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Lost Planet 3 – being the third installment in the title in the series, did not suffer in comparison. It has built up its own identity as a game. Like the first 2 installments, the setting is still in E.D.N III.

Full info about Lost Planet 3

Genre Action
Franchise name Lost Planet
UK franchise name Lost Planet
Platform Xbox 360, PS3, PC
US censor rating Rating Pending
Alternative names Lost Planet III
Release date 1 January 1970 (US) and 1 January 1970 (UK)

Lost Planet 3 Review

There has been a slight change to the storyline though. Players now control Jim Peyton; this guy is a contractor who is among the very first humans to get the chance to explore the planet to earn money by doing so. As the mission levels up, the players will get to reckon more complex details to come their way.

This game’s concentration is mainly on character development and story than those of the first 2 franchises. In this game, the player will get to feel a very cinematic aura at some point. Western style of storytelling influenced this game very obviously. It was Jim who has a bubbly personality who lifts up the mood in the game with his famous banters.

A love story unfolds in this game as well between Jim and his wife back on earth. The only communication they have is through video playbacks between missions. Having a wife far away from him, this gets him more motivated in performing his duties and helps him develop a lot. As you progress in the mission levels, you will get different conversations and other important figures.

The downside of this game is the slow pace that could get the fans a bit bored; it takes a long time to get going. Lost Planet 2′s action and adventure packed mission levels will be greatly missed in this game. This game concentrated on calm and build up periods, peaks and through although intense action scenes are present at times. The feeling of repeating the task over and over again and being in the same area happens as well. It is because of the very slow pace in moving from an area to another. But all of this will change if you will be able to unlock some scenes that offer a faster travel system.

Lost Planet 3 travel system
Lost Planet 3 travel system

This game is a third-person shooter, makes you capable of ducking between objects, dodge, and even roll when being attacked by the opponents; while hurling out explosives at them. Switching between equipped guns is made easier as well, which made it not a really bad shooting technique that provides an amazing experience. Quicktime events are required especially when fighting with the really huge bosses, at a close-range kill.

Thermal Energy, the game’s currency is found by drilling lands and killing opponents by those who inhabit EDN III. This energy can be collected, and used in purchasing new weapons, upgrades and ammo. A wide range of ammo and weapons are available to choose from. You can select whatever is suited to your particular needs and choice. Your staff will only have a claw and a drill to start off with. Although these tools could get really handy when it comes to mining and local wildlife works as well. However, because of its settings of the past era; the Rig will be boring and a bit slow to progress and does not even make it imposing during the game’s fights.

Lost Planet 3 game fights Review
Lost Planet 3 game fights Review

Besides the main mission levels, there are heaps of activities and mini-games to perform. Doing them could earn you a lot of money but could slow down the pace even more and stop you in moving forward to the next level. These simple activities include the following tasks: company machinery repair, fighting for your Rig while it’s drilling for Thermal energy to make your wallet swell, and delivering DNA samples of your local inhabitants. However, these activities and mini-games are only optional, and you still get to choose how you would like to tackle your game. It is still a matter of strategy.

These weird and unbelievable tasks of the game to advance to mission levels, all result in eliminating hundreds and hundreds of Akrid. Since these species have only limited variations, this makes the quests seem to be done over and over again. Well, that is only one of the downsides of the Lost Planet 3 game. One of the good points here is that when you are done attaining a collector’s item; the game will reward you with some vital information that you will need as the game progresses.

Lost Planet 3 game progresses Review 3
Lost Planet 3 game progresses Review 3

The game’s several collectible items, like audio and text logs, reward you with achievements and provide some details on how to move to the next mission. Lost Planet 3′s characters are pretty detailed; the rigs and the ships look amazingly real and provide a good visual effect. Even the facial expressions of the characters are accurate and full of personality. But the main character obviously imitates the actor Nicholas Cage, but it adds only excitement to the game. The weather like fog, rains, creates a sad atmosphere combined with a good illuminating effect portrays a really amazing mood.

Some minor issues are noticeable though, like small text that makes it a bit difficult to read most of the time. It makes it harder whenever there is a fog in the background, almost impossible to understand which makes it a bit frustrating to struggle reading. But when it comes to the musical scoring, there is nothing to be complained about, everything is done so tastefully and appropriately fitted every scene it was put in. What makes it more interesting is, gamers can upload the music of their own liking whenever they play Lost Planet 3. But trust me; the Aliens inspired music will truly sound so delightful while playing and will even get the approval of those gamers who have discerning tastes!

Lost Planet 3 Review - action game usa
Lost Planet 3 Review – action game usa

Since the game is story dominant, if you will look for something deeper in the multiplayer modes; please do not set your expectations too high. All of the multiplayer modes are regular; there are four of them namely: Team Deathmatch – 2 teams need to plant Therma posts and need to work on their mine for more energy competing with the other team. Scenario – 2 teams should aim to divide the tasks of arming and detonating bombs and survival of Akrid. The final mode is a face-off game to compete with Akrid. The teams are required to work double-time or else when the Akrid gets conquered; your team will have the ability to manage and take over the energy points as the task of eliminating the other team continues. In Survival mode, it is a bit different; as soon as the team controlled and conquered the Akrid, the other team finds it difficult to come back. The most important thing at this point is finishing the tasks as quickly as possible to take advantage of every good point.

Although Lost Planet 3 gets you really in connection with the characters and makes you feel like you were feeling what they are encountering, it makes you feel a bit like home in exaggeration. It does not offer quick fire elimination, and instant pleasure. The most obvious downside of Lost Planet 3 is the monotonous fights that could get the gamers a bit fatigued.

Lost Planet 3 Review
Lost Planet 3 Review

Overall, if you are already experienced in playing the previous franchise of Lost Planet 3, there is a possibility that you will get disappointed in this game. The multiplying feature does not give justice to the game as well. It’s like; the good is just as good even without it. But if you are patient enough, then this could be a good game for you.


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