Top 7 Secret Point: How To Show Ping In Fortnite

At first we need to know about how to show ping in fortnite on your game screen. Right? So lets get, I want to tell you here step by step.

Laterstly we are finding this solution for you. Because we know you are very tired about fortnite in how to show ping.

So no tension we can solve this easily.

At first we need to know how much season is on these fortinite games. You know there are currently 12 seasons in this game.  Whatever, so let’s get to our main target.

How To Show Ping In Fortnite Chapter 2

So if you want to show ping in fortnite on your game screen? So please follow our this below steps:

NO. 1 Step: First you need to check your fortnite menu, so please press “ESC” from your dream keyboard.

Elseif: if you are a controller user player, so can press the start button to check your fortnite menu. 

NO. 2 Step: If you already check the Setting option, you need to now scroll down for the fortnite menu and you will see there settings.  

NO. 3 Step: Now you can see the UI icon in the fortnite game. Are you not successful to find a UI icon so comment me below else I am 100% sure you find this option on this game. Now next step!

NO. 4 Step: Then you can see now multiple options like Player health, Resources, Target info, or Net Debug Stats.

NO. 5 Step: Now you need to click the toggle button in front for net debug stats to on.

NO. 6 Step: Then you need to turn from the button and you will see change the hud element visibility in the fortnite game.

NO. 7 Step: So now basically you can show ping in Fortnite on the game screen by using these steps and changing some settings.  

how to show ping in fortnite
how to show ping in fortnite

Editor task: Please follow this upper all step and find this or change your setting by which we are talking now in the step. Follow this step. We hope this trick works great.

Or if you still are playing this game in 2020/ 2021 so you can also follow these steps and change your fortnite some settings and you get show ping in your fortnite game. You can change your font size from the UI option for your understanding.

Do you know that fortnite shows you speed data transfer in the game and the server? That’s easy, follow our steps and you can know about all the fortnite all settings. Keep your fun and let me know anything in the comment section. 

And do you know also Fortnite is server based games? At first you need this game to connect with the official server properly then you can play this game. 

Now i am talking about how to show ping in fortnite mobile? That’s great, it is very easy to work on mobile.

How To Show Ping In Fortnite Mobile – Fortnite Guide

We are already talking about that. You know all devices in this system are the same. Like follow the upper steps. You can solve this problem easily. 

If you can not solve this problem. So I will write a different article about show ping in fortnite mobile. 

Now I am writing here some question’s answer properly.

People Also Ask On Google

How do I check my ping on fortnite?  

Are you IOS and Android user player? so that it is easy for you. Now follow our short step for checking your pink, so now you can see head into on the game screen’s small “COG” icon. 

now click this button and you can see underneath the big play button. this will take you to a gaming profile you can see there. There you can manage your friend requests together and activate your “private Mode“. 

you need to click the cog icon button and you can see the logout button. so no tension click the button and off your data connection and on again. then login your profile or you can see there your ping on the fortnite game screen. 

What is a good ping?

Do you know what is a good ping? no problem i am explaining here about good ping. So let’s see, we are finding on the fortnite game research the number of ping two types. like 1. “low ping” and elseif 2.”high ping” are within a range.

you know the average broadband connection is 100 ms amount of ping lower. In the fortnite game any type amount under 20 ms lower ping are considered exceptional and if ping amounts are between 50 ms and 100 ms average this is very good from these ranges. so we can easily say that 50 ms and 100 ms range quality is very good ping


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