Rogue Company Game | ultimate | Honest Review 2020

guys today we’re looking at a rogue company. It’s a game currently in beta but high-res studios that makes the site.

paladins etc i’ve heard a lot of conflicting opinions about the game and i’d like to clear them up for you guys keep in mind this is not a sponsored post.

so everything you hear and see is my honest opinion so let’s jump right in let’s start from the basics this game is a third person tactical.

shooter and it’s available on basically all platforms even switch.

with cross-platform gameplay i guess the consoles between themselves then pc separate you can either buy access.

or you can get lucky watching one of the dropped enabled streams on twitch now the game is going to be free to play but.

on release currently it’s in beta so they’re selling access.

which is all right i guess i didn’t even know myself it was free to play until i googled.

Now when you first take a look at the game you immediately notice it’s a blend of currently popular games starting from valrant to division two overwatch rainbow six even guns if you remember that game guns online gunz the duel.

some characters the way they hold weapons the way they move around they remind me a little bit of guns heck even apex legends found itself on the list.

because if you look at the hero saint in rogue company.

you’ll notice that he’s some kind of rastafarian.

the healer that instantly reminds you of lifeline from apex legend she has that distinctive jamaican accent are jamaicans the universal.

healers or something i mean i guess bob marley.

we come to the first big topic and that is why would you want to play this game if you can play valrant or division or rainbow six.

i think this game is going to attract a lot of casual players.

you kind of get to play more in this game than in other games.

fights last a little bit longer since it’s kind of easy to shoot and you also heal up after getting damaged. The game has that nice flow no matter what you’re doing in the game.

i also think it’s going to appeal to a lot of console players, especially destiny players.

Third person is a big selling point for a lot of people. A good third person multiplayer shooter is always going to be in high demand to have four man teams which is an interesting choice. You know typically tactical shooters are about five men.

and brs are four to three so they chose four.

as a middle ground i guess maps are also much smaller than you used to in tactical shooters there’s two modes there’s one classic search and destroy which is the competitive mode and then a domination mode which is the casual mode.

so when i started playing i immediately had the perception that there is a very low skill.

ceiling in this game at least the individual one.

meaning it’s hard for one man to carry games and such.

but it’s a team game and there’s so much you can do as a team.

in this game you have to look at it from a different perspective.

because we have to talk about the most annoying thing in this game and that is jumping out of the plane.

every single round why.

what is the point can we just spawn on the ground because.

it’s not like you do anything with the choice of your jump.

all you can do while jumping is move 10 meters to the left or 10 meters to the right and that’s about it.

you all basically start from the same spot anyway.

so i’m thinking why is that even in the game maybe this game was supposed to be a battle royale.

then they kind of left that feature in the game because they wanted to use it still.

but honestly it’s just so annoying and it makes you not want to play this game after you’ve been playing for hours and hours.

it’s very tedious and totally useless and it doesn’t add any value to the game so i would love to see that removed. There’s a decent choice in the available heroes.

they call them rogues each rogue has its own set of.

weapons and skills that you can upgrade through the game up until the half time and then everything resets then you choose another rogue and.

do that again it’s the best of 13 so the first team that achieves seven rounds and honestly the rogue choice is more defined by the weapons that they can get and not that much about the abilities because the abilities.

on some rogues they’re really good some they’re really not.

great i guess there’s a little bit of an imbalance.

if you want my opinion i think dallas ronin.

and talon are the top three not just because of the skills but because of the available weapons.

Currently there’s no ranked mode there’s no custom games there’s not much to do in the game except those two modes so let’s talk a little bit about the phases or updates that are coming up for the game.

so in phase one which is coming relatively soon we’re gonna see player identity which is flares and similar.

we’re finally going to get surrender and deserter penalties.

because currently let’s say one player leaves and it’s a 3v4.

from the first round you have to play it out and it’s really really bad and of course a lever penalty is a must in every game.

new maps coming out it’s going to be called vice we’re going to see how that works out.

the map design is pretty interesting in this game i enjoy it.

I think it’s not too intrusive, it’s pretty clear.

i would just love to see the plant removed and then the maps kind of adjusted for that.

we’re gonna have to see normal spawns on this map.

because currently there’s no spawn you just jump into a map on one of the edges phase two is going to bring a new rogue custom match which is really important ranked.

i’m really curious how ranked is going to look because it’s going to be hit or miss.

if they balance the game well this might become pretty.

fun ranked experience but then again we saw what happened to valren ranked it’s just a super toxic negative game not enjoyable to play solo at least maybe this game is different rogue masteries initially i thought road mastery is some kind of talent tree but it seems like it’s just gonna be cosmetics and rewards that you can unlock by playing a lot.

phase three is going to bring equipment mastery so the same thing but for equipment.

a battle pass and gameplay improvements a battle pass these days that’s pretty standard for free to play games and even paid games.

so why not people enjoy that i guess really curious how this game is gonna perform considering it came out at the worst possible moment.

with the whole market being kind of over saturated with similar games it is gonna make all the game developers step up their game so hopefully rogue company.

evolves into an awesome game they have a pretty good studio behind it high-res they have experience they’ve had multiple successes.

Let’s hope this is another success for them. I definitely agree with the title on pc gamers saying rogue company is the casual stress free shooter i need it right now. It really feels sort of relaxing when you’re playing, you’re just enjoying it so.

that’s not typical for games of this genre in my opinion.

maybe it’s not the best game for competitive players but hey the casual market.

are even bigger guys i’m really curious what you think of this game please let me know in the comments below if you enjoyed this post you’re gonna like these two as well or follow on twitter for more updates.

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