God Of War game full about and ultimate review 2020

Introduction For God Of War

The God of war game is very beautiful and has high graphics developed by Santa Monica Studio and this game published by [SIE], SIE full meaning Sony Interactive Entertainment. This is a very action game. I mean this is an action adventure game. This game Released in April 20-2018 for the PlayStation 4 – PS4.

This is simple introduction, So I want to start the main article so let’s get started.

Released Date

The name of the country in which the game was first released is North America and the release date is March 22, 2005 The game was first released in North America. And more God of war 2 released dates in America on March 13 – 2007. Then one more released in American God of War 3 on March 16, 2010 for the playstation 3.

And this game was released worldwide on April 20, 2018 and at that time the game became very popular and shocked the world.

About graphics

The graphics of this game of God of War are very high quality or can be seen every time you play and it looks like the original is playing face to face. You’ve never seen graphics work with such a nice lens. We who are gamers love the graphics of the games so many people go crazy because of the beautiful graphics.

All about for God of War

Those of you who are fans of God of War may be wondering who developed these games. I mentioned earlier who invented this game and who published it. Those who have developed this game should salute. Karbonn has given the game’s graphics and fight options a lot of quality. The reason for the great speed of the game is that it was released through PlayStation and since then they have created many versions of the game 1,  2,  3.


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