How To Solve Lost Souvenir Destiny 2

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how to solve lost souvenir destiny 2

lost souvenir destiny 2 – We will finish this briefly because we have to take the next steps. We have more to tell you, so step-by-step we will explain to you.

What’s The Quest Reward In Lost Souvenir Destiny 2?

If you can find Lost Souvenir during the wartime of Izanagi Barden then you can find two things here. Below is a list of these two things.

  1. Obsidian Accelerator.
  2. Obsidian Dreams emblem.

Obsidian Accelerator – is Obsidian Accelerator If you want to increase some of your Black Army weapons then you need to show Obsidian Accelerator working wisely. You can’t get rid of all these complications alone because you have to play with the team here and then you can play great here. 

The Quest Walkthrough

lost souvenir part in the Destiny 2 game is actually a complex subject or complex puzzle. Usually, to get it you have to go to the neob labs and there you have to find a bunch of signs in the correct order. But you have to follow some steps to do this because your enemies are ready to defeat you. That’s why you have to collect some weapons before you go there.

Destiny 2 weapons are:

  • Hammerhead machine gun
  • Spiteful Fang bow
  • Tatara Gaze sniper rifle

Here you have to find the signs while in the neob labs and shoot with certain weapons. You’ll find the juice right there and you need to flip a switch under the central platform of the lab. I gave you some Chinese names below to find out the signs and you have to shoot there as always. So let’s see what are the names of the signs?

  • paper symbol
  • cloud symbol
  • temple symbol
  • sun symbol
  • star symbol
  • hand symbol
  • Black Armory

These signs are looking at the above signs are seen to shoot after completing what you need to do is Izanagi’s Burden with you will be bound and then you on your way to The enemies of society will notice you and you have to clean them with this weapon. You will then need to return to the tower and you will then be one step closer to gaining glory without checking all of Izanagi’s Burdens. 

Once you get there you will receive a guide to winning the lost souvenir destiny 2 award. And the means to win this prize is very easy to understand when you play these games. I have guided you here as much as possible so that you can win prizes there. 

If you fail to win the prize, you can follow the post that was made before us and there you may find a lot of information that you do not know.


those who want to know about Google lost souvenir destiny 2, that is, want to get a guide, I am answering some questions here. So that you get a little benefit separately. I will try my best to explain to you here. If you have any difficulty in understanding something, please let me know in the comments. I will try to reply to your comments. 

How do you get a lost souvenir in Destiny 2?

How can you get lost souvenir in Destiny 2: You must first reach the heart of Neob Labs once and then find the lever under the central platform. The lever you are looking for will activate the mission of the lost souvenir. Where you will be told to find the seven marks with the right weapon to shoot with those weapons. Then you have to find those seven marks and shoot with the right weapon.

What do you get from lost souvenir?

What you get here is the symbol of Obsidian Dreams. Here’s an analysis of how to figure out how to get the symbol out. You can go there and see. The main thing is that you are the main target, how do you find these symbols and how you can win your prize by shooting them with the right weapon. You have to use the right weapon for the right sign because there your enemy is always ready to attack you. destiny 2 This game has a lot of puzzles. So you have to play this game thoughtfully to win the prize.

Where can I find obsidian accelerator?

I have also given you a complete idea about if you have read the article well then you can see everything here. I have given a long paragraph in my article on how to find an obsidian accelerator. And I gave a long figure about this in my previous article where you were clearly explained. 

How do I get the quest for the mysterious Datapad?

This is a search called lost souvenir that you can find after opening the mysterious box as part of Izanagi’s Burden Questline and will appear on your profile after receiving a mysterious datapad. If you haven’t read our previous article completely, read it now because if you don’t read this article, you won’t understand anything about this article.


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