Khuda Haafiz Movie Review, Song list, movie cast, release date with story

Hello friends, how are you all today? Today we are going to talk about the Khuda Haafiz movie? Here we will talk about the release date of this movie and the detailed casting and story.

There is also the official trailer of the Khuda Haafiz movie. So let’s get started.

Khuda Haafiz Review

First of all, the name of the director of this movie is Faruk Kabir.

Director Faruk Kabir has made this movie in such a way that everyone in the family can enjoy this movie together. Because no bad scenes or bad language was used in this movie.

You all know that Khoda Haafiz is an Indian movie so I didn’t feel the need to mention it.

Khuda haafiz movie cast

  • Vidyut Jammwal as the character in the movie Sameer Choudhary.
  • Shivaleeka Oberoi as the character in the movie Nargis Choudhary: Sameer’s Wife.
  • Annu Kapoor as the character in the movie Usman Hamid Ali Murad: Taxi driver in Noman.
  • Shiv Pandit as the character in the movie Faiz Abu Malik.
  • Aahana Kumra as the character in the movie Tamena Hamid: ISA.
  • Vipin Sharma as the character in the movie Nadeem.
  • Nawab Shah as the character in the movie Iztek Regini.
  • Inkhlaque Khan as the character in the movie IK Sharma.

The story of Khuda Haafiz movie

Khuda Haafiz movie first started socially with the new marriage of Nargis and Samir. And they have a beautiful family. And here I am saying that this movie has been made with true love and action fighting. 

Nargis is preparing for heaven on earth after her new marriage. Emotions changed when in 2006 our country began to be slowly buried in the face of a giant named Baker.


Which has a direct impact on Nargis’ life and Samir’s, but poverty sinks into helplessness and a black future.

Both have the courage to make money away from India where Nargis first comes out to fulfill her dream.

The turning point in the story comes when Nargis’ presence is suddenly lost among strangers across seven seas.

Samir himself could find it. Given the stomach to enter abroad, what is needed to make money, what will separate them forever otherwise they will overcome it.

And these people will prove to be stronger, any minor can continue his fight or then Samir Nargis dreams of exploring beyond the borders of the country are about to be shattered.

But what has happened to everyone, the greed for money, how Arjun’s black world has become his voice. Khuda Haafiz is not like a commando action movie at all. The scenery can definitely give you a line like Rebel 3.

However, Khuda Hafiz will not fall prey to any misunderstanding. This is the first communication base of the fairy tale. Where Power Jamwal is going to see you like a tractor of a company, not a hero.

The warrior taught the enemy to snatch love, it is very difficult to make two different types of characters on the screen at the same moment and he has done your job very easily with the pinch with his left hand and with a dangerous heartbreaker.

The journey to becoming the protagonist of a romantic love story makes it clear that there are some flaws in the strength of the long racehorse.

Ignoring them would be like being unfaithful to you from a movie. But, the story is a little paper and Sunni seems to have gotten the sense ever since. We all know that in the end, it will be difficult to save the hero from breaking his heart.

Reaching out, such can keep himself from applying a little mood of Bollywood to the story of such a story. He is intimately acquainted with you. Even artificial ones will make you feel ridiculous.

Otherwise, the people of every country have become accustomed to our Bollywood, their dignity has been woven. The beauty shining from their moon can drive you crazy.

So the tears of pain flowing from the eyes can move your heart too! The hidden wonder of the film is Anu Kapoor.

Anyone who feels alienated to you by being a foreigner can now swear to dedicate your life to a way of talking or a friend’s friendship. Everything touches your heart. Dirt on the streets of your memories can make you perfectly clean.

Nothing new in the story or something like mind-boggling can be found for me.

1-year-old Power Jamwal’s best performance together to keep people in large numbers is talking about romance and their romantic and blood boiling music together. If you like the rest of the article for a slightly lighter Bollywood style dilapidated film climax or you have some complaints, I can let you know.


Uday Shankar announced the digital release of Khuda Haafiz movie on 22nd June 2020 at a virtual press conference of Disney and Hotstar on 14th August 2020. Movies shut down due to COVID-19.

Khuda Haafiz movie song list

  1. TitleJaan Ban Gaye. Lyrics – Mithoon. Singer – Mithoon, Vishal Mishra, Asees Kaur.
  2. TitleKhuda Haafiz. Lyrics – Sayeed Quadri. Singer – Vishal Dadlani.
  3. TitleMera Intezaar Karna. Lyrics – Mithoon. Singer – Armaan Malik.
  4. TitleAakhri Kadam Tak. Lyrics – Mithoon. Singer – Sonu Nigam.
  5. TitleJaan Ban Gaye. Lyrics – Mithoon. Singer – Asees Kaur.
  6. TitleKhuda Haafiz. Lyrics – Sayeed Quadri. Singer – Javed Ali.


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