Resident Evil 3 Remake (PC) full update in 2020

Resident Evil 3 Remake full review 

Resident Evil 3 is a perfect game for our current crisis as it’s a terrible advert for going outside.

Outside, there is fire. Outside, dogs will eat you. Outside, medical professionals take your pulse with their teeth.

And worst of all: outside there is a donut shop which won’t sell you donuts because the donut chef dead. Umbrella is going to pay for this crime against snacks. inside is pretty drab but at least there’s chill music.

a giant box for stockpiling – more medicinal herbs than toilet roll, sadly. a typewriter should you finally want to start work on that novel you’ve always dreamed of.

More importantly, Resident Evil 3 offers the ultimate distraction from whatever ails. you a ten-foot-tall nightmare who resembles a walking bin bag.

but cannot be neatly removed by placing him into a nearby trash receptacle. This is Nemesis, one of gaming’s most legendary villains. the main reason I’ve been excited for Resident Evil 3.

Resident-Evil-3-games-fo- pc
Resident-Evil-3-games-fo- pc

After all, when you think of what an amazing job Capcom did with Mr. X in Resident Evil 2. who was a similar pursuer. the idea of this expanded to a game-long escape sequence is pretty tasty.

Do they deliver?

Yes and no, it kinda depends on what you were hoping for. Let’s break it down in a review. I should add: our review copy came with a list of things we can’t talk about.

A list that’s longer than a licker’s tongue- honestly, by the time I’ve removed that information all. I can really tell you is that the game also features Carlos, and, er, this vending machine. I thought the spoiler concerns were quite odd until I played it.

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Turns out Resident Evil 3 is easy to spoil because there’s not much of it. I got through the campaign in 6 hours in my first standard playthrough, and that was really taking my time to find secrets. documents, and upgrades.

A hard playthrough came in just above four and higher ranks asked for two hours. I mention this upfront as it’s an important detail in a game that costs £50 or $60: I’ll address it a bit later.

but I understand if you want to duck out now to avoid seeing any of the environments or enemies in the mid-game area. I’ve also not tested the final version of resident Evil Resistance, which is the online four-versus-one multiplayer, as it’s important to play these things on public servers to see how they really work.

So these just campaign thoughts for now.

Jill likes Barrels And bullet time

If Resident Evil 2 was the rookie’s first day. then Resident Evil 3 is a grizzled veteran back for one last job. Jill Valentine has seen this crap before and can support it. the weight of a heavier action game on her ludicrously well-rendered shoulders.

I mean, she’s got more believable skin than I do. Sigh. The point is Resident Evil 3 piles on the pressure in a way that Resident Evil 2 didn’t.

Crowd control is vital when fighting hordes of street zombies, presumably as pissed off about the donut situation as I am.

And, rooms of massacred bodies have a nasty habit of jumping to their feet at the same time making me nervously prod every corpse I find,  thank god the knife won’t break this time.

In Jill’s favor, Raccoon City council has invested in convenient explosive barrels for kiting enemies into a fiery massacre.

You can’t see it in this capture, but if you play with HDR lighting, the brightness of the flames is so blinding you genuinely have to wait for flames to die down before continuing on.

Not sure if it’s great or irritating, but it looks painful and that’s what counts. Weirdly, these explosive assists pretty much vanish once you leave the streets a couple of hours in.

I guess it makes sense to shift the focus to precision gunplay in the later hours, but I did miss making miniature bonfires.

Jill also retains her dodge move from the original game, which is a very accurate impression of me trying to escape a wasp. This is handy for scampering back from zombie grabs or leaping away from those damn dogs.

Timing it with precision pulls off a perfect dodge, that lets you enter a bullet-time aim and pull off a gooey headshot, although the timing on this is tight.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Full Review 2020
Resident Evil 3 Remake Full Review 2020

I like that Jill is more competent than Leon and Claire, and it gives the game its own vibe, rather than feeling like a simple expansion pack, which was a concern I had when I played a preview build earlier in the year.

This action thrust is even more obvious in the expanded role for Carlos. who made a short playable cameo in the original, but now gets to waft his lovely hair through two substantial chapters.

Compared to Jill’s sections, these are straight-up massacres: he has an assault rifle and is exploring linear corridors where it’s hard not to hit his targets.

These scenes actually remind me more of the dumb blockbuster shootouts of Resident Evil 6. than anything in 2 – a reference that may chill the blood of some fans.

but as one ingredient in the overall action cocktail is quite welcome. Having lots of ammo to empty into zombies feels like. the moments in earlier games where you unlock powerful guns for completing it except here.

you don’t have to wait for the second playthrough to test them out. There’s even an extended siege scene that had me thinking of the cabin fight in Resident Evil 4. which is the Holy Grail of suspense shootouts.

And in Carlos’s ridiculous enemy shunt – his version of Jill’s dodge – there’s even a tiny hint of Leon’s roundhouse kicks in resident Evil 4.

The end result is that his sections are a much more important part of the story, and come the final stretch of the game, his interplay with Jill feels more earned as a result.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Full Review 2021
Resident Evil 3 Remake Full Review 2021

Of course, there are three people in this action marriage, but the third one is more interested in the ‘death do us part’ bit. Nemesis himself has the strangest overhaul of any part of Resident Evil 3.

In many ways he’s incredibly simplified compared to his 1999 version: you are no longer given multiple choices that affect the outcome of the story. the course of the game – it’s a linear path and Nemesis turns up at fixed points.

Secondly, there are not many moments where he hunts you around the map. Outside of downtown his appearances are contained set pieces or boss fights – you spend less time running away from him than you did Mr. X in Resident Evil 2 remake.

This is partly down to the increased role of Carlos. Nemesis only chases Jill, so old’ floppy hair is safe.

But it’s also due to how the Nemesis design evolves. I won’t spoil it, but it does explain why he can’t be stomping after you.

I’d be fascinated to know why Capcom redesigned him so radically. Maybe they thought we’d had our fill of escaping from stompy murder men in Resident Evil 2. But that’s odd, as Nemesis is different to Mr. X: he’s faster, he can charge after you.

he can pull Jill with a tentacle and he has a nasty habit of jumping down from rooftops and surprising you escaping from him is more of a panicked rush.

and you feel breathless as you dodge under his fists. or weigh up throwing explosives in the hope of stalling him. But once boss fights begin to dominate his appearances, all that tension vanishes.

You can play parts of the game and forget about him. which is something that never happened in the original.

Is this a dealbreaker?

It begins to make sense of why they dropped his name from. the title: Nemesis isn’t the main event. Is this a dealbreaker?

To be honest, I’m torn. What Nemesis does is definitely fun. Capcomknow how to build a killer boss fight and the changing art design is spectacular.

But I am sad that they are more interested in cinematic. thrills: there are Nemesis escape scenes where you just press forward and that’s not very exciting.

If you want a survival horror experience with an intriguing AI pursuer. I’m not sure this delivers; if you want an action game with a cool. the recurring villain, you’ll get more out of it.

While I’m curious about what dedicated fans will think of new Nemesis, I’m generally confident they will love other changes.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Full 2020 Review
Resident Evil 3 Remake Full 2020 Review

As you’ve probably gathered, there are substantial tweaks to the story. and the order of events and locations is mixed up in fun ways.

One thing the game does really well is tied. the events of Resident Evil 2 and 3 together they were always linked by time and location in the originals.

but Capcom is a lot more playful with it here. A trip to Raccoon City Police Department. before the events of Resident Evil 2, is a great use of last year’s.

phenomenal remake- seeing those familiar places. but hitting rewind is cool and explains much of the mess when Leon and Claire rock up.

I love that you can use your knowledge of puzzles from Resident Evil 2 to take some shortcuts here. even if I’m pretty certain it causes some time paradoxes along the way.

things of another

Another thing may just be a personal bugbear – but returning to older locations also shows off how much improved. the Raccoon City design is in this later game: compare the densely detailed streets of Downtown. with this great expanse of empty tarmac outside.

the Police department – they almost look like different games. As much as I love the connective tissue between resident Evil 2 and 3, they are different in vital ways. I mentioned the action drive, but it’s deeper than individual shootouts: if Resi 2 is an investigation. Resi 3 is an escape and those are very different things.

Resident Evil 3 is driven by set pieces. Not just the Nemesis encounters, but self-contained lips that take familiar scenes from the original and give them a bit of kick.

The best example is a quite boring power station voltage puzzle being turned into a maze of Drain Deimos.

A simple switch flicking exercise becomes something nightmarish as. the scuttling creatures impregnate Jill with eggs that will burst if you can’t find a cure.

It’s a stunningly unpleasant animation and a great indicator of the campaign to follow.

one that has you unloading flame grenades into the sewer. abominations one second and dodging rockets like an ultra-violent Crash Bandicoot Level the next.

A real Action hero for Resident Evil 3

Only a couple of areas let you explore and sniff out hidden secrets. none as big as the Police Department in Resident Evil 2 – think more along the lines of the underground labs.

But while I miss immersing myself in larger locations. the speed they flash by does give the impression of a bigger game than the short run time suggests.

It’s small but dense, and you definitely come out. the other end feeling like you’ve seen some real shit going down.

Which is what I want from Resident Evil. Question is, is it enough to justify that price tag?

A lot of this depends on the kind of player you are: if you are a one and done campaign completer? You’d be mad to spend £50 on this. If you are a completionist, on the other hand?

Well, you’ve got multiple difficulties to tackle and achievements to unlock – some offer fun ways of approaching. the game: speedrunning, or not using certain items.

There are unlockables tied into ticking off achievements – again. no spoilers – which adds further reason to dip back in.

I do wish the campaign had original’s branching decisions to make later visits a bit more engaging. but it would be wrong to say there’s nothing beyond the credits. And there’s always the promise of Resistance.

Resident Evil 3 definitely

What I played in preview. didn’t tick my box  I’d kill for a proper Mercenaries mode instead – but it’s definitely not flimsy. I just keep thinking about how Resident Evil used to be the gold standard of the post. game unlockables and Resident Evil 3 definitely isn’t that.

But people who like a challenge will get closer to their money’s worth. This is an odd game for sure: incredible fan service and production values – as you can see from this footage.

it’s stonkingly good looking on PC with incredibly granular graphics settings that pretty much. let you adjust Jill down to individual follicles.

But it’s a game that is in such a rush to deliver thrills that it loses sight of its villain along the way.

Of course, when the villain is doing stuff like this to you may be losing sight of him is a good thing.

I undoubtedly had a good time with Resident Evil 3, but it feels a bit more muddled than 2. and nowhere near the action peaks of Resident Evil 4 – but that’s one of my favorite games of all time.

As a diversion from the nightmare outside our own front doors, the nightmare outside of Jill’s will do just fine.


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