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Total War Rome 2 – is the eight-game in the Total War series. It is a strategy game by The Creative Assembly and Sega is the publisher.

Total War Rome 2 Review

The game requires a 512 MB Direct 9.0c compatible card. And a Hard drive space of 35 GB free. This is the kind of game that is something you cannot pass up on.

This game is the successor of Total War released way back in 2004, so the expectations for this sequel are really high since Creative Assembly has a lot of time to create a new game right after that Total War original. A high-end Pc is recommended in this game, with an i series processor to enjoy this to the fullest.

Developer future plan

In this sequel of Total War, Creative Assembly thought to give the players a more human approach of the war. Facial expressions among the characters, especially the soldiers witnessing someone get killed put horror to their face which makes the battle a bit more realistic.

The campaign map is still present in this game, still exaggerated and yes, very colorful. You will be able to use this map to navigate to your selected place or nation; manage cities, and marshal enemies so you can conquer new places to advance to the next mission level.


The gameplay is all about making sure that the soldiers get back home victorious.

Basic icons can be found in the interface with pop up menus when you hover on them and give a brief explanation on what you are working on. The game’s mechanics is explained as you go along. But there are times that you will just trust your own instinct or just wait for the manual when you really cannot reckon what is needed to do.

Total War Rome II Review
Total War Rome 2 Review

In 272 B.C., Rome 2 begun together with 9 playable nations to conquer namely: Carthage, Suebi, Egypt, Iceni, Macedon, Arverni etc. There are factions that cannot be played in the campaign: Asia Minor (non-Hellenistic), Germanic, African , Caucasus , Iranian, Celt-Iberian, Illyrian among the others. The campaign map is divided to 57 provinces that are grouped in 4 regions; each region can be conquered separately.

Total War Rome 2 – Map

Total War Rome 2 maps
Total War Rome 2 maps

If you want to move the armies in your map, you will need to attach a general to them. Your empire size dictates the number of generals you can attached in your armies. The more victories your armies gain, the more XP you will have just like most of the strategy games out there. To conquer and assemble yourself a truly terrifying legion is the ultimate goal in this game. The troops are recruited directly from the field and thus saves training time, and provides a breather to the good old building an army or troops of who stay in barracks sort of stuff.

Editor emotion

The huge combats are the biggest draw this game has to offer. The improvement is quite noticeable compared to the previous game. What i like most about this game is the emotion the characters give, when they are scared, they show scare faces, when they panic, they panic, when they want to rest, all they have to do is droop. This is what makes the game in realism opposed to being surreal. In the previous game, everyone moves the same that made the previous version a bit hilarious. The violence displayed in this game satisfied the very discerning eyes of fans. But the downside is the camera, as always! Critics said, it is problematic when it comes to controls and angels. Needing to zoom in and out and all over where the game is taking place always pose trouble when it comes to this function.

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Combats happen everywhere, in the mountains, in the sea, in the cities too! The most exciting battle for me is the ones that done in the naval area where you will see a lot of ships smash each other like you are watching an action packed adventure movie!

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The key to winning every battle is, knowing what the opponents’ weaknesses and strengths that you can use against them. Maintaining powerful troops and a lot of generals too, could get you victorious in Total War Rome 2. Believe it or not, weather condition and moods of the armies affect the combats as well. You should know the area well, like buildings, valleys, streets and prepare your strategy on how to survive ambushes.

Playing this game will take you weeks in order to finish the mission levels. If you want to build a successful campaign that is. Well, who does not want to do that? There is heaps lot to manage and take care of: famine, expenses, poverty, slavery, trade routes and a lot more. As ambitious as the game is, this is not for the persons who has a soft heart. This game makes you ambitious and makes you crave for fantasies that it surely will suffice.

But like many other games, this is not a perfect one, minor bugs could be found, could frustrate the player especially when a battle is ongoing and you need to apply a little fix. A lot of players complained of crashes and technical faults especially in the battle fields. And sometimes in the animation itself. Making sure that your Pc has powerful specifications, you will enjoy this game and you will learn about the ancient history at the same time as well!

Total War Rome 2 – Positive reviews done!

has gained a lot of positive reviews from critics and fans since its release a few months back. Attention to details and the very cinematic scale of the combats are the factors that were given emphasis. Indeed, this sequel is a bit bigger and way better from the previous Total War releases.


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