Raised by Wolves Episode 1 – review and story | cast | 2020


Hi, there how’s it going it’s “Abdullah” here and this is a breakdown and review of “Raised by wolves” episode 1. I’ve been really excited about this new HBO Max sci-fi series because Ridley Scott directs the first two episodes. and I’ll be covering every single episode in the season.

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Raised by Wolves Cast and characters

  • Amanda Collin as Mother
  • Abubakar Salim as Father
  • Winta McGrath as Campion
  • Niamh Algar as Sue / Mary
  • Travis Fimmel as Marcus / Caleb
  • Jordan Loughran as Tempest
  • Felix Jamieson as Paul/ son of Marcus
  • Ethan Hazzard as Hunter
  • Aasiya Shah as Holly
  • Ivy Wong as Vita
  • Matias Varela as Lucius

Raised by Wolves Guest characters

  • Sienna Guillory as characters Mary
  • Steve Wall as  characters Ambrose

Story of Raised by Wolves episode 1:

The show kicks off with a voiceover as a small spacecraft enters the planet Kepler-22b. There are two passengers onboard named mother and father, both of whom are androids. they have 12 frozen embryos with them and the father hooks up mothers to these embryos

nine months later we witnessed the birth of six children but one of them isn’t breathing. The mother takes that baby in her arms and starts singing and the baby starts breathing.

They named the baby after their creator campion, presumably the person that invented androids. At this point, it became clear to me that mother is special and she brought someone back to life.

And will revisit her specialness later in the episode for now mother and father start building their life in Kepler-22b naturally. Their main preoccupation is farming and because these two are androids manual labor is easy for them.

This is basically the ideal scenario to start a new life in a new planet. They also find some skeletons of massive creatures that seem to have gone extinct, but you never know we might find out that these creatures are still around.

I’m looking forward to that anyways one by one the children start dying whether it’s falling into a hole or sickness.

they can’t survive. The only child that will be alive by the end of the episode is Campion. In the meantime, we get a little bit of background.

into this universe and mother reveals that there was a war between the religious smith reg people and the atheists those were.

The main factions in a massive war because the mithraic people believed.

that allowing androids to raise children was a sin. They built an ark with stasis pods; these pods are common in science fiction. they slow down the blood flow once you’re in them you basically don’t age.

If you’re in a stasis pod you go into hibernation and that’s what the mithraic people used in their arc. The atheists on the other hand used smaller and faster spacecraft with no life support systems.

Because the androids don’t need that once the androids reach their destinations. they activate the embryos this is how the atheists aim to keep them. ideology alive now after mother explains some of this to the children.

Campion asks her what if the beliefs of the mithraic people are not imagined he says that after all they won the war.

so from the beginning champion is inquisitive.

after another child dies and the champion starts missing his sibling mother basically shapeshifts and becomes that child.

in quite a creepy scene between bringing the champion back to life when he was born and this shape-shifting it’s obvious that mother.

isn’t just another android following the arrival of the mythic ark father decides that he’ll contact them so that campion can be.

with his fellow human beings, his attempt to climb down to his spacecraft is unsuccessful and his mother quickly learns about.

what went down she’s a true believer in our mission so she kills father and has a champion that he broke down that is another thing.

These androids clearly have a short shelf life. Maybe around 10 years, her mother is showing signs of breaking down as well but she’s clearly different.

before that, there was an awkward scene when she was alone and she started floating.

and saw the war was this a flashback who was the other golden android floating in the air.

these questions remain unanswered i actually didn’t see that second android at first so look to the right of the mother.

and there’s another floating android who is that.

are there more these are all intriguing following father’s death champion climbs down?

to the spacecraft and contacts the ark soon afterward Travis Fimo’s character Marcus.

arrives with a cleric, a warrior and an android mother pretend like she’s not an android but the mithraic people figure it out and this is where things get crazy.

Marcus and company decide to bring the champion with them to the ark because they believe he is some sort of a prophet and the mithraic android tries to kill him.

mother not only survives but she goes out.

and unleashes a shrieking attack that melts everyone that was looking at her interestingly before this Marcus yelled something like don’t look at her so he has seen this before the cleric and the warrior die but.

Marcus manages to run away to his spacecraft.

however, he can’t start the engines and the mother catches up to him by floating in the air.

she transforms into that golden shape again. she gets in and tosses Marcus out this easily.

the most egregious part of the episode. she doesn’t kill Marcus now there might have been a reason behind this. and maybe that is revealed in later episodes but right now it just looks.

stupid she’s about to commit genocide but, she doesn’t kill Marcus come on anyways she lifts off and gets into.

the arc by shape-shifting into Marcus she uses that shrieking technique to kill anyone that comes in her way. She sets a collision course to destroy the ark; she saves five children from the nursery.

But, Everyone else in the ark dies when it crashes into. Kepler-22b I guess now we know. Why the mithraic people don’t trust androids to raise children eh and after this champion who was our narrator throughout. this episode finally says the coach.


i know i’m not safe with her now end coach. I had a blast watching this episode. I was never bored. I was interested in these characters and I wanted to know why they came to this planet. I wanted to learn about their goals and we were given a lot of answers. I like that they gave us these answers from the get-go.


But while doing that it also managed to create more questions. why is the mother so powerful are there other androids like her on. This planet what will do now campion said that maybe there’s something hiding inside of him like there’s something hiding. Inside of mother what is that something for me it really? Important to establish the intrigue in the first few episodes. Raised by wolves who managed to do that i also can’t mention the disturbingly beautiful. the scene on the mathrake arc when the mother kills.

everybody with her shrieking technique that was a memorable moment and to have such an unforgettable scene in the first episode was.

impressive all in all I enjoyed the premiere of Raised by wolves. It left me wanting more luckily episodes 2 and 3 were released as well.


So, I can quench my thirst. My episode 2 video will be out in a couple of hours and tomorrow. I’ll publish my episode 3 video, so be on the lookout for what you think. About this episode leave your comments down below like this article. if you’ve enjoyed this breakdown and follow for more movie reviews and tv show breakdowns that’s it for now take care and see you in the next article.

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