Viking Games – top 9 best On PC game To Get Ready to play Vikings


Speaking as a gamer, I am today showing you the best Viking games on PC. whoever had the idea of announcing Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla via an eight-hour Photoshop Livestream is a genius. You can’t buy that sort of average read duration. We did get a cinematic trailer the following day that gave more insight into what the Vikings … Read more

Resident Evil 3 Remake (PC) full update in 2020


Resident Evil 3 Remake full review  Resident Evil 3 is a perfect game for our current crisis as it’s a terrible advert for going outside. Outside, there is fire. Outside, dogs will eat you. Outside, medical professionals take your pulse with their teeth. And worst of all: outside there is a donut shop which won’t sell you donuts … Read more

Lost Planet 3 Gameplay PS3, PC, Xbox 360 | IGN games reviews

Lost Planet 3 ign review

Introduction  Lost Planet 3 – being the third installment in the title in the series, did not suffer in comparison. It has built up its own identity as a game. Like the first 2 installments, the setting is still in E.D.N III. Full info about Lost Planet 3 Genre Action Franchise name Lost Planet UK … Read more

Total War Rome 2 final Review 2020 – action game review

Total War: Rome II Final Review 2020

Introduction  Total War Rome 2 – is the eight-game in the Total War series. It is a strategy game by The Creative Assembly and Sega is the publisher. Total War Rome 2 Review The game requires a 512 MB Direct 9.0c compatible card. And a Hard drive space of 35 GB free. This is the … Read more

VALORANT guns Tier List new and best ultimate review – game reviews 2020

VALORANT guns Tier new and best List ultimate review game reviews

Introduction Hello everyone, and welcome to skill capped action game USA game reviews website, I’m Abdullah, and with the recent changes and updates to the VALORANT Guns Tier List, it’s about time we get down to doing a full weapon tier list. Where I’m going to go in detail ranking every weapon in valorant based … Read more

Minecraft – What Could Destroy? Top 10 best things

Minecraft What Could Destroy Top 10 best things

Minecraft has been around for a really long time. It’s basically been popular for over a decade (which is pretty rare in the gaming world) and now that it’s here, it’s kinda hard to imagine a world without it. It’s persevered through so much, it feels pretty invulnerable at this point. But there must be … Read more

Genshin Impact Game ultimate best Review – action game USA

Genshin Impact Game ultimate best Review action game USA

Finally, we’ll be talking about a new release. This feels weird Genshin Impact. A quite big, free exploratory RPG that you can play everywhere and on your phone. A couple of magical twins are traveling through worlds, just because, when at one stop an unknown and powerful deity decides they seem too full of themselves … Read more

Demon’s Souls Final update Playstation 5 Top Bluepoint Games

Demon's Souls Final update Playstation 5 Top Bluepoint Games

Demon’s Souls was the game that started it all for From Software. Despite having a cult audience with the Armored Core franchise, Demon’s Souls went on to bring the studio into the limelight, inspiring the Dark Souls series, Bloodborne, and later, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, the 2019 Game Awards Game of the Year. And now … Read more

Parasite Eve the perfect JRPG and Survival Horror on PS1

Parasite Eve the perfect JRPG and Survival Horror on PS1

Today I’m talking about one of my favorite Survival Horror on PS1 games, it’s a game I have some of the best memories of. And though I’m covering it in October for Halloween, it’s actually a Christmas game. It’s Parasite Eve. Parasite Eve was developed by Square and released for PlayStation in 1998. It’s a … Read more