How To Play Among Us With Friends On Phone

Among us is the multiplayer online game that was published by American game studio Nintendo Switch in December 2020. Many new players since they – are excited to play this game, but how to play among us with friends? You don’t know that. If you want to know more about this topic and multiple more, then read this article carefully.

Rules Of The Among Us Game:

Among Us Character Red - Free vector graphic on Pixabay

Think, I have added 8 of my friends, now out of these 8 people can have 1 imposter or 2 people. If you want it, you or I can select it (only the one who created the room can select it). However, now no one will understand the thief in this game. And here only the thief can kill. If anyone sees while going to kill, then the selected killer will be ghosted by verifying through voting. This is the rule of playing the game among us and you will have a lot of fun playing this game.

How To Play Among Us With Friends On Mobile Or PC

Among us games is a very fun game, which you will have a lot of fun playing with your friends. And today I will analyze how to play this game with your friends. And this game, I know, is played by streamers from all over the world, and the game is really a lot of fun, which you will not understand if you do not play.

Since, among us the game is a multiplayer game so you can all play this game with each other. So let’s see how to play this game with your friends in public and private. 

You may have played the thief-cop game a lot when you were younger, in fact, the game among us is the same. The only difference is that you have to play this game online on your mobile phone or computer, and to play this game you will get a controller shown in the picture, with which you can control this game. 

Now, among us, you need to make a room to play the game with your friends or with your family. Here, the room of this game is of two types, such as 1. Public or, 2. Privet

Public mode: Public means that if you play this game in a public room, anyone in the world can play with you.

Private mode: Private means, if you play this game by creating a private room, you can only play it by adding your friends or your family members.

Editor Recommended: I will always guide you to enjoy this game with your friends in private.      

So let’s learn how to create a private room of the game among us and play,

Step 1: First you have to download the game among us. Then, after downloading, you have to open the game. After opening, you will see 2 options, such as: local or online. Click on [online] there. Which you can see in the picture below.

Step 2: Then I will tell you how to make room there. According to the picture below, you can create your room host.

Step 3: After step 2, follow the picture given below. Now you have to select how many imposters and how many members you want to add. Here you can play with a maximum of 10 players.

Step 4: After confirming in step 3 you will get a code, that code you give to your friends so that they can play the game with you. 

Step 5: After giving your friends the code, I’ll tell you how to use it. When your friends copy the code, they will be able to play it as per the picture given below.

You have to use your pass code as per the picture mentioned above. 

Now you can play this  among us games with friends online on phone or PC, and you can also play with friends discord and get extra features from this game. You can also play among us with friends voice chat or play among us with friends on steam offline.

Among Us Private Code Not Working

Are the 6 digits private code not working in your Among us game? In fact, there are many reasons for this. The causes and prevention are mentioned below:

Update Among UsNot updating the Among Us game can cause such problems. So if you update the game, I hope this problem will be solved.
Max Player overWe usually know that Max Player cannot be given above 10 in Among us games. If your friend wants to play with more than 10 players, this could be a problem.

fixed the Among Us Private Code Not Working problem

Hope you found the solution to the problem among us private code not working. If such a problem occurs again, check the update of these games from the google play store first.

Q&A (Question And Answer)

Can we play among us with friends?

Answer: Yes! You can play among us games with your friends. Because, among us is a multiplayer game online.

How do you play among us with friends voice chat?

Answer:  Yes, you can use voice chat with your friends in among us games. So follow the video below if you want voice chat in among us game.

How do you add friends on among us?

Answer:  You can add your friend on among us games via the private code. That’s easy, you can follow our article. 

Final Verdict

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