PUBG Season 9 full details with Powerful map locations

Developer PUBG Corporation has announced that Season 9 of Player’s Unknown Battlefields is out today, October 21, for PC and October 29 for PlayStation 4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

Major upgrades that add a brand new map alongside the new calculated period, as well as survival passes. Minor changes, including new skins, health quality improvements, and new techniques for getting the best gear, are available as part of the update.

You can read the full Season 9 forum notes below, including new currency details, weapon balance changes, regional match changes, and performance improvements.

PUBG Season 9 with new Paramo map details

According to the patch note, the new Paramo map comes with many powerful features. This means that the location of buildings and combinations on the map will change with each new map. In addition to the powerful nature of the map, we will also find the active lava flow on the map.

This lava flow will cause damage both to athletes and to vehicles. So, indirectly, the lava flow area will act as a blue spot on the map causing damage to the players. Players can search for boxes and combinations of additional items and special “keys” to find a private room. A 3×3 map will also introduce you to a “Critical Response Kit” that refreshes an injured team member in one second.

Interestingly, players can also take down helicopters with droppings to get a loop in advance. This means that players do not have to wait for a helicopter to reach the tow area to get the cargo boxes. Season 9 update is already available on PC test servers as it arrives on console test servers today.

Paramo Map Rules – PUBG Season 9

  • 3 × 3 km playground with dynamic map locations.
  • 64 players.
  • TPP & FPP Squads Only.
  • No red spots.
  • The Blue Zone is a little slower, but it does a lot of damage compared to other maps, or even in the early stages of the game.
  • Motorcycles are the only vehicles available in Paramo and are usually located near small towns.

Release notes indicate (and trailer directions) that players will be transported by helicopter, and these helicopters (Chinook by appearance) will return with a drop of loot. Helicopter planes will be on a looting mission OUTSIDE the playground.

However, players will want to try to take out the choppers with RPGs or enough guns, which makes them lose their loot early. This is not the same as the APCs that were included in the Sanhok map that went down with the spoils after taking a lot of damage in the attack by the players.

The trailer also incorporates what appears to be a disposable case to retrieve goods and other natural objects that can be in direct contact with them. Whether all of this is actually true about the game or the cinematic indulgence is not entirely clear, because a lot of trailer cinematic creations, unlike the real game.

Powerful map locations

Large landmarks and parts of the earth are transmitted to all new ages.

Players must agree and apply appropriate strategies and strategies according to the changes.

Many streams of volcanic violence are flowing throughout Paramo, bringing unique natural hazards as you cross the map.

Treading the foot of the lava can lead to rapid death, managing 10 injuries per second for players, limiting every second half.


Riding a motorcycle through the mud will damage your tires and quickly begin to damage the car, while also damaging the player.

Unlike other maps, players can navigate outside the playing area limits and a warning will be displayed on the screen. Failure to return immediately to the playground will result in your death.

New boxes can now pop up in some homes.

Dispose of boxes to find more pieces of loot, such as ammo, waste, and healing items.

Players will cross the Paramo Battleground from helicopters.

During the game, these helicopters carry valuable cargo on the map, with the intention of dumping them outside the playground. Also, if you shoot enough bullets in a helicopter, you will be forced to release the goods early.

Paramo has a number of special Care Packages, mountain-themed items not found on other maps, including new suits full of camo body, ghillie suit, and backpack.

With a critical response tool on your list, you’ll be able to refresh a downgraded team member in just one second.

In Paramo, you can find the “Private Room Key” while looting. you have to open something, right?

PUBG Season 9 Release Date

The next season of PUBG will be released on October 21. However, if you are the owner of the console, you will have to wait until October 29 for the season to arrive at your venue. PUBG Season 9 will last for about two months and include a wide range of new content including a new event mode and two battlefields.

PUBG first time 9

PUBG developers have not disclosed the exact time when the update will be released. The PUBG Season 7 update was set for 7 PM PT, so you can expect a new update to be released simultaneously.

Forget Who You Know

Nothing in Season 9 will be business as usual. For starters, the working time will be only two months and at that time we plan to make a big impact on what you think you know about Bat Royale and PUBG. Major changes include a special event mode with a whole new map and two different specials in Season 9.

PUBG Mobile Update: Upload Mode

While this is not part of the official statement, we have previously seen a leak of helicopters down PUBG Mobile. But now it seems that these helicopters will not only stop and fly easily and perhaps become part of the Payment Mode.

The gameplay in the video seems to show a specific mode in which players can earn special loot credits. These loot ladders are underground and will rise higher if players appear to meet certain conditions. These boxes have a large halo that shows their shape. The contents of this booty are amazing.


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