The Resident Evil horror video games 2021 Attractive and top

The Resident Evil. To understand why we are so excited about the new addition to the legendary game series, we gotta look into the main games of the franchise. This is the first game of the series and was one of the best horror video games on PS1 along with Silent hill.

Alone in the dark the new nightmare and the nightmare creatures and… alright there were so many horror classics in the ps1 era.

The Resident Evil horror video games

However, Resident Evil was the only one that has managed to balance the action and the horror in a way that made the game enjoyable for all types of players.

When the game was released in 1996, it was a huge hit. The story of Stars team who was stuck in a mansion during their investigation of bizarre murder cases was thrilling and Racoon City with full of mutated humans and animals created the perfect horror atmosphere.

The things like limited ammunition and inventory, complicated and detailed design of mansion, spooky atmosphere, and sounds,   absorbing story made the resident evil different from its competitors.  

The second game was released 2 years after the first one and for most of the players, it was even better than the first game.

Actually, The Resident Evil 2 was quite similar to the first one.

But RPD instead of the Mansion, MR.X instead of the Tyrant, presence of William Birkin, and overall scarier atmosphere made Resident Evil 2 one step ahead from the first game.

And 1 year later the mighty Nemesis came in.

Despite it wasn’t scary as the previous video games, RE3  was still maintained to be a high-class survival game with its post-apocalyptic raccoon city and of course with the best boss in the franchise. the 4th game had reduced the horror level even lower than the previous game.  

But The Resident Evil 4 was closing the horror gap between the first three video games with its amazing graphics and advanced gameplay mechanics. Some of the fans even call the 4th one as the best game in the franchise but I don’t agree with that view because RE4 wasn’t able to scare me at all. 

But overall it was a great game of course. Also, The Resident Evil 4 was the game that capcom decided to make the franchise more action-oriented. And  4 years after the resident evil 4, the fifth game came in.

If we call the fourth game action-oriented, then the fifth game is purely a shooter. Resident Evil 5 wasn’t looking anything like the previous video games of the franchise. As a shooter;   the game was average, as a survival horror;  the game was awful. If you ask the question of what can be worse than the fifth game?

The answer definitely will be the sixth game.  It was just a basic action game with none of the horror elements.

Also, this game caused fans to lose interest in the franchise. Capcom noticed that the situation is getting worse and started to develop a game nothing like others.

Rather than looking like a The Resident Evil game, it was more looking like Outlast. But with its engaging story and scary atmosphere, the seventh game got really positive feedback from the community.

After all,  they were all survival horror fans. 2 years later, Capcom decided to remake of probably the best game in the franchise, The Resident Evil 2.

They made a great job and the remake is nominated for game of the year awards. Then Capcom went full lazy on the remake of Nemesis and what happened is the game released like an unfinished product. 

Alright, Since we made a quick review of all the main video games of the resident evil, now we can talk about the upcoming one, Resident Evil 8  Village.

After making 2 remakes, Capcom decided to make another main game which will be the sequel to Resident Evil 7.


From the trailer we can tell the game will be similar to the 7. I  hope Capcom didn’t act lazily as in making Nemesis and made a brand new game. Also, the game looks more action-oriented compared to 7.

This is quite worrying because whenever Capcom decides to change the game style, the franchise has gotten worse.

But we are going to talk about the gameplay details soon.  Alright, then now we can look deep into the 8.  What Could The Resident Evil 8 Be About?

Capcom explains that Village is “the sequel   to Resident Evil 7 and serves as the conclusion  to its story.”

The village takes place a few years after 7, and in it, you will continue to play as  Ethan Winters, as he and his wife Mia try to enjoy life after the horrors of the previous game.

As shown in the reveal trailer, Chris Redfield from previous video games in the series comes into  Winters’ life and “disrupts” his tranquility.

After encountering Redfield, Winters is led through the village to find answers. 

It’s unclear why Redfield is involved or if other characters from the series will make an appearance. Some fans have speculated about some characters shown in the trailer,   pointing to the long-haired man with sunglasses possibly being Luis Sera from The Resident Evil 4.

Either way, Winters and Redfield are involved in some way, sparking the events of the game’s story.

Redfield looks to be older and “brooding,”   with almost an ominous presence. He very well could be an antagonist in some way. 

Ok, let’s talk about the Gameplay.

First of all Just like the 7,  

the game was developed on the RE Engine and will be played from a first-person perspective. But like said earlier, Village will probably focus more on the action. Based on the enemies you’ll be facing off against, it stands to reason the game will be more action-oriented.  

In the trailer, we got to see short snippets of action against human and non-human enemies.

It’s unclear to what degree action will play a  part in Village, but it seems to be very much in the vein of 7.

A lot of the game will be set outdoors and include areas named: The Castles,   Caves, Forests, and Village. There will be a  host of new enemies including zombies, pale humanoids that look like Ganados, dogs, wolves,  werewolves, and monsters that resemble Lickers.

When is the Resident Evil 8 Release Date?

Resident Evil Village is currently scheduled for a 2021 release window, with an unspecified date.

Capcom revealed that it will have more news to share about Resident Evil Village this winter.

Alright, that’s all I can talk about the Resident Evil Village today.

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