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hey everybody welcomes to our website and to our review of hades game review across pc and the Nintendo Switch now it’s no secret. we love our roguelikes we have done it for years and have spoken at lengths before

Our love for Roguelites

about how passionate we are about this particular genre. unlike many though it’s not precisely the difficulty usually associated with these kinds of games.

that keeps us playing them sure it plays a part with the challenge of progression bringing.

some of the motivation although over the past few years that’s become less of a thing we’re really interested in long time viewers will recognize this as particularly over the last 12 to 18 months.

our coverage has shifted consistently towards more narrative and story driven titles.

we’re still excited and driven by action adventure games and as such don’t get me wrong although as times change well so of our tastes to be honest we slept on the initial launch of hades a week or so ago as this post goes out.

which was a huge mistake and having spent the best part of 24 or so hours with it across the nintendo switch and pc.

Hades game review does everything it does so well it’s one of the best and most enjoyable and most entertaining indie games.

Why is Hades so enjoyable?

ever made it puts everything developer supergiant games is good at having previously shown us all in pyre bastion and transistor.

within a hugely compelling overall package of the game.

well it nearly has it all the narrative art style voice acting.

music it’s got heaps upon heaps of atmosphere and at no point in the past weeks 24 hours of playtime did we ever come across anything.

what we might describe as being boring or grindy which for this genre as much as we like it is one heck of a rarity the premise here is relatively simple you play through.

hades as sagarus the son of hades the god of the underworld from ancient greek mythology.

in what sagaris hopes is a journey to freedom of the mortal world or within a rogue light dungeon crawler with each death.

of which there are many particularly at the start before you’ve been able to level up your character.

Players are taken back to the house of hades game review and it’s here.

all within the gaps between the runs where hades makes its first mark and stands above so many within the genre.

ultimately many such games are somewhat one-dimensional in terms of the overall story.

Why death is essential for progression in Hades

how the narrative is delivered but not here in hades.

The first part of this we want to draw upon is how the game progresses with each and seemingly every death and failed run with the mechanic being used to further draw out the story upon returning home the characters you find hanging around the place such as achilles.

knicks and of course hades game review him self will greet and give praise on your recent successes.

or gloat on your failures the fury got you again.

she is unstoppable isn’t she one time i tried to stop her on the way to have a chat with your dad and she didn’t even turn her head you see in hades.

Well death is needed to help things progress and it’s a beautiful twist which allows players.

well to keep playing as you want to not only see what the characters have to say of your most recent escape run but also finding out more about the story and going on within the over.

The underworld keeps at it lad i’ve known great men throughout my life and i can always tell when someone’s better than their circumstances.

fight like i’d fight out there i’ll give them hell as you wanted but doubtless many of the hades who stand against me first arrived in tartarus because of you.

naturally enough to go too deeply into these stories would be too much in the way of spoilers.

although it feels safe enough to mention they are persistent as you play and continue to be during the end game.

Making friends with the Gods

The same is true for another highlight of what makes hades game review such a unique roguelite as you play.

engage with the different characters and gods you form relationships with them that urban flow over the duration here you’re also able to give characters gifts from items you find in your journey which is so doing.

can see you being rewarded lord dionysus it’s been great getting to know you so please accept this humble offering now that is something a right princely gift there zach.

just so happens i got something here i have been meaning to give you thank you dionysus mate.

All of this works almost in a similar way to some of the dating simulators we’ve played over the years and again all of this is such great credit to the team of writers as a greek mythology nerd of sorts seeing these characters.

jump out on the screen mostly with their traditional personalities depicted.

20,000 lines of voice acting goes in to making Hades

so finely and yet again without cliche is truly sublime alongside all of this comes an exceptionally high quality voice work.

there’s more than 20 000 lines of dialogue most of the voices rather interestingly have that kind of british twang.

which kind of really works greetings there.

young man look your father’s always been rather difficult.

and he is not so much as cold in quite some time and certainly feels in keeping with the actors from the saturday afternoon matinee films.

depicting greek mythology we would have watched on bbc one or itv when growing up in the uk.

What makes the central character in Hades so engaging?

as the central character zagarus his role and dialogue like everything else is supremely written.

he could have been and in keeping with the britishness of the accents while an absolute and utter ass he could have been a pompous and entitled frat boy type of lad.

with a generic let’s call them anger issues and yet there’s.

none of that here he feels well really somewhat likable and yet again to go on about the britishness of parts of this game.

His humor feels dry and witty with the banter between him and his father having just enough play and friction between the two of them.

who’s that sniveling shade your immediate left there father already found someone new to do the busy work and here i thought i was utterly indispensable.

That shade boy is my newly designated contractor, one whose responsibility is to work on this house.

although who shall pay for everything my subjects here demand, I do not know you’re trying to guilt me into funding the exorbitant furnishings you desire perhaps once we are finished with repairs for all the carnage you have sown throughout my realm.

then we might finally have time for all the needed renovations that have piled up.

you know each would probably quite happily tell the other to go forth and multiply.

although again each of them clearly know well that just wouldn’t be the done thing to do.

you might need to be british to get that little point so if so.

let’s quickly move on to the other thing great roguelikes need.

and that’s a great combat system on that hades game review certainly doesn’t disappoint while.

Overview of the combat system

you only have a light attack a massive attack arranged cast the real hidden gem of moves within hades comes from the dash.

which on its own and in combination with the other abilities can open up some gratifying gameplay.

as for the weaponry on offer there are six different items to play with you start off with a blade. which is decent enough and as you progress you’re able to unlock new items such as a captain america kind of shield a bow something. that’s almost a straight up gun with grenade launcher although our personal favorite well that has to be alliance which.

really played to our long game stay away from trouble mindset.

what’s more unlike yeah let’s say dead cells.

the combat in hades game review feels accessible right from the very start.

you’re not weak and feeble at the onset and can make a reasonably good go of clearing the first handful of rooms before you begin to buy.

upgrades from back at the house of hades between runs.

or within the run itself by way of charon’s shop that pops up from time to time.

here you’re able to pick up temporary skill uplifts and additional health another delicate little touch also comes from being able to spend the gems you’re able to collect from the underworld back at your base.

with them providing upgrades not only to your home.

but also to additional rooms and items that can be used to help in your escape in a further nod to accessibility and for players who want to focus on the story.

and still make progress the developers have implemented what’s called a god mode.

How Hades supports accessibility – the God Mode

activated by way of a check box in the settings menu.

it’s best to think of this as offering sagaris the ability to become stronger and more resilient.

god mode begins by reducing the damage you take by 20.

with each run after that further reducing the damage by 2 percent until you hit a maximum of 80 production while we haven’t yet made use of this option it’s something we certainly welcome whereby the game’s not using its difficulty as a content.

gate and we’re sure this will appeal to many who want the full story and narrative experience.

but aren’t able or don’t want the full force of the standard level of combat what’s also super pleasing the god mode doesn’t lock you out of any content so you’re able to play this with the mode turned on and not miss out on anything don’t worry though players who want even harder mode.

well there’s something for you hell mode dials up the difficulty with numerous modifiers and to be honest well that’s something we’re quite happy to leave nicely alone one of the other things.

Hades feels so honest to play

we think which makes hades game review an even more compelling play is its honesty and fairness it just feels so.

fair to play where you die not through in what happens to be old let’s say bad luck.

something that happened time and time in let’s say again.

dead cells rather you die in hades because you probably made a mistake now this is something that’s quite hard to explain although it also helps make this game so.

fun while we adore it we have quit and walked away from dead cells on numerous occasions due to the perception of this unfairness.

this just hasn’t happened yet in hades and while we have seen the credits roll we’ve kept gameplay from outside of the first area off this review to avoid spoilers.

there’s still plenty of things we can do and we suspect plenty more story yet to come.

Hades review wrap up – the best indie game of all time

hades is brilliant it’s an essential play for anyone who likes their roguelites.

and narrative games or anyone well who really likes independent video games for everything hades does it does so very well.

our only criticism well let’s say on the switch it doesn’t play out so well in handheld.

and that really benefits from the big screen and yep.

that’s honestly all we have to fall for it to us.

and with the usual caveat to personal choice and subjectivity.

hades are the finest indie game we’ve ever played.

we play-tested hades on both pc and Nintendo switch.

with both platforms performing as well as each other.

We purchased both pc and switch variants from the Nintendo eshop and steam and we did not receive a free copy from the publisher or developer on either platform to have you or will you be playing.


Hades let us know what you think of the game this review and thanks for reading and we’ll see you all here again next time on Action game usa.

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