Ghost of Tsushima sort and full ultimate review 2020

Introduction Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima is a best action game, this game developed by Sucker Punch Productions for the PlayStation 4. This game is set on the island of Tsushima in Japan and released on July 17, 2020.

I want to also talk about this game story, gameplay, graphics and others.

Ghost of Tsushima review

Ghost of Tsushima games main Hero name Jin Sakai. Jin Sakai always fights with Mongol invasion because Mongol invasion is an Enemy.

Since Jin Sakai is the main hero here, you can’t play with any other character here except him. This is a completely good game. The graphics of these games are much better.

And you know, it’s a samurai style game, and it’s all about Blade Combined. Some of the issues are that even if you are hiding the words, the anime comes suddenly And if you leave out these little issues, you will love these games and have a lot of fun playing them.

The music of these games is very beautiful and the backgrounds around it are very good quality graphics.

As you play, you will hear a lot of sweet music from the background which you will like a lot.

The story of the Ghost of Tsushima game is fictional but you can’t understand by watching or playing it that it is fictional. Playing will make you think that its events are real.

This game shows that he investigated Japan in 1974 and started it on Sushima Island. 

So the basic title of this game is Ghost of Tsushima where the first investigation was done in that village and the war started with Mongol.

The character you will play here is named Jin Sakai and he is a samurai and he has a helper.

When the Mongol came, everyone in the village slowly fought with them but no one could save the village because the Mongol had set fire there. And there was a warrior in that village named Jin Sakai, the man who fought alone with the Mongol.

There is no anime map of this game which means you need a map to find the anime to play this game. But here you have to find the anime yourself without any kind of map.

These games have good stories, points of interest, you can go there and complete your mission. In other words, no matter where you go in this game, you will get something or the other.

Play Style

The biggest thing is how and what is the play style of a game. Whether you like a game or not, you notice the play style of that game. Now if you love samurai style games then these games are for you. And if you don’t like this type of play style game, then that’s your business.

Example: If you are a PUBG player then this Ghost of Tsushima samurai style game will be boring for you.


There are stands to control the games so that you can control the anime from all around And by going to Combat Skill you can unlock your things.

There are many types of anime, such as Blade Men, Samurai and many other types of anime. And to kill this kind of anime you have to use a separate stand.

Sub Weapons

In combat you will find many things to kill your enemy. Which you can use again and again to kill your enemy.

If we talk about anime then here you will find 4 types of anime.

  1. Swordsmen.
  2. Shieldmen.
  3. Spearmen.
  4. Brutes.


Now I will talk about the gameplay. In the gameplay you will find different types of NPCs and foxes which will help you a lot to lead this game.

For example, there are birds here. If you like birds, you can discover who can lead the birds. This will be of great benefit to you.

Hot Spring

Hot springs have been given in these games just to relax you. Where you can relax and spend a lot of time.


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