Top secret: MapleStory Leveling Guide and Training

Hello friend, are you finding Maplestory leveling and training guides today? So you don’t need to find it again, because I am all explaining here step by step about Maplestory leveling guide, Maplestory training guide, Maplestory gollux prequest and Lastly you will find the best sports here so that you can move forward quickly and unlock more.

Here are three ways to get to the top of the fastest way. You will need to use three dungeons themes to increase the level the fastest.

  1. Ellinel
  2. Gold Beach
  3. Riena

You can only imagine that your level will rise the fastest in the blink of an eye here. It is so effective. But if you want to increase your level the fastest, you have to follow our guides.

Also, if you have money, you can only increase your level with money.

Everything we said above falls within our guideline. Now we will go step by step below and explain something completely to you here.

maplestory training guide 2021

Our guide here is completely different from the others. We can make it clear that what we teach here, others cannot teach. I am comparing them here because I write the best of them here. So that you can understand very easily.

We have found a very good training guide which is listed below:

10-20 Golem’s Temple: Golem’s Temple 3
20-30 North Forest Green Tree Trunk
30-40 Gold Beach: Gold Beach Seaside 2
40-45 East Pantheon: Enchanted Forest
45-55 Burnt Land: Wild Boar Land
55-60 Excavation Site Military Camp 1
60-70 Svamp: Silent Swamp
70-75 Orbis: Stairway to the Sky
75-85 Ice Valley II
85-100 Sunset Road: Sahel 2
100-105 Final Mission: Zakum’s Altar
105-115 Minar Forest Sky Nest 3
115-125 Hidden Street Unbalanced Time*
125-135 El Nath The Cave of Trials III
135-145 Minar Forest Black Wyvern’s Nest
145-155 Minar Forest The Dragon Nest Left Behind 2
155-165 Time Lane Detour to Oblivion 4

The Maplestory training level range and map are mentioned above. And we will gradually learn how to find a hidden map. Also you can find any more information about this training spot by using alternatives of any level in the chart. 

Each of the maps here will be different. It is not possible to review. Because we are only here to guide, there was no purpose to review in a different way. Although I will write an article about these maps later for your convenience only so that I can explain what they are used for and what happens with them.

maplestory leveling guide

We are sharing here the best guide about maplestory level. At first you need a maplestory dps chart for helping you choose the next and best character. I will give you a dps chart in this article’s middle section. You can take a look easily. 

maplestory leveling guide
maplestory leveling guide

Now i am give you here Maplestory leveling guide,

1 – 10 Job Quests
10 – 25 Icy Mixed Golems at Golem’s Temple
25 – 30 Curse Eye at Green Tree Trunk
30 – 50 Violent Clam Slimes at Gold Beach Seaside 2
40 – 60 Seashell Octopus Slime at Hardwave Beach
50 – 60 Mushroom Chandelier at Castle Corridor 1
60 – 77 Copper Drake at Silent Swamp
77 – 85 White Fang at Ice Valley I and II
85 – 100 Sand Rat at Sahel 2
105 – 125 Master Robo at Toy Factory Aparatus Room
125 – 135 Gatekeeper at Warped Passage
135 – 150 Captains at Red Nose Pirate Dens
150 – 165 Dark Wyvern at Wyvern Canyon
165 – 175 Killer Cosmetics at Kerning Tower Floor 5 Map 1
175 – 185 Foul Ooze Waste at Seedy Scrapyard 2
175 – 190 Advanced Knight B.C.D at Knight’s Chamber 2.5
185 – 195 Swollen Stump at Desolate Hills
195 – 210 Sinister Rocky/Steel Mask at Forsaken Excavation Site 2 
205 – 210 Soulful Erda at Fire Spirit Zone
210 – 215 Tranquil Erda at Below the Cave

Maplestory DPS Chart

Are you finding the strongest maplestory class chart? no tension, i will write here with full information DPM (damage per minute). Here I represent the DPM number with maximum damage per minute.

Class DPS Relative
Angelic Buster 52,956,599.07% 205.01%
Pathfinder 49,752,960.70% 192.61%
Cadena 49,395,332.65% 191.23%
Blaster 48,010,042.85% 185.86%
Aran 46,475,460.32% 179.92%
Night Walker 44,963,768.28% 174.07%
Marksman 44,412,456.29% 171.94%
Hero 44,354,924.46% 171.71%
Buccaneer 44,079,127.20% 170.65%
Demon Slayer 43,543,152.05% 168.57%
Wind Archer 43,404,225.40% 168.03%
Illium 42,927,818.25% 166.19%
Demon Avenger 42,843,255.17% 165.86%
Thunder Breaker 42,436,516.48% 164.29%
Bowmaster 42,430,885.73% 164.27%
Mercedes 42,111,031.69% 163.03%
Cannoneer 41,290,819.51% 159.85%
Mihile 41,143,107.14% 159.28%
F/P Archmage 41,004,821.38% 158.74%
Evan 40,742,311.96% 157.73%
Corsair 40,053,656.78% 155.06%
Dawn Warrior 40,053,063.58% 155.06%
Shadower 39,718,942.03% 153.77%
Luminous 39,280,252.32% 152.07%
Kaiser 38,275,717.70% 148.18%
Dark Knight 37,474,651.87% 145.08%
Wild Hunter 37,425,182.36% 144.89%
Paladin 37,409,586.14% 144.83%
Shade 37,224,169.32% 144.11%
Battle Mage 37,191,352.24% 143.98%
Mechanic 36,893,696.30% 142.83%
Kinesis 36,772,078.96% 142.36%
Xenon 36,559,519.92% 141.53%
Dual Blade 36,448,526.28% 141.11%
Night Lord 35,786,831.56% 138.54%
Ark 35,361,996.75% 136.90%
Zero 34,170,218.06% 132.29%
Blaze Wizard 34,153,572.31% 132.22%
Phantom 33,704,179.18% 130.48%
Archmage 33,634,582.39% 130.21%
Bishop 25,830,729.78% 100.00%

You may find that the DPS is given here as a percentage of the pen number from which you can be sure to use any one of your choice to increase your level. 

Maplestory Fame Quests

Now I am giving some maplestory quests charts, i mean fame quest. Lets see below,

30 – 40 Savage Terminal
40 – 50 Gold Beach
50 – 60 Riena Strait
60 – 70 Mushroom Castle
75 – 90 The Afterlands
95 – 110 Ellin Forest
100 – 115 Grand Anthenaeum
115 – 125 Lion King’s Castle
120 – 125 Fantasy Theme World
130 – 140 Golden Temple
130 – 140 Crimsonheart Castle
145 – 155 Kerning Tower
150 – 165 Stone Colossus
165 – 180 Omega Sector
175 – 190 Detective Rave’s Case Journal
185 – 200 Fox Valley
220 – 230 Lachelein Tower

We share the upper table best quest for you guys. This is the best guide line for increasing your level in maplestory.

maplestory leveling guide reboot

Now, I am also guiding you how you can increase level in maplestory [reboot]. So this subheading only for maplestory leveling guide reboot!

I am explaining here step by step, other people face problems. Her level does not increase in maplestory, because her default level is automatic  setup under 10. Then it’s now increasing there. You know ? if you want, you can update your level easily. 

That’s really easy!  Follow my steps and see how to possible it.

You can also follow our questline for your better characters like,

  1.  Shade.
  2. Cadena.
  3. Illium.
  4. Pathfinder.
  5. Hoyoung.
  6. Ark.

Right now follow our guide:

10-17 Edelstein Strolling Path 1&2
17-21 Edelstein Strolling Path 3
21-30 Streetlight Row
10-21 Hedgehog Prickleyard 3
21-30 Waste Treatment Plant 3
10-30 Story Quests
14-23 Oda Scout
17-30 Oda Warrior

If you understand all our training and guides so you can get an increased top level easily.  Play now maplestory

FAQ about the Maplestory

What happened to MapleStory?

Answer:  Maplestory is still playing many players and there are still many players on servers like reboot. It can be said that this game is still alive and well among everyone online. This game is constantly focusing on reducing the lifetime, and trying to update it.

How many players is 2020 MapleStory?

Answer: According to 2011 records, there were more than 8 million users of MapleStory games. The list for 2020 is shared with you below. And with that comes the expectation that in 2021 there will be more users.

Month Players Gain
March 2020 1,140.8 +334.4
February 2020 806.4 -511.6
January 2020 1,318.0 -99.3

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