how to play among us with controller on mobile or PC

We know among us is a funny game for friends or family.  If you want to play this game quickly, then you can use a controller. Today I am talking about how to play among us with controller. This article is written only for those who want to enjoy this game using the controller. 

Note: You can use any type of controller, such as PS4, PS1, etc. 

how to play among us with controller on mobile?

Playstation Ps4 Ps5 - Free vector graphic on Pixabay

It is very easy to use the controller for playing games, which if you read this article, you can use it not only among us by the way, if you want – you can use it in another game. Follow the steps or video given below.

For example, here I am setting up the game among us with PS4 Controller.

Step 1: First of all you need to open the google play store app or search there “octopus”, then you need to install it and open this app.

Step 2: If you complete the first step, then I think you have opened this app. Now click on the add option given in the picture below and add the game among us.

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Step 3: After completing step 2, you can click on the add icon again and allow “configure key function”. If you do everything right, close this app and turn on your Bluetooth option.

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Step 4: Now, select your controller from Bluetooth. After that, you open the “octopus” app again and click among us games. Once the game is open, click on the Freeplay option.

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Step 5: Select the above option as per the picture given below. Then click on the “I know” button.

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Step 6: Tap on the “+” icon, which I show in the picture below.

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Step 7: then, tap on the left Analog and place it on the left side joystick.

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Step 8: Now again tap on the “+” icon and tap on key buttons.

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Step 9: then, first, place it in front of the virtual button and press ps any button to activate that action.

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You can use any controller here. Just you need to follow the same configuration system steps.

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Lastly, tap on the “right” icon to confirm and play with your controller using your configuration. Now your PS4 controller is ready, so now you can play among us games by using any type of gaming controller. Also, this way you can play among us with a controller on your Android device. 

how to play among us with controller on pc?

Now I am talking about how to use a controller with among us game in pc.  So let’s see our steps or if you have not the time to read these steps, then you can watch the below video.

Step 1: Go to google search bar, and search there BLUESTACKS and download this software.  

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Step 2: After downloading the software, log in to the google play store with your Gmail and set it up in the same way as the steps shown on the mobile above.

If you follow all the above steps, then you can play among us with controller on pc or mobile phone. I have explained everything very well here, so you can set it up very easily.   Also, I am explaining on my website how to play among us with friends on the phone and I am guide you about some not working errors, you can also read this article. I hope this article is helpful for you.


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Written by Nishat 

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