
  • Dark Mode
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Normally install
  • Background Playback
  • Ad Blocked

How to enable Black/Dark theme In YouTube Vanced Apk

Step – 1: Click on your profile picture on the top right corner

Step – 2: Open Settings

Step – 3: Open Vanced Settings

Step – 4: Open Layout Settings

Step – 5: Toggle ON Dark watch & Dark theme

Step – 6: Download the modded microG

Step – 7: Install it as you would normally install any other apk.

Key features of YouTube Vanced Apps

YouTube Vanced is a viral entertainment platform that has attracted and used users worldwide. If you are looking for a video on any topic, your job is to search the video and watch the video. This program provides you with video and entertainment tips on the first page depending on your interests and you can easily choose. If you want a specific channel, click the subscribe button. It helps you get the latest videos from your favorite content creators. You can also view your video history. You can Open Layout Settings, Vanced Settings. You can get the Original Files of these Apps.

Popular Themes of YouTube Vanced

It is a unique video platform and contains a lot of interesting content published by users from all over the world. Customers looking for content like music, games, and entertainment like food, education, and beauty can find it by name. With a good search, the software can provide users with better website information. Here you can see and experience it very easily.

Dark Mode of YouTube Vanced

With the Wanted YouTube app, you can easily transfer or change your YouTube data from any device. To enable Apple Block Mode, go to the “General” menu in Settings and turn on Dark Mode. In the menu list, you will find a replaceable site logo that you can adapt to the desired theme.

Swipe Controls these Apps

This is one of the best features of YouTube’s advanced APK with audio and video quality control. You can get gestures through MX Player, which handles new content on YouTube. To enable management, go to the following advanced settings to view transfer and deposit management In the Settings menu, you can turn on the Brightness and Volume slider and then change the look of the door or slider. You should use this feature after downloading the app of your interest. You will be able to use the apps very easily.

User-Friendly Interface in this Apps

Youtube Vanced is a general catalog that contains information about settings like a single menu and YouTube official application. This application is a copy of the official YouTube service with some new features. The program has five steps: Home, Browsing, Registration, Mailbox and Library. In addition to believing, you will see a search key and a stream. Also, you can save new ideas in the library section.

To get all the features, click the Accounts tab to see the Settings button. You can find the last-minute settings you want in the “Settings” section. With advanced settings, you can download all the latest content on YouTube Vanced.

Background play and picture mode

The most sought after by every YouTube user, as it contains almost every audio track published on each channel. YouTube Vanced APK is a useful tool that can run YouTube and perform amazing functions on your phone. You can play it in two ways, audio or video and picture-in-picture mode.

Customize these tiny screens (front, back, play) using your phone’s screen control. You can use this app to listen to music on YouTube using the phone battery to listen to music. And you can listen to music on the black screen of your phone through this app.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Here we will show the best questions of YouTube Vanced apps and discuss the answers.

What is the YouTube Vanced App?

YouTube Vanced is a better updated YouTube application than any of the official YouTube versions you use. If you do not have a YouTube Premium account, you must enable YouTube Ads. The scary thing is that some ads appear in short videos. Again, the first game is not supported. Yes, YouTube Vanced can solve many of your problems.

 Is the YouTube Vanced app safe?

YouTube Vanced apps  Mod is 100% secure because it scans malware platforms and they do not detect viruses.

How to get Premium for free?

You can download the apps for free from the link provided by us. Here you will find YouTube Premium for free. So it doesn’t cost money to buy your premium.

Is this an old version app?

No! This MOD APK is a new version of the app and it is an upgraded app. If you’ve downloaded the YouTube Vanced app, you know about the app.


The moral of the story, is YouTube Vanced MOD APK is actually a great Apps. This Mod Apk is a free good app with many features. After you download the app, you realize how good YouTube Vanced is. And yes, if you think our content is useful and helpful for you, please share this with your friends and family. See you soon.

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