Parasite Eve the perfect JRPG and Survival Horror on PS1

Parasite Eve the perfect JRPG and Survival Horror on PS1

Today I’m talking about one of my favorite Survival Horror on PS1 games, it’s a game I have some of the best memories of. And though I’m covering it in October for Halloween, it’s actually a Christmas game. It’s Parasite Eve. Parasite Eve was developed by Square and released for PlayStation in 1998. It’s a … Read more

PUBG Season 9 full details with Powerful map locations


Developer PUBG Corporation has announced that Season 9 of Player’s Unknown Battlefields is out today, October 21, for PC and October 29 for PlayStation 4, Stadia, and Xbox One. Major upgrades that add a brand new map alongside the new calculated period, as well as survival passes. Minor changes, including new skins, health quality improvements, … Read more

Genshin Impact Xiangling best Guide and ultimate review 2020


xiangling is one of the premier pyro damage dealing characters for you in gentian Genshin Impact Xiangling today. we’re going to be talking about exactly what it is that you need to understand when gearing this. character, as well as the best ways to utilize her xiangling, excels at being pyro support. Genshin Impact Xiangling Guide … Read more

The top best Indie Games | top 10 game 2020 – review


Introduction Hello everyone and welcome once again to action game USA in today’s article, we’re carrying on with the weekly look into some of the best-looking indie games coming out this week beginning Monday 21st September through to the 27th. Among the picks of this week, we have one of the most anticipated indie races … Read more