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hey there and welcome once more to action game USA for top best Indie Games as we approach the final quarter of the year. things are really hotting up in terms of new game releases with this week beginning Monday, September the 14th.

up there with the best of them, all year round and so without further delay let’s get stuck into the best looking upcoming indie game releases out this week up first and in no real order until we get to the number one slot we have.

hack a game that’s new to us the morning we write up this script for this week’s new video game releases.

Now there does seem to be a little confusion out there with this one as some websites are saying it’s also coming to the switch although for now at least as best we can tell.

it’s coming out this week via early access via Steam.

where the developers say it’ll sit for a year or so being enhanced and improved by player feedback and such on the face of things it’s already a solid-looking action.

platformer Metroidvania so that ticks many of our boxes so to speak and we’re looking forward to seeing how it goes about the process of exploration and skill development.

all within its post-apocalyptic wasteland we’re also.

looking forward to seeing what the developers mean by their assertion that the game isn’t about hair-tearing gameplay.

rather this one’s all about the delivery of a fast and fluid overall experience that most people can pick up and play to us that sounds like a nod towards overall accessibility which if so gets a thumbs up from us.

Fight crab

up next we have something well it’s a tad.

silly although we wanted to share and take a little chuckle at its overall silliness if that makes sense well anyway fight crab came out back in July for pcs.

with it also expected out on switch this coming September 15th.

as you can see with the footage on-screen here we have a 3d.

an action game where you take command of a crab and do battle against.

another crab in what’s really a crab crab-filled all-action battle arena game the game at this time the post airs has mostly positive reviews from those who played it on pc.

with it giving up 1v1 2v2 or within online and offline battle modes the campaign mode comes with 34 stages all spread across seven different chapters.

with your aim being to flip over as many crabs as possible.

in a quest what the press release calls to become the lord of crustaceans so yes it’s all highly silly and yet there’s probably a decent amount of fun to be had here.

if you’ve already played this or think it looks good enough to pick up on pc or the switch let us know down in the comments.


coming out on the 17th via steam and up next.

We have the officially licensed digital adaptation of the wingspan.

The award-winning strategy board game about birds for one to five players your aim here is to build a nature reserve all within a limited number of turns in what’s an educational and relaxing strategy game.

with over 170 unique birds all of them mirroring the powers they have in real life.

as far as competitive card-driven games go well in wingspan.

there’s something here that’s pretty unlike anything else you’ll likely find within the genre.

Journey of the broken circle

moving onwards and to something that’s still a little bit different in the journey of the broken circle here we can expect a game that’s fun and vibrant, it’s all about love life fulfillment, and existentialism.

where you meet and greet fascinating characters with your aim to become imperfect.

circle so yes we all know that sounds well a little lofty as it were although we kind of get what this one’s looking to do it’s seemingly a story and a game all about self-discovery and perhaps self-betterment.

if that’s even a word where you meet other characters and make use of their abilities and skill set in driving the game forward.

On the face of things, it feels pretty universal and relatable with the developers have previously said it’s a game that’s really all about the little things.

well, that seemed to be missing that better job, a nicer place to live an ideal relationship, and so on and so forth.

so yeah it’s a curious-looking and sounding offering so we’ll be really looking forward to getting hold of this in a kind of an interesting way as if it were.

yeah, this comes to pc via steam and also on the switch this coming September the 18th.

BPM – bullets per minute

at number three and yet another huge huge surprise for us with it working perhaps.

far better than perhaps it has every right to do so.

bpm or bullets per minute well it’s a rhythm-based run-around rogue-like first-person shooter that plays out insanely fast.

there’s nothing we think quite like it out all year.

that plays at this pace and plays in the way it does.

and it kind of feels more like the shooters from the early era of doom and such like it’s the pace.

the tightness of the controls and the really well pulled together roguelike elements that make this.

really quite good now if we did scores it would certainly earn itself a solid eight or perhaps even a nine it is however pretty darn difficult and just like all roguelikes.

some runs are easier than others although there’s no question this does represent a really tough challenge for us at least.

even when played at the lowest difficulty setting honestly though if you’re a fan of shooters rhythm games roguelikes or you just fancy getting hold of something that’s well just that little bit different.

and does the difference so very very well then bpm.

should go on your wish list with it coming out on September 15th by way of steam.

Welcome to elk

at number two of the best-looking indie games out this week we have welcome to elk.

long-term viewers will know we’ve covered this game a few times here on the channel over the past 18 or so months.

and we’ve been super privileged to have access to the full game before its launch.

this coming Thursday the 17th where it’s out on pc via steam and also on the Xbox one so yes we’ve played this from start to the end.

and while we’re not too sure of there being an embargo as this post airs we’re inclined to describe the overall experience in playing it as being delightfully down-hearted now that’s not a bad thing despite what you might think welcome to elk certainly does go down some very dark avenues.

and it’s most unwise to get into this one without knowing what you’re actually about to find.

The difference between much of the subject matter and the almost child-like whimsical cartoon nature of the visuals are of course by design with the developers have spoken in terms of the style being used in a way in which to speak and deliver a tale on subjects.

such as loss grief and death in a visually light-hearted way.

it’s also a game. Let’s not forget about stories.

real-life stories that essentially told the game’s central character a lady called Frigg.

who is a newcomer to the island of elk with her going about the place meeting and talking with the local inhabitants some, of course, being more friendly than others?

amongst these stories you play short but really fun mini-games that are related to the associated tale.

We found ourselves dancing on stage to singing and making vocal harmonies in a karaoke show of sorts.

to making balloon faces from magazine cutouts to pulling pints.

and we’ll have many more that would arguably spoil this show.

so yes it’s certainly dark in places and we do recommend it welcome to elk’s tales are handsomely done.

and for the most part wonderfully life-affirming.

Spelunky 2

at this week’s number one and one of if not.

the most highly anticipated indie game launch of the whole of 2020 spelunky 2 finally comes out after a few delays here and there.

and comes out on Tuesday the 15th on the PlayStation 4.

with a release onto pc via steam later in the month.

September the 29th now for anyone who doesn’t know and in all honesty there can’t be too many viewers of the channel to whom.

This is new to spelunky 2 is a follow-up to what’s arguably one of the most influential indie games of all time that came out all the way back in 2018 with its procedurally generated levels and roguelike gameplay.

what we’ve got here is more of the same with the obvious graphical enhancements afforded by the current generation’s hardware we’ve also got a single-player campaign to get stuck into.

although what we hear at “action game USA” I’m most looking forward to getting stuck.

Into the local couch co-op options, we’re able to play this one together as a little group and that’s exactly what we’ve got planned.

all day for launch day there’s also the option to play this.

online with others and we suspect friends and randoms although as we’ve said a few times over the years we’re not too much inclined to play with strangers although we may dabble within the game’s online lobbies to check out what sort of community the game attracts again at launch.

and onwards down the line as this post airs a day before the release we understand there aren’t too many advanced copies of this one doing the rounds with perhaps only edge magazines going to print earlier in the month with a full review.

while we have a copy of that magazine sitting on the table next to us as we write this post.

we’ve yet to read it as so to avoid spoilers of which we’re quite sure there will be many so yes we’re hugely excited about the launch of spelunky 2 and if you share such feelings be sure to let us know down in the comments as always a huge shout out to our patrons for your continued support and if you’re able please feel free to check out our community over there on that crowdfunding platform and if you haven’t already.


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