Upcoming games releases of 2021 | Xbox Series ps4 best games

we’re entering the most important month for the final Upcoming Games of 2020 / 2021 in gaming history Xbox Series. That’s yesterday November and man there’s a lot happening.

not only do the current consoles have plenty of stuff lined up in the coming months but the next generation of consoles and games are due out in a matter of just weeks.

there’s so much to pack into the next couple months though so we’ll keep this one brief and How does the top 12 sound like for this time?

cyberpunk 2077

cyberpunk 2077 is probably the most anticipated title set to release this november this year actually cd projekt red.

already postponed the title earlier a couple times two depending issues but finally they came out and announced it will release on the 19th of november this year.

This title’s release will follow the launch of the much-awaited consoles from Microsoft and sony as well i also said this one the other day. but for those of you who didn’t hear once again this game has gone gold and that means.


The game is awaiting its release date and that the studio will now start producing copies.

of the game for sale in case you need a reminder also cyberpunk 2077 follows the footsteps of cdpr’s previous open-world titles like Witcher 3.

In terms of gameplay, however, developers have confirmed that this game will be nothing like what players have ever seen. We’ll check it out and I don’t know how we’re gonna fix it.

the homeless population in the night city has risen by 300.

crime in night city is now double the rate than in the new united states you wanna be some kind of hero that’s a fight this city won’t let you win on your own.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

on the other hand insomniac Upcoming Games just came out with some of the things you can expect in the new spider-man. among the details one was the confirmation that the game’s visuals mode on playstation 5 features 4k.

only 30 frames per second with ray tracing and some other enhancements miles wireless will be also available on ps4 after recently going gold each. set to release on november 12 alongside the ps5 and other launch titles like the demon souls which we’re gonna mention later.

before a global release on november 19th also pre-orders are available right now. If you grab miles more or less the ultimate edition you will also get a remaster of the 2018 game as well so just be in mind. I’ve got an idea for a treyarch on the other hand.

Call of Duty

Developers announced a number of changes being made to call of duty black ops cold war ahead of its cross-play weekend. the beta which a lot of people have hands on already right now.

which we can get into the changes later. It’s a long list but in general changes are being implemented to improve players’ experience and some bug fixes.

they also tease some new maps, weapons game modes in the beta playlists, score tricks, pegs wild cards and even equipment. all of which you can eventually jump in when the game launches on november 13th on for all xbox consoles with a ps5 release yet to be confirmed moving on and new friends i see moving on.

Assassin creed valhalla

Assassin’s creed valhalla launches on pc ps4 xbox one xbox series x and as well on november 10th. The ps5 version will also be available at lunch and it will build upon the foundation laid by regions.

assassin’s creed regions and assassin’s creed odyssey and. We heart it lets players build their own viking story as they raid 9th century England and establish a flourishing settlement. in the region anyway to accompany the news ubisoft.

finally came up with assassin’s creed warheadless story trailer check it out.

These lands bring our people hope I will do whatever it takes to make England our home.

Demon’s souls remake

the saxons hunger for lost blood let’s give them a taste brothers demon souls upon release in case you. didn’t know won the game spots game of the year award all the way back in 2009 and kickstarter actually from software’s current era of generation defining action rpgs.

It’s a little surprising then that people have wanted a remake for a long time so that’s finally coming true. it’s a playstation 5 launch title and it’s set to launch alongside the ps5 on november 12th and if you want to play it.

on release day you can go ahead and pre-order a copy of it right now, as for the game in case you’re wondering. as you can see it all looks similar to the original game but.

with much more detailed visuals and in 4k accompanied by 60 frames per second this time.

one last thing also next generation of Upcoming Games also costs about 70 bucks and this happens to be the case with demand souls as well so keep it in mind.

Yakuza like a dragon – Upcoming Games

okay yakuza like a dragon has sega’s much beloved series taken to the new generation in style and xbox series x launch title that offers multiple ways to tap into its power.

so yeah it seems series x’s lineup so far. has a trend towards giving players more ways to play that’s not a bad thing anyway like a dragon. also known as yakuza 7 in japan moves now to some experimental new ground by replacing the usual.

3d brawling mechanics with 10 base rpg battling now this game. it also lands on Xbox series x with clear boosts over existing consoles adding 4k support offering 60 frames per second and also hastening some of its loading times and as always to accompany. the news they came up with an update trailer and that the game releases on november 10th 2020 to take on yourself.

I say with the right friends anything’s possible and I mean anything.

Gadfall – Xbox series

okay moving on counter play Upcoming Games also this week detailed some more content that players can expect from godfather. When it launches next month there’s this mode described as a roguelike end game challenge that can be played solo or in a club.

this tower of trials that features combat trials that get progressively more difficult which will then reset to zero.

once done meaning players will have to restart the mode from scratch that’s like most online games. Anyway, to company the news they came out with a new trailer and also got fall set to launch on november 12th for the ps5 and pc exclusively through the epic game store.

destiny 2

we’re just inside a month before the release of destiny 2 annual expansion it’s called beyond light for the update.

we hear we’ll add a new location raid and lots of more loot to collect though large portions of the game’s world will be removed.

due to improvements actually now. if you’ve never picked up this game before it is arguably one of the better times to dive into. it’s a weird and magical sci-fi world.

The current season here is one of destiny 2’s most fun in some time and the next few weeks are also the last chance for players to experience the game.

as it’s existed more or less since lunch we’ll check it out this new update releases on november 10th relax guardian.

Destruction all stars

You’re scaring them quick mention here guys new details about destruction all stars have been revealed detailing some special editions for the game along with their launch pricing.

well unfortunately we don’t have much in the way of new articles. This is an old one though.

However lucid Upcoming Games have been able to detail this game will feature some custom built arenas for multiplayer and single player on lunch but that’s kind of just a start after lunch new game modes and twists on existing game modes. will debut alongside new features and yeah that’s all in any case you’ll be able to grab the game when it launches.

In november sometime 2020. that is if you can get your hands on a playstation 5 actually.

Need For Speed

also we already mentioned this one here a few times. Actually this month electronic arts announced a remastered version of the classic high-speed need for speed hot pursuit which has been developed by criterion Upcoming Games in collaboration. With stellar entertainment it will be launching on ps4 xbox one pc on november 6th and nintendo switch on november 13th.

Also now in case you wondered yeah the game will feature cross-platform multiplayer on top of its enhanced visuals and gameplay.

yes it will then offer a single player korea with options to go racing on both sides of the law as a cop with guns, or an elite racer with counter-offensive maneuvers.

that said the game will then support 4k at 60 frames per second.

well well moving on 13 remake you will be available both in physical and in digital editions for ps4 xbox one nintendo switch and pc on november 10th finally.

what are these though the game is a story driven adventure with a solid gameplay and unique cell shaded artistic direction in which you get to play as a talented soldier.

who lost his memory and has been accused of killing the president but have you really now your job to research for answers in like 35 levels of solo campaign. you’ll get to get familiar with later on.

Dirt 5 – Upcoming Games

okay dirt 5 will be released on november 6th as well for xbox.

one ps4 pc at 10th of november for xbox series x and november 16th for the ps5 that’s the way to go also the google studio version will be available.

uh in 2021 sometime wow here’s the thing dirt 5 we just learned will be one of the first.

Upcoming Games to offer a 120 fps option for those with a compatible monitor or a tv or something words also has it here you’ll be able to race up with up to 12 other people.

Attract at once in any game modes including online of course there will then be a career mode with 130 events.

about 9 to 10 race types and throw down challenges mixed in for any good measure. but, also that said if you buy the game on the current generation of consoles you will then be.

entitled to a free upgrade as well on the next generation of consoles if you go for them so yeah keep it in mind.

i saw the future as a gift okay during this weekend’s future gaming show modest Upcoming Games also released another trailer for its delightful looking fantasy adventure chris tales. which is currently in development for pc as well as current and next generation consoles and of course switch.

This one’s a chrono chaotic adventure based on how we can describe it. It is about a young time mage going by crystal who is sent on a quest.

in order to stop something which we’re not gonna get into now hopefully though, it will also prove to be one of this year’s hits,

Chris tales launches on november 17th no more as the strong prey on the week and as evil forces gather i choose to fight to reclaim the future from those who would try to steal from us.

because then they will learn the future is what i choose to make.

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