Top BEST Indie Game Hidden Gems – September 2020

Introduction and Fall Guys

Hey there and welcome back to getting Indie Gaming and to another episode in the series where we glance across the various shop fronts and showcase a selection of indie games, our hidden gems, you might have missed when they first came out.

Squadron 51

Coming up in this post we have a selection of precision platformers, puzzlers and to our minds, the best indie game hidden gem we’ve ever featured here on the channel and so on that, let’s crack on with top indie game is hidden gems for September 2020.


First up we have Wildermyth a game that came out in Early Access towards the end of last year and sadly, well it seems to have largely been ignored having gone well under most people’s radars which is a huge shame.

Honestly, don’t let the fact that it’s an Early Access title put you off as it looks, plays and feels every bit like a fully completed character-centric RPG with this one also having a few tricks up its sleeves in the way unlike most of its contemporaries, it borrows and uses procedural generation and randomness more usually seen within dungeon crawlers and roguelikes.

Everything from character creation to its plot to its storylines and overall dialogue trees is built and put together on the fly while the game unfolds and having gone back to look at this one again in the making of this episode, all of this seems to work rather well.

As does its art style and overall aesthetic, particularly the paper doll-like presentation which matches and fits so well within the organic storytelling that game’s ability to offer.

The combat and magical elements are also well implemented with just the right amount of skill and tactical nuance needed without becoming too overbearing.

As an overall experience Wildermyth feels more like a tabletop based game than any post-game we’ve played, well perhaps ever and yes, there are a few rough edges here and there with the game expected to stay in Early Access until perhaps the end of the year or early next.

If you only decide to pick up and play one Early Access game all year and you’re a fan of RPGs, then honestly, head on over to this one’s Steam Page and there’s a link down in the twitter, where you can see what you might be missing.


At number 9 we have RITE and a game which came out this past July.

As you can probably tell it’s a precision-based platformer although you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s yet another tough as nails throw your controller against the wall in frustration kind of thing as it honestly isn’t.

While it is, well it is hard, it’s nowhere near the same difficulty as let’s say Super Meat Boy or some of the more challenging and taxing areas of Celeste.

At the get-go, well it kinda feels somewhat underwhelming from this challenging perspective.

The first 10 or 20 minutes of the game feel rather sedate although, in retrospect, this feels well played by the developer with the initial stages acting as a warm-up for what’s to come and yes the more you get into RITE the more difficult it gets – you’ll be needing a fine and deft touch with pixel-perfect jumps, dashes, landings and so on all facilitated by a sharp and precise control mechanic that feels beautifully responsive.

While Rite may not add too much to this well-trodden genre, it is a kind and well throughout out play with it being one of the most accessible games of its type out over the past couple of years.


Moving onwards with this month’s number 8 with Cross Code arguably being the least hidden gem in this September countdown.

That being said, we’re pretty sure this will be new to some viewers, and having yet to feature it here on the channel, now feels a great time to do so.

Crosscode first came out in the summer of 2018 and more recently made its way onto consoles in July of this year.

This retro-looking 16-bit era 2d action RPG also borrows from MMOs with it doffing its cap towards the legend of Zelda, a link to the past.

For us, what works so very well is the amount of character that, well comes out from the characters, they are bustling and brimming with charm and well-written charisma, perhaps more so than some of the world-building and plotlines they find themselves within.

The overall gameplay is more puzzle-based than usual in this type of game which helps set this one apart from its contemporaries as does the artwork and soundscape which recreates those you might have heard from games of the era this one’s emulating all the while adding additional complexity and musical layers.

It does come with somewhat of a steep learning curve although that’s really all we can fault it for.

If you like your single-player action-adventure RPGs and haven’t played this yet, it’s one we heartedly recommend.


At number 5, Inmost came out in October of last year and has split our small team right down the middle.

Inmost is in places spectacularly impressive, particularly in the beauty of its pixel art and backgrounds which really do offer up a profound sense of space.

To be honest, it’s mostly in what the team has done with how it looks, particularly the night time scenes having earned its place in this countdown.

While described as a platformer, there are plenty of sections that feel more akin to a point and click and others where you’re not really playing it with it playing it for you.

It’s also exceptionally bleak and gloomy with its storyline featuring pain, grief, depression oh and not to mention possible youth suicide and murder – it’s all fairly heavy and comes with a post-credits storyline warning that if you feel you need this, well it’s probably better to put that up before the game kicks off.

In any case, take from this what you will and be forewarned before you dive in.


Up next and one from February 2019, Globesweeper is one of those games the more you play, the more you keep wanting to play it, with it very easily becoming more than a little bit pleasantly addictive.

It’s a modern take on the old Minesweeper game that was pre-packed within Microsoft’s Windows OS from version 3.1 to we think Windows 8 although, in this version, all of the gameplay takes place on a sphere rather than a flat surface.

Now the biggest downsides of the game on which this one is based came from some aspects of the puzzling being completely random and little more than guesswork.

Those of you that remember this will also remember how rage-inducing this could be and while early versions of Globesweeper had similar issues, it was updated down the line with what the developers called a guaranteed solvable mode which took away any guesswork meaning you couldn’t blame anyone but your lack of grey matter and problem-solving skills for when you messed things up.

We’re thinking this will appeal to a small subset of viewers and for those of you who decide to give it a try, we suspect it might become something you just can’t stop playing.

Globesweeper is available on PC via Steam and also on both Android and iOS mobile platforms.

Game of Thrones Tale of Crows

At number three we have Game of Thrones Tale of Crows which at the time of launch and as this content goes live, is an Apple Arcade exclusive.

Unlike the show in which it takes its name, this game is really rather relaxing with it being called an idle experience where things happen without you really needing to play it with others have described it as something more akin to a modern take on the Tamagotchi kind of thing from all those years ago.

You play as the Lord Commander of the Night Watch with its gameplay similar to those you might see in written text-driven adventures.

Much of the action happens at a slow and steady pace – this is one of those games you should probably play in short sharp settings, it’s not something you’ll probably want to spend hours over at a time although, over the passing of real-time days, it’s something you can keep checking up on in moments of downtime.

Visually, well it’s certainly outstanding on the iPad with Game od Thrones Tale of Crows being one of the more interesting of the recent launches across the apple arcade.

There is No Game – Wrong Dimension

At number 2, There is No Game Wrong dimension has its roots in a game jam although that’s all by the by and for some reason, hardly anyone seems to be talking about this utterly fantastic game that’s not just a hidden gem, but a potential 2020 game of the year contender.

We often mention in these rundowns that its often hard to speak about a given game because in so doing, we’d spoil so much of what makes a given game so great and there’s perhaps never been a truer example than here.


It’s safe for us to say this is a comedy point and click adventure that could be described as this year’s Pony Island with it being extremely Meta throughout.

It has so many laughs out loud sections with it needing you as players to think laterally and intelligently within some case, some propper out of the box thinking.

But what really makes this one so very special is the accompanying commentary that taken in context had us genuinely feeling for the protagonist and their troubles.

You can find this one via Steam with it coming out in early August of this year.


At number 1, Townscaper came out in Early Access in June with it delivering one of the calmest and most enjoyable casual gaming experiences of the whole summer just gone.

The developer calls it more of an experiment or toy than a game with the time in Early Access allowing them to see how players interact with it thereby aiding in which direction it takes and what new features are added.

As for the gameplay, well even the developer says there’s not much to it and yet underneath it all sits a complex algorithm that turns colors and blocks you place within an irregular grid into houses, arches, stairways, bridges, and plenty more depending on your configuration.

It’s really a kind of procedural art and something we’ve played with and built numerous iterations of towns for the sheer pleasure of watching it all unfold before us.

With its visuals and ambiance with no background music and overall simplicity, its simplicity gives it strength and oodles of replayability.


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