Top 25 best NEW Single Player Games ultimate review of 2020

after years of single-player games and kind of being ignored.

2020 has been a great year for it hi folks it’s falcon and today on game ranks the top 25 new single-player games of 2020. quick disclaimer elden ring vampire masquerade bloodlines and dying like two are not coming out this year that’s the reason they’re not on this list if it was a list that included 2021 we’d probably talk about all three starting off at number 25 is yakuza like a dragon a reimagining kind of reboot of yakuza which uses a turn-based jrpg battle system.

I’m really interested in where this scam goes.

i don’t know if it’s going to be the permanent style they make these games in or if they end up making another series altogether but i’m going to go ahead and say i think it looks cool i think it sounds interesting and it could turn out pretty great yakuza like a dragon is coming sometime in the latter half of this year at number 24 is mafia definitive edition positively one of the coolest games of all time.

if not necessarily exactly what it’s set out to do the definitive edition comes in to correct all of the visuals and attempt to give us the same game but better mafia is just a really cool game.

it’s something very much a product of its era but i really enjoy it i will absolutely be playing mafia definitive edition.

when it comes out on september 25th at number 23.

is the medium of a next-gen psychological horror game.

which will be launching with the xbox series x.

which splits gameplay between two dimensions which i think.

is very cool you control the same character using one stick.

however you’re dealing with obstacles in both worlds it’s.

really cool looking i think it’s a great idea and i’ll absolutely be checking it out when i get an xbox.

series x and number 22 is crash bandicoot 4.

it’s about time this is a game that i’ve been hoping for for a very long time especially after the remake of the original three crash bandicoots that’s a fantastic collection and in my mind that was.

saying wow we really really need more and that’s exactly what this is it’s a reimagining it’s much larger looking we’ve got a new art style we’ve got new powers and.

basically every way it’s a game that i’m looking forward to playing and it’ll be landing on xbox one and playstation 4.

october 2nd and number 21 is neo 2 the sequel to the tremendously good souls like which is itself a very good game.

that builds on pretty much every concept of the original.

remedies a few problems i think ends up being a little more.

balanced and a lot bigger neo2 is a fantastic game it came out back on march 12th and it will give you a ton to do at number 20 is crusader kings 3 a historical grand strategy game in fact the sequel to one of the bigger strategies dynasty series the last long while this is a pretty big update for the franchise it’s moving into a fully 3d.

rendering mode which it’s never done before it’s also got a larger and more detailed map.

i will absolutely be playing crusader kings when it comes to pc.

on september 1st at number 19 is stone shard which is a turn-based rpg currently.

in early access to the game set in an open world.

but in my opinion it’s a game that very closely resembles a.

turn-based dungeon crawler in a lot of ways there’s.

a lot of different abilities and equipment you can add to your character constant additions to new content on account it’s still in early access it’s 14.99 it’s worth every cent give it a shot.

number 18 is a carry-on kind of a metroidvania.

where you aren’t playing as the hero but rather the monster.

you’ve escaped as a test subject of something in a lab and you exact your revenge on everybody.

this game is so friggin cool i’ve been following it for quite a while now it’s not the biggest game you’re ever going to play but it is a type of gameplay that is incredibly satisfying it is absolutely worth the 19.99 at number 17 is desperadoes 3 a real-time tactics game.

a prequel to desperados wanted dead or alive.

a game which will be set up so that you can do a completely no.

kill run which is interesting considering it’s a cowboy game called desperados there hasn’t been one of these in a very long time the last one was a spin-off game called helldorado that came out in 2007 so it’s really cool to see them resurrect the series and you should give it a shot.

number 16 is half-life alyx a vr shooter that although it has some limitations.

is actually one of the most fun of the vr shooter attempts that we’ve seen it also gives us more half-life which is not something we get a lot of what’s great is that it’s not just a shooter there’s also a lot of the trademark sort of valve.

physics-y type puzzles in it and they work really good in vr.

give half-life alyx a shot it’s a great game at number 15 is the final fantasy 7 remake.

Final Fantasy 7 is of course one of the most influential games out there; it’s a huge RPG and they remade it in a manner that.

was actually kind of controversial when it came out but i think we all kind of agree at this point.

This is a great remake and an interesting step that could actually yield a lot of interesting possibilities. It’s also beautiful.

it plays great it’s fun as hell of course just play.

play final fantasy 7 remake it’s great at number 14 is the resident evil 3 remake which.

uh maybe a little bit less controversial however definitely not the strongest out of resident evil 2 and 3.

just by nature of the game resident evil 2 is probably the better of the two anyways.

of course the remakes are going to mirror that dynamic resident evil 3 is still fantastic.

and the remake is absolutely amazing. It is the best possible version of the game in my opinion.

and if you haven’t played it why haven’t you played it number 13 is persona 5 royal now persona 5 is of course one of the premier rpgs out there if you love jrpgs.

you’ve at least heard about it but if you haven’t played it by now this is the best version you can play it has a lot of extra content and really justifies in my opinion.

being a game again, Persona 5 is great, the extra content is great.

i mean again if you like jrpgs and don’t like this.

I don’t know if it must be the story or something.

at number 12 is assassin’s creed valhalla which i will say we have fairly limited information about.

The trailer released earlier in the year was really cool though.

i’m really excited for it of course they’re most likely building upon the ideas and.

Odyssey and origins and I am there for it of course I’m there for it viking assassin’s creed why wouldn’t you be there for it that’s exactly what you would think at this point how do we keep this fresh.

at vikings let’s do vikings that’s launching november 17th.

on pc ps4 xbox one and stadia at number 11 is the destroy all humans remake destroy all humans is of course funny but more.

importantly silly and fun with his gameplay concepts.

It’s a goofy game and to call it just a shooter I think is a bit reductive because it’s a lot more than that.

but it gives you a lot of different types of gameplay in a third person sort of action.

game and although i wouldn’t call it open world it certainly.

is kind of along the lines of a sandbox game it looks.

amazing now they kept all of the voices the game is basically the same game just looks amazing now and.

it’s one of the games from an earlier time that holds up incredibly well you should play it at number 10 is ori and the will of the wisp the sequel to orion the blind forest which takes the concepts from the first makes them much bigger also it thankfully moved to an auto save system i’m gonna go ahead and say i like that a lot.

it definitely was an improvement over blind forest what can i say these are both incredibly good games.

great platformers great metroidvanias deserves every bit of praise that it gets and if you like platformers just play it it’s one of the best at number nine is the last of us part two a huge massive project that i think we all saw come in with the end of the original last of us.

unfortunately we all saw a lot of this game coming because a lot of it got leaked prior to release.

that doesn’t change the fact that it is a very fun game.

does paint itself as perhaps one of the most dour games that’s ever existed i know the game is basically telling you violence isn’t fun.

but they made it so fun for the last of us part two.

is out now on ps4 and number eight is halo infinite the next in.

The very long running halo series and a big launch title for the xbox series x basically it’s intended to be the tour de force that shows us what the new xbox is capable of and.

it looks like it’s one that’s probably shaping up to be pretty darn awesome i’m personally pretty excited halo has always been a great first person shooter series.

I’m interested in what they’re intending to add for the next generation of this halo has certainly seen a lot of competition.

shooters happen during its lifespan and i’m really looking forward to sitting down with it when the xbox series x launches.

and number seven is watchdogs legion the next.

in that series which we have to say the second a lot better than the first and the premise of a police state running London just.

sounds wonderful to me it’s such an interesting idea.

to sort of just be like no it’s after tech fascism takes hold.

we’re there let’s see what that game is personally i’m really looking forward to it it’s coming to pc ps4.

xbox one and stadia october 29th at number six.

is spider-man miles morales which is coming exclusively to the ps5 it is the follow up not necessarily a full game.

but kind of a mini sequel to the spider-man ps4 game.

which looks as though they’re really trying to ramp up what is possible in the world of we are a hundred percent sure if it’s a launch day title.

but it is going to be released this year and let’s just be clear.

I am 100% on board for more spider-man it actually continues the story that started in the first dlc.

The city that never sleeps and it comes out sometime in quarter four on ps5 and number five is marvel’s avengers new game.

intended to give you a new story in its own timeline.

about a kind of a watchmen situation where superheroes get outlawed and things like that happen.

It’s based on an event called a day where the avengers sort of lose spectacularly.

and things go very wrong it looks like a very interesting game there’s a lot of cool stuff about the fighting system and there’s a lot of stuff on a planned content roadmap it’s hitting windows playstation 4

xbox one and stadia on september 4th at number four is.

animals crossing new horizons which brought us a lot of new ideas but most importantly preserve the animal crossing gameplay that everybody wants and gives us a lot of cool social functions that allow us to visit each other’s islands.

give each other bells have a grand old time in our little.

imaginary economies where we build our houses.

and kind of rule the world but not really i know that’s a very strange way of describing it but.

provide an argument against it thank you animal crossing.

New horizons are out on switch number three is the ghost of tsushima.

an action game that gives us so much more.

If you want to play this game stealth it’s really fun to do but it’s also just gorgeous.

fantastic in its combat in a lot of weird ways.

very beautiful and very calming despite being a pretty violent game it also has this amazing photo mode i’m not really.

one that gets super sold on photo modes but ghost sushima got me.

it’s out on playstation 4 now i’d highly recommend it number two is doom eternal which.

is a sequel to the reboot from 2016 that i think we all know.

is a fantastic fps but this really builds on it in the same way that doom 2 built on the original doom.

it’s just a lot bigger and there’s a shotgun with a grappling hook. There’s a shotgun with a grappling hook I don’t know what else to say once you say that I’m just like.

all right let’s play that game it’s just a great fps.

is it the same exact thing as original doom absolutely not.

and that’s why it’s good that they have re-released original doom and doom 2 on various platforms but do maternal friggin rules.

and finally number one we’re getting up closer to the release of this game and it’s probably gonna be a very big game but cyberpunk 2077.

this is a game that has been delayed a lot throughout its.

development cycle at this point it’s november now which is fine.

i’m willing to wait if they think that it’s important cyberpunk 2077s can be a huge game.

it’s the witcher as an fps in a different world.

at least that’s what we know about it in all honesty it’s probably going to be a lot more than that.

and that will probably be a reductive description of it but still i’m looking forward to it you’re looking forward to we’re all going to play it cyberpunk 2077 is hitting.

everything on november 19th few bonus games for you first horizon zero dawn complete edition landing on pc if you’ve never played the game this is certainly the way to do it.

it is gorgeous and amazing also it has a good story and it’s perhaps one of the best examples of that type of open world game.

moving on next is a total revamp of tony hawk’s pro skater 1 and 2.

I mean we’re obviously talking about the most gorgeous version of these games but I’m so excited to actually play a competent tony hawk game again.

next is kingdoms of amalur-reckoning, a remake of a game that was incredibly expensive to make, was very cool and got almost no attention when it came out. It’s an action rpg it’s very cool that they’re actually even going for this again.

Then man ate the kind of tony hawk’s pro.

shark simulator slash kind of far cry i don’t know what you would just kind of shark.

violence ridiculousness gears tactics which.

is a game that i would say is perhaps one of the more competent attempts at adapting the gears franchise to another genre.

There’s a couple of other attempts at it but gears tactics does it particularly good giving us a sort of ex-commie game and finally.

sirius sam iv the over-the-top action game makes its return on september 27th.

and we’re all anticipating that with baited breath that’s all for today if you haven’t played any of these games, definitely try them out if you have leave us a comment letting us know what you think.

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