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Infinite Flight mod apk offers the most comprehensive flight simulation experience on mobile devices, whether you are a curious novice or a decorated pilot. Explore high definition scenery in regions from around the world with our diverse inventory of detailed aircraft, tailoring each flight by choosing your time of day, weather conditions, and aircraft weight configuration.
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Hello! My dear game lover friends. I hope you are well. And yes, let’s not waste time looking at all the known and unknown facts about the game “Infinite Flight MOD APK”. I think you are looking for this game. If so, or my guess is true, this article is for you personally.

Mod Info?

  • McDonnell Douglas MD-11F
  • McDonnell Douglas MD-11
  • McDonnell Douglas DC-10F
  • McDonnell Douglas DC-10
  • Daher TBM-930
  • Bombardier CRJ-900
  • Bombardier CRJ-700
  • Bombardier CRJ-1000
  • Airbus A350

General Information of Infinite Flight

The beauty of the world is endless – simulator pilots can take a pilot’s work experience and do different things for fast flight. It is very interesting for the players, but the challenges are the same and all the players can overcome them. At the same time you will find traffic and airports around the world.

Experience the beautiful 3D world

All players will have the unique atmosphere shown in the infinite flight. Try your preferred location and go to the right of the map. At the same time, make sure the game gives you a chance to go anywhere. At the same time, you can do whatever you want, for example, you can change your appearance.

At the beginning of the game you can control the plane of a foreign company. And you can help the plane get up. So you can see what is happening on the plane and think about what you want. For example, you can see everything on a plane through the eyes of a pilot. These changes will continue to work to give each player a different experience.

Diversity in the environment

Players can enjoy the fun of the game and choose the place to access it. Each location you find matches different countries. So when you choose the situation you like and create your own plane in the game, you can change your experience. At the same time you will find a special flight route map and there you will find sports activities.

The location of the game is real and from the beginning and from the end of the flight you will see that everything is fine. At the same time you will have a map where you can find the route of your flight and view the map. So, depending on your plane, the environment will always change and you will see a huge sky during the game. Suffice it to say that you will be completely focused on the game screen.

Adapts perfectly to the flight

Players experience endless flight for the first time and you won’t be disappointed to see the amount of difference. For example, an electronic belt on the left side of the aircraft controls fuel collection. So sometimes you have to land or take off safely. 

Speed, height and other limitations are in front of your eyes, not limitations. This means that you can make the necessary adjustments based on the position of the aircraft. However this is not always the case, sometimes players will switch and see the required results on a properly modified plane. Also, only players can play the game automatically. As mentioned above, they may change the itinerary for some reason. Then, during the flight, you can stabilize the flight by pressing the AP button to help the aircraft enter automatic flight mode. You can learn a lot from this situation. At the same time, upon arrival, you must leave the aircraft, adjust the speed, reduce the power of the aircraft and bring the aircraft to a complete stop.

Experience different types of planes

Your flying experience is limitless, but there are many exciting areas around the world that allow you to explore. For automatic or conventional flights, make sure you specify the route you want to safely navigate. Then you go down and keep going until it comes. You will find many interesting things for different types of aircraft.

Many designs are the lifeblood of the aircraft game and everyone will try it. At the same time, like the atmosphere, there will be some aircraft that will have to meet certain conditions to be able to fly. In addition to other transport aircraft (such as military aircraft) you can board different aircraft. So any type of aircraft gives you the experience of choice.

Practice your skills with a realistic attitude

Weather conditions such as clouds, wind, day / night in three parts and you can navigate through these elements. You can get a panoramic view of the world with 15m / pixel HD satellite images. NavBlue provides real-world information on aircraft, including NAVAID, SID, Star and Pilot, allowing players to build ordinary aircraft.

The instructor will teach you how to fly an airplane to become a real pilot. Also, you will learn more about technology, how fast you can travel and what changes you can make. The unlimited flight deck is supported by an independent pilot aircraft and can be mounted on a separate aircraft.

Multiplayer mode and daily activities

There are so many players around the world. You will see thousands of other pilots around the world. Provide aircraft location information. You play as a pilot. Using a flight planning and control system you can decide where to fly and how to fly.

Daily schedules and group visits allow players to engage and test routines. Join the group with other loyal members. In many places, you need to complete flights several times a day to improve your performance and leadership skills in the sport and to help you train year after year.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Here we will show the best questions of Infinite Flight and discuss the answers.

What is Infinite Flight?

Unlimited Flight – Flight Simulator is a realistic and beautiful game with fun scenes and unexpected graphics. Game developers offer tips on how to become a leader in various endeavors. Travel the world and do your homework. You can change direction at any time, from any large aircraft to fast combat. Since the airport is the same in this game, it becomes more similar in the smallest detail. Climate change will appeal to all lovers of beautiful graphics on Android devices.

Is Infinite Flight free of any cost?

Yes, Infinite Flight is totally free from any kind of charges. You can download this game free of cost and get features like SimCash, gold, coins etc without any cost.

Is this an old version game?

No! This MOD APK game is a new version of the game and it is an upgraded game. If you’ve downloaded the Infinite Flight game, you know about this game.


Moral of the story, Infinite Flight: Flight Simulator MOD APK is actually a great game. This Mod Apk is a free game with many features. After you download the game, you realize how good the game is. And yes, if you think our content is useful and helpful for you, please share this with your friends and family. See you soon. Goodbye for now.

What's new



• Simplified Chinese text in the menu

• Missing airport updates

• End flight crash

• Community language contributions (Simplified Chinese)

• Text clipped in HUD view

• Solo crash using 20s back button


In this update, pilots can enjoy a fully reworked E175, a new tab for Infinite Flight news, and more!

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