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Ghost Runner game review – Hey guys, this is Coimbra, and today I will bring you Ghost Runner analysis, the newest game developed by One More Level with 3d Realms and co-distributed by 505 Games and All In Games.

In it you will be in a futuristic Cyberpunk world where you must be alone, armed with your Katana, make unbelievable jumps and take down a large corporation.

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This analysis was done on the PC using a code provided by 505 games.

Ghost Runner Demo First Impressions

Ghost Runner is now available for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Those who buy the game for the current generation of consoles will receive a free upgrade for Playstation 5 and Xbox Series in 2021.

In fact, all the images you are seeing here are with Ray Tracing and DLSS on.

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Ghost Runner – full cast and Crew

  1. Alec Medlock – Franklin
  2. B.K. Cannon – Zelda
  3. Matthew Ulrich – Mike
  4. Liberty Tamesman – Simon
  5. Ally Marks – Samantha
  6. G. Larry Butler – Coach David Stott

Ghost Runner – game sort details

Developer One More Level Slipgate Ironworks
Publisher 505 Games and All In Games
Platform Microsoft Windows PlayStation 4
Release Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch October 27, 2020 PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S 2021
Genre(s) Action, platform
Mode(s) Single-player


Ghost runner’s story quite follows the pattern of what is expected in a Cyberpunk game. You wake up with no awareness of who you are and know you are being chased. Your only guide is a voice in your head.

That voice is the great architect who was betrayed by his ex-partner Mara and now she dominates the entire city controlling everything from the omnipotent Dharma tower.

Thanks to the resistance, you, a Ghost runner, managed to come back to life and will try once again to save the world together with the great architect.

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The story is interesting and follows a very cool line with the few characters that appear including the great dubbing of the game and a soundtrack that puts you in the environment.

However, as he is more action oriented, what really stands out is the incredible ambience he will witness.

Here we have a metal city lit in the best Cyberpunk style with several contrasts between the lights of this metallic city and the many dark sections.

The setting is impeccable and this is one of the most beautiful games I have ever seen.

As I said above, I tested how Ray tracing is in the game.

Unfortunately it is extremely subtle and makes little difference in the visual aspect.

Even because it is a frantic action game, the little difference it makes ends up disappearing in the midst of jumps, attacks and detours.

I confess that I play video games to have fun and be challenged, but there are limits to the challenge I am looking for.

Ghost runner enters the group of games that he focuses almost completely on the challenge leaving you tired very quickly.

The game is extremely difficult and frustrating in many moments.

Accept challenge

It is important to make it very clear that the game is great, however, if you don’t enjoy a challenge that needs incredible precision every second, you will be frustrated.

Usually in this type of game (and here I use Doom Eternal as an example), it gives you a few seconds to breathe and think of a strategy. Maybe change something in the middle of the attack. Regroup and think.

However, in Ghostrunner you have to follow the ideal line.

Allied to this, enemies have the best accuracy I have ever seen in my life and they will always aim at you correctly.

And if you get a single shot, you will die.

Several times everything seems to be very unfair.

With so many elements to elevate complexity, it will be possible with its evolution to equip some improvement items inspired in the form of tetris.

They will be able to give you a new skill, improve your current skills or improve your perception on the map with enemies and places of interest.

This will also make the challenge a little more palatable.

But the great truth is that no matter how skillful you are, you will die a lot!

But a lot.

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And this rampant action in Ghostrunner is accompanied by a platform challenge of the highest precision.

There are times when you just have to jump between walls, reach new platforms, circumvent environmental dangers, make giant leaps and there are times when you have to reconcile those same challenges with the many enemies hunting you.

Everything I said before applies here.

There is a big challenge in making these jumps, as they often cannot be thought of and you will have to decide the next action in the middle of the rush.

And I say that literally.

However, here it depends much more on the player and his skills than being hit by a bullet from somewhere unknown.

For me this was the part where I had the most fun and it’s really amazing to see your character flowing through the stage like a futuristic ninja.

What can bother you at times is that after suffering a fall and dying, or being hit and dying, you will return to an earlier part that you would like to increase the frustration factor and being a little unfair.

Although Ghostrunner is clearly not a game for me, it is a great game.

Its setting is exceptional and it is one of the most beautiful games I have ever seen.

In fact, it is so beautiful that when you activate Ray Tracing, little difference is seen.

Its gameplay is extremely accurate and when it manages to perform a sector in an impeccable way it is extremely rewarding.

Unfortunately the game is very punitive and there are no openings to stop and think about a strategy or new approach.

In addition to enemies having high accuracy, everything has to be decided and learned in the middle of the action.

Ghostrunner is clearly a game for a specific group that wants to be challenged at every step and here it hits the nail on the head!

But if you are looking for something that does not require your attention and patience, this is not the game for you.


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