Genshin Impact Xiangling best Guide and ultimate review 2020

xiangling is one of the premier pyro damage dealing characters for you in gentian Genshin Impact Xiangling today. we’re going to be talking about exactly what it is that you need to understand when gearing this. character, as well as the best ways to utilize her xiangling, excels at being pyro support.

Genshin Impact Xiangling Guide and ultimate review

the character being able to stick on the battlefield. only as long as necessary to throw down her constant pyro damage skills and then swapping out.  

to allow other characters to come in, allowing her to stack up against her elemental skills with someone else’s for a periodic time. doing a tremendous amount of damage in conjunction with these other characters. 

She’s a core member of a lot of teams out there so let’s get right into it for you guys let’s first talk about the things. you need to be focusing on stat-wise when it comes down to artifacts.

Early on you’re focusing on one thing in artifacts.  that’s going to attack percent is exactly what it is that you need early on three star artifacts four-star artifacts before. you hit rank 35 ranks 40 you don’t need to particularly care all that much about what your subsets. Do you just want that percentage?

if you do happen to run across as you’re leveling up something with pyro damage on it that has some attack percent in the sub stat you can use this as well.

now the two set bonuses that you are looking at while leveling up you don’t really.  care all that much for if you get some elemental.  the mastery that is going to be fine in the premier stats. 

that you’re looking for Xiangling as you are leveling up and going into the rank 35 slashes 40.  territory attack percent is an absolute fantastic stat for her elemental mastery is a fantastic stat for her and pyro damage up is a fantastic step. 

Her if you can get a hit chance on their hit damage in addition to the other stuff go for it. But as you are leveling up just focus on attack percent first and then try to get in some extra elemental.

Mastery as well as some extra pyro damage for that accentuation on her flaming combos that you can.  

Do with a lot of the other characters out there. Now the premiere set that you’re looking to farm for her once you hit rank 40 ranks 45 end game stuff is the crimson.

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witch of flames set this is by far her best piece of gear artifact wise to throw on. here it increases your power damage by 15 it also increases the overload. burning damage to her skills by 40.

So if you’re using her in conjunction with an elemental lightning-based character such as Fischl even more damage for you. there and then most importantly increasing the damage bonus of the two-piece set by 50 for 10 seconds.

after you use her elemental skill so this is the set at endgame for Xiangling the skills you are going to have access to with xiangling are going to be your global attack. We know that this is the bear that she puts down fire damage and a cone that sets up a lot of the combinations of stuff that you can do with her in her kit as well.

as other characters kits and her ultimate elemental bursts here.

the pyronado where she throws the tornado around  doing constant damage to everything around you for a set duration now once you can level her up ascension wise you’re going to be able to increase the flame range of your little pet bear.

as well as have the bear drop a 10 attack buff item for 10 seconds once he goes away once you get access to increased constellations for her   this is going to cement.

her as an elemental damage character the first one is crispy outside tender inside. this is going to drop the elemental resistance of enemies to pyro by Genshin Impact Xiangling  15 for six seconds after they’re hit by your pet bear guava.

The next one is gonna be oil meets fire this is going to apply the explosion effect to the end of your combo at the end of Shang ling’s single target normal attack combo dealing are pyro damage as well.

another way for her to apply that fantastic fire element while she’s out there then.  we deep fry to increase the strength of your elemental burst and then lastly. We have a slow bake for the pyronado here which increases the duration by an additional 40 percent.


so it’s going to be out there even longer this makes it easier for her to play that elemental support damage to the role.

where you throw go out you throw pyronado out   and then you are free to swap in another character allowing you to have multiple skills out there doing insane damage while xian ling in the back.  just chilling which is one of the best things about this character. Her fifth constellation is guava mad which increases the level of global.

 then finally we have condensed pyronato  solidifying even a further increase in damage for not only herself but your entire team. so for the duration of pyronado you do 15 pyro bonus damage with all of your character Xiang lings as well.  as maybe you’re running a double fire team with someone like Diluc or maybe you’re a really big amber fan and you like any character.

combination double pyro this benefits your team.  she’s gonna give you 15 bonus damage as well as 15   elemental resistance decrease down on the enemy. so definitely a fantastic character to have maxed out on constellations.

but she works just fine without them now weapon selection one of her best weapons is going to be the dragon’s bane this one is not easily accessed. It is a gacha four-star base weapon. but, it is very strong for her because it has elemental mastery as the sub stat.

which increases your elemental damage by a considerable amount and then it also affects.  

the bane of flame and water which increases your damage against any enemies afflicted by either hydro or pyro by 20 extra damage and conveniently.  she is constantly applying the pyro damage effects to your enemies giving you just that straight up 20 boosts this is the weapon for the elemental focus xiangling however. if you are in an early game and you don’t have all this elemental damage stuff yet.

Or if that’s not how you want to use your xiangling even though that is the best way to utilize her elemental damage swapping her in and out as a support damage dealer.   if you wanted to stick it on the field and be your main damage dealer you could also take a   look at the prototype grudge.

which is a crafted four-star weapon hereafter using an elemental skill that increases normal and charged attack damage by eight percent for 12 seconds. That’s a valuable option there as well as the crescent pike which after picking up an elemental orb or particle.

normal in charge attacks deal an additional 20  attack damage for five percent these are fine.   early game alternatives that you can gain access to from the blacksmith if you so decide. that you want to utilize her as a normal attacker slash charge attacker. it’s not the best way to use her.   but you can go about and utilize her in that way with two other weapons that you could get from different sources: three-star weapons.

you can find available the white tassel simply increases your normal attack damage by 24 percent. if you don’t want to craft a weapon this is a fine alternative for you there and then. We also have the halberd which also has a sub stat percent attack.

on it and increases your normal attack damage by a hefty amount but only once every 10 seconds so this will give you a good bit of burst constant damage every 10 seconds once you have the halberd leveled up a little bit you have.

refined this is damage increase is going to go up even more   but both of these options pale in comparison to what we talked about the dragon’s bane elemental.

mastery pyro damage increases this is just an insane weapon for xian ling xian ling is an amazing character you guys can get your hands on by reaching level 20 entering the abyss and beating stage 3.3 right now.

She’s a fantastic class, an end game pyro damage dealing support character, the amount of combos and changes you can do with this character in the proper team composition is simply amazing.

her with a lightning elemental character and a Nemo elemental character to drop those resists even more with the iridescent venomous scent or even pair her.   with cryo or pyro take your pick you can do a  lot of things with her she works very well with pretty much. every other character in the game  she’s a character well worth your investment in gentian impact, hopefully, this guys. 


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