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Hi, there mate, how’s it going? It’s Abdullah here and this is a breakdown, and review of Raised by wolves season 1 episode 2 titled pentagram.

We begin the second episode in the year 2145 in Boston. We are right in the middle of the war between the mithraic people.

the atheists as two people discover a class medical android. it was performing medical exams on mithraic officers that were chosen to go on.

Raised by Wolves Episode 2 recap – review

The ark these two decide to get plastic surgery to replace two of the mythrake people that will go on. the ark so the marcus we saw in episode 1 was actually this guy marcus and his wife are not true believers. because they’re not actually Marcus and his wife.

These two kill the real ones and learn that they now have a child named Paul in the ark everyone goes in their stasis pods.

so that their body doesn’t age while they travel.

through space for years later on in the episode we learned that.

most of them remained in their pods for up to.

13 years i think this revelation makes marcus. an infinitely more fascinating character he pretended to be a mythic warrior in order to survive and to escape.

earth because of this we might see him betray them and join forces with mother further down the line in present time in kepler-22b mother replaces her eyes with those of the android that she killed in Raised by wolves season 1 episode 1. the eyes seem to be the thing that.

activates her powers so she buries her real eyes in case she needs them again and surprisingly she brings father back to life.

She told Campion that she got rid of the body but that was a lie and now a new processor is all that she needs to bring.

father back while she explains what went down she says that the mithraic people came from an.

This is interesting because it implies that there are other arcs with different names the episode spends a lot of time with the new children.

how they’re dealing with this new life some of them are trying to hold on to their religion while others like tempest seem more willing to move on.

and accept this new life there is a good reason for that as she was the victim of the second highest ranking member of the mithraic church.

and she got pregnant while she was in hibernation. That’s why her mother brought her to a different tent and didn’t want her to do any manual labor.

Meanwhile the champion is still struggling to embrace mother because of what she did and because of what she is, this is easily the most interesting dynamic.

in this story can androids really care about humans or do they look after them just because of their programming campaign even says at one point quote i don’t want you to do those things with your face anymore.

the way you look at me i know it’s not real. end quote so he is completely disillusioned.

and knows that even the compassion he sees on mother’s face is part of her programming. It’s there to make.

He feels comfortable as a result of his distrust. Campion steals mother’s eyes however she needs to use them again because they are under attack by animals.

Father takes the ice from Campion and gives them to mother and she takes care of business for more than 10 years. They hadn’t come across a single animal but now things have changed.

maybe this even damages their assumption that. The serpents in the big holes are dead, maybe they’re alive.

anyways these creatures also find marcus who was laying beside. one of the holes to keep war for some reason it’s really hot.

in these pits and we learned about this in Raised by wolves season 1 episode 1 as father mentioned the heat.

While climbing down to his spacecraft luckily for Marcus he tied himself to a rock so when the animals push him down he doesn’t fall.

later on while he is unconscious a bunch of mithril.

officers rescue him and he survives these officers might be from the second landing party.

they were heading towards the planet before their mother was destroyed.

the ark so not only will mother have to deal with these animals but she also has to worry about the mythic warriors.

there are a few more things i wanted to mention before.

we end this article and one of them is the comical programming of these androids we already know that the atheists programmed them.

and mother’s conversations regarding atheism are hilarious whoever programmed or made or believed.

that when you establish a world with atheism.

that world will be a peaceful utopia which is one of the dumbest opinions that we can also encounter in real life let’s, be honest i don’t know what you guys believe in or don’t believe in but no matter what it is whether you’re an atheist or a religious person i’m sure most of you agree with me.

that one single ideology cannot ensure peace, religion isn’t the only thing that causes.

conflict and it seems like that the people behind these androids were dumb enough to think otherwise.

On a lighter note, I wanted to touch on his father’s way of speaking and his jokes are really funny. He brings something different to the show and he was even practicing a knock-knock joke out on his own so yeah i like his character.

and finally i wanted to remind you that my Raised by wolves season 1 episode 3 review will be out tomorrow along with my post on the boys season 2 episode 1.


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