10 best free Minecraft like games for android of 2021

For those of you who are fans of minecraft games, today’s article will be very useful, because here I am going to show the alternative games of minecraft, that is, the best free minecraft like games for android. If you want a lot of Minecraft games, this article is only for you and I’ve included the best Minecraft games ever in a list here.

A few features of the same Minecraft games that I will show:

1. Better graphics.

2. Will support all android devices.

3. Mobile will not hang.

4. But if you want to play these games, you have to use the new version of mobile. 

So let’s look at the games that are like Minecraft,

Minecraft like games for android with a list

We did a lot of research and found games like Minecraft with better graphics, which we are sharing with you. You can see the list of Minecraft games only for free.

Rank Games Name Games Icon Game Address
01 WorldCraft t3ojkhaqx9YCB7PBa5 cYKobnTLjsJC865heq8fY4qBW pDEPJkB1wmTfZRZULJ1arCUvqjbYD8yOzUrU9F3WqpGRKn IzKmwrGZfTilMtEDpJZXeha5njn1 gVjsXi5hjgQLR07 View on PlayStore
02 AdventureCraft zidaICprlqloar1yns5prO8yos View on PlayStore
03 Crafty Lands r64ztOnRuz9yMMoStVyzsxwbYo8fkWgAcPwJ10R7KXDhYTzApCrCZ1odX91Ew0dV2Dik8LEYKEF UVs9NuuAntGod EmFBucEwYqM ODR6ZW4yhSAm4Kv0by JTsI0gWreENfWWn View on PlayStore
04 Roblox xIXkhTjWFmE5mde1HUZL7s If1YprO5HgFNgg7ty1ag 6YysY8mVZYMehr64kd5E0DmhikuzArQTow7eX7UM3l7TdopAL9Z1 Mluhk652muam8gkcdQpW90jBse A7GHDlG67DF View on PlayStore
05 GunCrafter kiNg ocPl5K tZpDgew8ecYCRX7p8qls26SsEhqXJZOA0oK VZo 8RRaFQAlgiweyaWcfSlZxf kVz5iveQft64OcaNtDqgpCJ hzSxFxMytRngn0ycYJclFKlbxggD2W4u7 8oC View on PlayStore
06 The Blockheads OslJKJRy6S iA9SDHMkQFa5ylN0NNr4m0hawQaaomLxSdcj7Ycf9xNJez5k45L7i7BA M2B5 C9JQflNHo3QgsUPy Zl3b2NSwbd7kvLY24Ah9umXKTMzmTGf9fH RGr79BatLnD View on PlayStore
07 Block Story aCnne4GjgflfWsNubObTbF4OoZbzzBnpign9EAnSN9SiNqt21ndOWDKs0LgEWoQUYhWvt2VBXR7f5S7Q36E2UqDtL2H1VqgryfxmuEvHTA q7Od View on PlayStore
08 Bed Wars cdwsQJ5w StiddqZrn8 OnBVEZ1dbD6coBpXijgRe0J9K 9oNU5zEy4vUCSlSWyjZP8tz23C L4K3JYjvrRW7P ru rdxanA srtEJ6eLy4SzYT EzlCrnlqP4qOLoWbPnQqKoqt View on PlayStore
09 Mini World phOJvdNZxfxAXUenpZnGfAlLmGbCm08Vz2VHpuz4pjXPrsadlRyWWumYuKMAX3VxsF View on PlayStore
10 Survivalcraft 2 ZQY0saFxGZ9vktJ bqq3weQt1uDGA2RfGg7K3JTUCPC2YQA6ajTKKMWjJdOFjU DDD6 8CCwTdz59ZkIKTDgK0SBRCcBzTskZEByKkZ O0X5IDWQSJff8y2 GXShT5CTJDMyPNof View on PlayStore
top 10 games like minecraft for android (free)

The most interesting thing is that you can download all the above-mentioned games for free from the google play store. And I like this topic a lot because the google play store is a very good app platform.

From where you can install any game or app with full security. And these games are completely alternative to minecraft games and developed with much better quality high or better graphics. 

You now have the addresses of all the games. If you have time to review the games, then you must read our full article. And if you do not have time to read, you can bookmark this article.

As a result, you can read the reviews later. Because to me, your time is worth a lot more than my time! 

Review of games like Minecraft free for android

Before downloading the above games, you need to see the reviews of all those games. This is because the requirement of all games is different. Which we will tell when reviewing the games.

So let’s take a look at a review of Minecraft’s alternative games,



The Worldcraft game is an alternative to Minecraft, which is a lot like Minecraft for free. There are some interesting aspects of these games that I like a lot. Although this game is new, that is, the game has been published in the google play store in 2020. However, the graphics of the games are very good, so it gained a lot of popularity in a short time. And of course, it’s a 3D game and you can play this game with multiplayer. Total installation of this game in 2021: 631,521  and this is the best Minecraft game for free online. 

Features Of This Game:

  1. You can play this game with all the players around the world.
  2. This game has thousands of fans, 98% of whom are genuine.
  3. This game has Infinite survival single-player mode server.
  4. The WorldCraft game is completely free.
  5. Here you will find plenty of recipes for food, blocks, items, armor, and much more.
  6. Here are some animals that can talk to each other.
  7. You can watch Wolf’s game in this game.
  8. Here you will find bows with different types of weapons and arrows.
  9. There are horses in this game.
  10. You have to fight to survive in this game.

Modes Of This Game:

  • Creative online multiplayer.
  • Survival single player offline.
  • Creative single player offline.

Why is the WorldCraft game so popular?

  • Amazing 3d creations.
  • Fun lite exploration.
  • Friendly atmosphere.
  • Block craft and chat in real-time.
  • Lots of animals.
  • Attacking hostile mobs.
  • Different weapons.

If you feel any difficulty in playing this game, you can mail to the official email of this game given below.




This game is also like a Minecraft game. This game has improved a total of 53,009 players with 4.0 reviews. I like games a lot, because in no way less than all the other games. And this game is completely similar to the real Minecraft game. If you are looking for cool Minecraft games for free for your child or for you, then this game will be much better.

Features Of This Game:

  1. There is very realistic gameplay here.
  2. Huge world to explore.
  3. Due to the multiplayer beta mode, you can chat with real people online.
  4. Here you can do creative mode to free your imagination.
  5. Here you can see a huge number of monsters and animals.
  6. Your little mistake can ruin the craft and everything.
  7. You can go much deeper into the mines if you want.
  8. To survive in this game you need to collect safe space.
  9. You have to fight your enemies.
  10. This game is built with a 3D sandbox.

You can do all that in multiplayer beta mode:

  • Be able to play with real people online.
  • One will be able to come together in the world to show each other the most amazing buildings.
  • Through the actual game chat, you can discuss the game’s search.
  • You can give online advice on how people can build their shelters / homes / cities.
  • Here you can have fun with your friends.
  • Here you will find the most amazing experience.

Why is the AdventureCraft game so popular?

  • You can customize your character by choosing unique skin to play fun games.
  • You can select your favorite block texture pack.
  • Create your own world and start your own survival game on randomly generated maps.
  • You can play this game in a fun online creative way with your friends and your family.
  • This game has limitless possibilities.
  • 3D game graphics.
  • It’s basically the game of city builders.

Crafty Lands

Crafty Lands

This game is similar to Minecraft and this is the best crafting and building Minecraft game because the game is similar to Minecraft in many aspects. I like the game very much, however, follow the reviews below before playing the game. The game has a total of 63,662 active players with 3.9 reviews. 

Why is the Crafty Lands game so popular?

  • Be able to explore the vast world filled with epic constructions.
  • You can fly freely in the world and on land and there is no building that you cannot climb to the top.
  • You can create and craft anything in this game.
  • You can build your own house, castle, village and city.
  • Able to play with a simple interface and easily complete your dream crafts.
  • Here, you can interact with fun block characters and animals and pets.
  • You will be able to create your own stories and adventures while exploring different sandbox worlds.
  • Play freely with various blocks and place cubes wherever you like.
  • You can explore, create, craft and build with different tools.
  • You can use your construction skills with simple and fun building mechanics and mine your imagination to create your own land and kingdom.
  • Enjoy endless hours for kids and all creative and playful minds.
  • You can explore all the building possibilities and use your blocks and cubes with free and creative gameplay.



Roblox game is like Minecraft game for android and Roblox is better than Minecraft. which has come out with 4.4 reviews and a total of 18,791,627 players in a short time. This game is very popular and I like this game a lot. You need an account to play this game, and if you already have an account, you can easily log in and play.

Why is the Roblox game so popular?

  • Create your own worlds
  • Chat with friends
  • Be anything you can imagine
  • Play together anytime, anywhere
  • Millions of worlds to explore



GunCrafter games like Minecraft with better graphics, I was very impressed to see these games, because the graphics and animation were very beautiful. I really like these games. In these games only you can create Gun Craft which is a lot of fun. I have given the address of this game above, you can download this game if you want. A total of 244,481 players are playing this game with 4.2 reviews. 

Why is the GunCrafter game so popular?

  • You can build your own gun and compete in virtual reality shooting competitions against your friends, your enemies, or anyone in the world.
  • With an exclusive quick match system in this game, you can put in a lag-free multiplayer match in 5 seconds.
  • Here you can target your device with virtual reality controls.

The Blockheads

The Blockheads

The Blockheads game is similar to Minecraft. This game has a rating of 3.9 and has installed a total of 2,95,704 players. I like this game a lot and its graphics are very good and it’s the best online multiplayer games like Minecraft free.

Why is The Blockheads game so popular?

  • You can control your blockheads in a huge randomly generated world with seas, mountains, forests, deserts, and deep underground caves.
  • Be able to look after their needs and create your own clothing and shelter.
  • Workbenches can be upgraded and more advanced items can be unlocked in the craft.
  • If you want, you can discover rare underground precious stones and metals or rare plants and animals in the bottom.
  • Craft a boat and you can navigate the oceans using the right night sky to guide you.
  • At the North Pole can take fur clothing and enterprise.
  • If you want, you can find coconuts next to a tropical beach there.
  • You can cook meat in a campfire. You can cook meat in a campfire.
  • You can build a marble palace if you want.
  • In this game, you can hit the wall.

Block Story

image 19

This game has a 4.4 rating and has a total of 3,91,855 players. I like the game a lot because in this game you can fly on the dragon if you want, in this game you can build castles to save your world. This is a great game, which you can understand by playing. this Minecraft game you can play after download from the google play store.

Features Of This Game:

  1. Here you may be able to fire interactive.
  2. You can farm in this game if you want.
  3. Discover several exciting new discoveries.
  4. You can learn from the wise wizard how to discover the wonderful things of block story.
  5. You can fly over dragons and 29 other creatures or go to your destination.
  6. You can play this game as you wish.
  7. You can find countless biomes from the desert litter to the Arctic mountains, but first, you have to look for the ice dragon.
  8. You need to deal with a lot of helpful characters that will help you in your endeavors.
  9. You can create your hero with customized figures and qualities.
  10. You will need to create a number of magical items to summon light swords, mysterious staves, and rare patterns that will help you fight dragons and other creatures, but for this, you will need to use the technical system.

Bed Wars

image 20

Bed Wars game has 4.2 ratings and this game has a total of 6,59,123 players installed and playing. I like this game a lot and I play this game myself. I love this game, It’s really fun. The only problems are that it takes so long to load. It also completely exits the game whenever you blank the screen or click on a notification, etc. You also can’t revive w/o a bed unless you pay money. It’s really hard to win when all the other teams have players and this game is different kinds of Minecraft games.

Features Of This Game:

  1. Here you can divide 16 players into 4 teams and they will be born on 4 different islands.
  2. Players will create their own base on the island with beds after they are born.
  3. Team players can be recovered while the bed is in existence.
  4. The island will produce iron, gold and diamonds, which you will need to exchange equipment from the island’s merchants.
  5. To gather more resources on Center Island, you need to use hand tools and blocks.
  6. Build a bridge over the enemy island, destroy their beds and kill them.
  7. The last surviving team in this game will achieve the final victory.

Mini World

image 21

The Mini World game has a 4.3 rating and has a total of 17,88,286 players installed and this is a free Minecraft game for android. This game is a very popular game, which can be understood by looking at the rating and user. The is really awesome and it has so many unique items. like a lava clock. I love it. but there is just one thing: multiplayer is not that fun. but it’s ok because I don’t play multiplayer.

Features Of This Game:

  1. You can update this game every month.
  2. This game can be played individually or multiplayer with your friends or family.
  3. If you want you can explore the vast sandbox world – a vast sandbox world with a variety of unique monsters, blocks, materials and mines.
  4. There are a variety of mini-games, from parkour to puzzles, FPS, strategy, etc. can be created through prize-editing.
  5. You can upload or download your created games or maps to the gallery for others to download and play here, or view the most popular maps by other players.
  6. Here you will find two types of modes, survival mode and creation mode.
  7. The game now supports 14 languages: English, Thai, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Russian, Turkish, Italian, German, Indonesian and Chinese.

Some essential information for these game:

Contact Email: MiniworldCustomerService@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/miniworldtech

Twitter: @miniwantech

Discord: https://discord.gg/88GZq34

Developer email: miniwantech@gmail.com

Survivalcraft 2

Survivalcraft 2

Survivalcraft 2 is the best Minecraft like games for android. I bought the full version a while ago because it’s a great game. No, it’s not a Minecraft ripoff, no this isn’t the full version, no it isn’t full of stupid Minecraft monsters. If you want Minecraft monsters then buy Minecraft. This is a more realistic block survival game. Also, it’s clearly a demo and is even called “Day one” so why are their people complaining about the game ending at the end of the first day claiming there’s an unexpected paywall?

Features Of This Game:

  1. In this game the height of the terrain has doubled to 256 blocks.
  2. The number of game inventory slots has increased to 10.
  3. Fixed problems have changed when many complexes are blocked in one place.
  4. Added flat island mode to this game.
  5. The Great White Shark has been added here.
  6. Terrain generation overhaul
  7. New lighting model
  8. Food takes longer to rot, rotten food turns into compost
  9. Rain drops generate particles when striking ground
  10. Added starting location option: Easy, Medium and Hard
  11. Added Mimosa trees

The above mentioned features have been added to the new 2.2 version of this game. All of the above games like Minecraft pocket edition and You can get all the Minecraft games on google play store, which I have given the url of all the games in the list above. 

Q&A – (Question And Answer)

What is the closest game to Minecraft?

Answer: best Minecraft games ever are:

  1. WorldCraft
  2. AdventureCraft
  3. Crafty Lands
  4. Roblox
  5. GunCrafter
  6. The Blockheads
  7. Block Story
  8. Bed Wars
  9. Mini World
  10. Survivalcraft 2

Are there games like Minecraft?

Answer: Yes, there are games like Minecraft online. Which I have shown in this article and these games are the best alternative games of 2021 Minecraft.

Which Minecraft version is best for Android?

Answer: Mineplex pocket edition is the best Minecraft Pocket Edition server and you can easily be connected to any Android device.

What is the #1 game in the world?

Answer: Minecraft is the number one (01) game in the world and the 2nd game is League of Legends.

Best games like minecraft with better graphics [review video]

Final Verdict

I hope you like this article and I firmly believe that no one like me has told you about this game in this way. So if you like my article, please comment. And if you want to get any new update of our website, you can follow our brand Twitter account and allow push notification.

Thank you so much.

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