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Gloomhaven Guide Best Of Ultimate 2022

admin, Friday, June 2, 2023

The article is about the Gloomhaven Guide and all of the rules about Gloomhaven. There I explain How to play the game. The Basic rules of the game, the gloomhaven characters list, and the classes of gloomhaven. Gloomhaven is a game of Euro-inspired combat in the persistent world of shifting motives. All players take the role of a character with their own ability what the player likes to take. Players must work together to save themselves from danger and kill the monsters.

Gloomhaven Gameplay Overview Trailer

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Gloomhaven Tinkerer Guide 

Now I’m telling you about the Gloomhaven Tinkerer guide. The Tinkerer is my favourite class for many reasons in the beginning. The weakness is the versatility of the gloomhaven tinkerer, not her weakness. First we should understand exactly how to use Tinkerer strengths so that we can use it on the right monsters. The tinkerer doesn’t deal high damage with her ability. In the starting she damages lower but in the higher level that damage 1 per turn, that’s cool. In the higher level the ability is very helpful not only to prevent the monster from healing but also adds +1 to everyone who hits the monster in that time.

Gloomhaven Tinkerer’s one of the classes several with healing abilities and also has some cool support abilities. The Tinkerer’s entire deck has 31 cards. But you can keep 12 cards on your hand only. There are 12 cards and all of the cards are in level 1, so just you can always grab the cards and go on your first tinkerer first. Tinkerer level one cards top ability as the bottom of the level x card to revive the shock. It gives us the higher level heal in the level 1. If it is wrong or lost, then it might be trouble.  Whatever we have also has other heals ability in the top ability slot.

If you lose a double card in that time is never ideal for you , when you are using the standard top and bottom until you are ready to play the losses. You can use other cards to take up the card slot with a wonder hit.

Gloomhaven Tinkerer Enhancements

Gloomhaven Tinkerer Enhancements are expensive and you want to get the best thing return on your investment. I look to exchange level one to level two abilities first. I also want to keep all of my enhancements cheap. At the letter levels yourself into a good lot of golds, that means you know how to play and which Tinkerer enhancements make the most sense for you. Enhancements are so expensive that the player wants to get the best return  on their investment.

Gloomhaven Brute Guide

The two main options for building the brute are tank and damage dealer. The high strength and health make him a nice class play role. In a large group play of four players, there everyone likes the squishier player who deals damage with a tank.

Gloomhaven Brute Guide : Brute tank build strategy is an awesome strategy for playing in Gloomhaven Brute. Anyone who played a tank he / she knows that the tank hit a high damage dealer is a far simpler role. The brute can deal a low damage to a monster in a group but when it targets a single monster that time the brute can damage very high. Players can hit high damage to target a single and it’s a good strategy to get more advantage. For hit a big damage gloomhaven guide says that the tank position is very important. 29 ability cards available for the brute deck across all levels in the Gloomhaven. But the brute has a 10 cards of hand limit. You can use all of the 10 cards and you could ignore the optional level x cards. The Retaliate damages in a cost, if you first take a damage, then you can hit the monsters with the retaliate.

The most useful card is eye for an eye. You have to make sure you have ready your shields before you use this top ability.

A Spare Dagger card is very useful to us and it can damage focus. But the car has only ranger ability at level one, a rare damage- dealing ability is not so good at the lower levels. As the tank,  when you enter the room, then you can’t hit the monster on that turn. Because that is where the ability of Spare Dagger comes in. The card is more powerful in the bottom then the top side.

Gloomhaven Mindthief Guide

In this part I explained the Gloomhaven Mindthief Guide and used the Mindthief Cards and their strategy. In Gloomhaven Guide rules there are 29 mindthief cards available across the entire  deck from level 1 to 9. Augment card is a unique card to the Mindthief. In mind thief there are 8 augments cards. And you have a 10 cards of hand limit.

Empathetic Assault Card has a glorious high damage ability then any other card. In the final room if you have the card it works good for you. You can use this card ability to get in  a hit from the door or create ice for your next turn. If a top loses, the players want to have a decent bottom ability, and the card has it. The top ability is a cracking ability for the last room but the bottom ability of an empathetic mind thief card is highly useful until we reach there.

Fearsome Blade card has 27 initiative and it’s really poor. The card is not enough to guarantee going before monsters. The top ability is overall useful and the bottom ability can save you in the final room. The top ability of the fearsome card is the damage valuable. After damaging a monster in our turn, we should push them out of our range.

Gloomhaven Spellweaver Guide 

The Spellweaver has great ability. This can recover all of the lost cards and even limit the hand of 8 cards. In Gloomhaven there are 27 spellweaver decks across levels one to nine. You get 8 cards in the first level as the same as the spellweaver hand limit. The Spellweaver AoE build is very enjoyable to play. In this card ice and fire are your main friends with this build. Don’t be scared of the time when you use the short rests. You have to be careful to save the loss ability until you revive ether and towards the scenario end. If you find your cards exhausting before allies regularly, then you can take a round rest that the round will expand.

Fire Orbs card is a great foundation card for aoe deck. It’s not a weak one either in level one. It can damage 9 across three monsters. It has two partners at level one they are the Flame Strike and Frost Armor and it’s awesome.

Flame Stike card has a great thing is that it’s not a loss. Flame card is useful it’s damage-dealing ability and you don’t need it to move between in all of your turn. It is not so good ability but it’s non-loss ability is helpful. overall, it’s good for what are we want to build.

Gloomhaven Scoundrel Guide   

This paragraph is a part of Gloomhaven Guide. This is a basic guide of the Scoundrel Guide. The main point of the Gloomhaven Scoundrel guide is to hit a single target in high damage with the poison status effect. Hitting a single monster is really difficult with the small hand limit of the starting classes. The important thing is The Scoundrel cards have synergies with themselves. The Scoundrel card has the ability of hard-hitting ability in a single target. In Gloomhaven there are no good or bad cards. There are better and worse for their different cards build.

The abilities are the Scoundrel Card: high-damage in a single target, The best movement control ability, and the last poison. There are 28 cards in Scoundrel deck, and the hand limit is 9 cards.

Backstab Cards first ability is such as the good indicator how the Scoundrel plays and everything are about the position. The good spot is to use this on a monster that’s next an ally and that will deal an epic 7 damage. That is high damage for a single target. Scoundrel has the high movement ability. Using this ability we can check our best moves. The 6 initiative is very helpful  when we are in the last room.  The 6 movement means when we get in to the final room, if we set the 6 moves ability.

Gloomhaven Cragheart Guide

Gloomhaven Guide means all of the guide line of Gloomhaven. Let’s know about the Gloomhaven Cragheart Guide. Cragheart has a versatile character. This is the reason that I love CragheartThere are so many options they are ranged, melee healing, and some tanking ability in this. The cragheart card’s advantage is that the damage deals directly to the monster. There are 30 ability cards in cragheart from level 1 to level 9. The hand limit is craheart card is 11. That means you can keep 11 cards in your hand at the same time.

The Avalanche car has a melee ability and creates obstacles ability. Cragheart has a unique ability of creating obstacles and it’s the interesting build option in Cragheart.

Backup Ammunition card has an extra target for the ranged damage and dealing action. You can get an advantage by using the backup ammunition card before you use the forceful storm card. So that you can get to deal 3 extra damage to another target.

Crater card is a solid card who targets the monster on the ranged ability. If there is a trap to push the monster into the additional damage. Then the push experience bonus is really awesome. The bottom ability of the card could be great when you want to run away from the monster or you like to damage the monster as much as you can.

Gloomhaven Game Rules

In Gloomhaven Guide the most important part is the Gloomhaven Game Rules. There every player has their individual goals. In this game a group of players playing use the accompanying Scenario Book together a series of adventures. In Gloomhaven , there are many kinds of character ability cards, item cards, Monster ability cards, battle goal cards and also modifier cards.

First you need to set the Scenario. When you set up the scenario, you must be careful that the map tiles, and the monster take place on their own and ready for fight. If you read the information  from the Gloomhaven Rulebook that comes with the game then it would be easy to set for you. The next step is to set up the battle ground, and the battle goals should be dealt for by every player. When the Gloomhaven Gameplay will start the player will decide which items they would like to take from the collection list of the items.

Let’s look How To Play Gloomhaven game. After collecting the items from the list the player must select a number of cards equal to his or her own character’s  hand size. In the starting of the game a player must have set the level 1 ability cards for the character’s class. When a player has become familiar with the classes, then he or she can start the substituting out level 1 cards. And the complex the more cards with the X as the level. Once any player’s character card begins to level up, then the player gets the access to update the higher level cards to add to his or her hand for the cost of pulling other players out to Gloomhaven. After selecting their hand, any effects of a preceding road event or city event can be applied.

Monster can be replaced in the indicated symbol’s upper left for two characters, and the right side for three characters and the bottom for the four characters. That means the monster is not present, but normally the monster is present and the gold cards means an elite and this monster is present. You should place the normal monster in their white bases and elite monsters should be placed on the gold bases only.

The door should be a separation between two rooms. When a character tries to get into a closed door tile and then they should immediately close the door tile. The character movement at all when the door is hindered. Then they act as a wall for the monsters or the characters. But the fingers can not be forced when the door is closed.

About The Gloomhaven Characters

Now let’s a About the Gloomhaven Characters. There we explain about the best Gloomhaven Characters in the  Gloomhaven Guide.  Hare is the Gloomhaven Characters list :

The Brute is a part of a barbaric and race primitive. This character makeup for its looks, intelligence and their size and strength. This is a character who can go to a tank and starts with 10 health. The brute deals a lot of damage and pushes the enemies into the traps.

The Scoundrel is a digital character who is an opportunistic human, who always looks out for number one and makes sure. The character is able to invisible, poison enemies, and at last deal a lot of damage. The Scoundrel starts with 8 health.

The Crag Heart is a favorite player for those who fits well in any party.  The servas are harsh and exclusionary race ability is great. The crag heart is good in both melee and ranged attacks, does area damage.

The Tinkerers is called the master of crafting gadgets, and elixirs. They use these tools to explore or discover ancient. They can be damaged by using potions, items and gadgets. The Tinkerer starts the game with 8 health.

The Spellweavers are able to call down the powerful natural forces that they use as the focused attacks. The Spellweavers are used as the elemental magic to attack the monsters.

Gloomhaven Class Guide

Gloomhaven Class Guide: There are 6  starting classes in Gloomhaven. You can choose a character and start playing. You will play this character for quite a long time.  You will pick a character box  with a cool logo that you like most and then see what character you got. You can read the short description or follow the Gloomhaven Guide choice of a character. Or you can read all of the description and then choose any character.

The Gloomhaven Starting Classes

  • Brute
  • Cragheart
  • Mindthief
  • Scoundrel
  • Spellweaver
  • Tinkerer


Hay Guys in this article I explained about the Gloomhaven Guide and how to paly Gloomhaven. This game is played in a group. Every player can take a character with his power and ability. The player works together  To fight the monsters and They try to get out of the place by helping each other.

Personally I think it’s really a nice game. After reading this you know the rules of the game. The Characters ability and many more.

If You need more update then follow us and share the post. Thank You !

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