Monument Valley video game download link with No.1 guide

Monument valley video game is better for puzzle gamers. This game is an indie puzzle game, and Ustwo Games developed this game. I like every skin of the game very much because this game is a full paid version. You can purchase this game from the Google Play Store or from Amazon. Today we will review the monument valley game and provide you with each of its guides.

Name of game Game icon Price on Play Store Price on Amazon
Monument Valley wGlevZnmYS7au665mfwRSHkmN0XaX48O7F71wdWX4PIPWSRU LaZX16Av1eYI78GZxzl496Ui S ffZJsD b5ETst5rW8LaWCCAwAVbDqRwF3VqvnVUoQzyvBsm6NRQB9u8PkA87 $3.99 $3.99

The price of this game is very low, so anyone can buy and play this game and the rules of this game are very simple. 

You can get the Monument Valley game in two ways, for example: free and paid.

I will always suggest you always buy the paid version and play. Because here you can always update.

And, if you download the free version from any website without buying the game, you can still play. But you can’t update and this game is a free crack version which the developers of this game did not allow.  

Monument valley video gameplay

Features of monument valley

  1. The graphics in this game are very good.
  2. the sound quality of this game very well.
  3. You can play the game very easily.
  4. This game can be played on tablets and mobiles. 

how many chapters stay in the Monument Valley game

There are a total of 19 chapters in the monument valley game and each chapter is updated depending on the player’s game. Of the 19 chapters, 10 are the main chapters of the Monument Valley game.

The 10 chapters are mentioned in the following list:

Rank Chapters 
01 Monument Valley
02 The Garden
03 Hidden Temple
04 Water Palace
05 The Spire
06 The Labyrinth
07 The Rookery
08 The Box
09 The Descent
10 Observatory
Chapters In Monument Valley game

How can download monument valley APK

Get ideas about how to download the monument valley APK:

image 9

There are many options to download the Monument Valley game and you will find many websites to download this game. However, if you want to download with complete security, you can scan and download the QR Code given below. 

Or, if you want to download the game completely free – you can download the game completely free by clicking the button below. 

image 10

Here you will find older version games, you can use mobile or tablet devices on any of your devices except a computer.

Recommended: monument valley game online To play this puzzle game you need to use data connection because it is a world-class game and it is a game online.

How can play monument valley game in pc

If you are a mobile user and you want to play the monument valley game on your computer, you can do it very easily. I have discussed in detail below how and why.

Why do it?

If you feel that your mobile phone is much weaker than before as a result of playing this game. Then you can convert this game from mobile to your computer and here is how to do it. 

How to do?

Now I will show you how to play the monument valley game from mobile to PC. 


First of all, you need to have a net connection to your computer as you need to install a mobile on a separate device in your computer. So you can easily install this game and play it there like a mobile device. 

If your computer has a net connection, you can open any browser. And there search for a software called blueStacks and download the software mentioned.


Note: Downloading blueStacks software has set up a different mobile on your computer.

Now, your phone has the Google Play Store that was or is activated with Gmail. You can now login to the Google Play Store in the blueStacks software with that Gmail. Now you can download and play this game very easily. And if you have the paid version, you can play using its secret key. 

How can monument valley 2 game free download

image 11

If you want, you can download monument valley 2 free. But I do not indulge in it because it is a legal crime to download any paid version of the game for free. This may cause problems with your device. If you still want to download this [Monument Valley 2 1.3.15 APK] for free then you can download it by scanning the QR code given below.

Final Review

You must know that monument valley is a puzzle game. I really like the graphics of this game. I have a lot of fun playing this game myself.

This game is very easy to play and anyone can play this game.

The rules of the game are different from other puzzle games because it is very different from other series. Of course, it is being sold in the form of price. If we talk about the sound quality of this game, I would say that the sound quality of this game is very good. And this is a complete 3D game.

I like the game. If you like it, you can buy it from Google Play Store or Amazon. I have given you this game first of all in the form of a table so you can easily go there and buy according to the address of the game. 

Q&A – (Question and Answer)

Here I am answering some questions that you do not know so that you can get a general knowledge about this game. 

Is Monument Valley free?

Answer:  Here only Monument Valley 2 game can be played for free but the Monument Valley video game you cannot play for free. If you want to play this game, so you have to spend $3.99.

How much does Monument Valley game cost?

Answer:  Monument Valley Video Game are currently priced at $3.99. Which you can buy and play from Google Play Store or Amazon. 

Can you play Monument Valley on a computer?

Answer:  Yes of course, you can play this game on your computer via blueStacks software.

How long is Monument Valley game?

Answer: The game was in beta until December 2013, with more than a thousand testers and an average finish time of 90 minutes. It was planned as an iPad exclusive. The game was initially released for iOS on April 3, 2014, and the company recovered its development costs within the first two weeks of release.

How do I install Monument Valley 2 for free?

Answer:  If you want to download Monument Valley 2 game for free, you will learn how to download and install it by watching the video below. 

download Monument Valley 2.


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