Gatewalkers REVIEW (alpha) | New Action RPG With Strong Survival

Hello, my name is ABDULLAH and this time I present my review of a survival action RPG game Gatewalkers.

I have played the alpha version and was pleasantly surprised how cool and fresh this game is.

Let me start by saying that Gatewalkers is not a standard action hack and slash game – it has a strong survival element implemented.

And I should say that I’m not a fan of those things, I don’t find it cool that you must drink water all the time.

I find that annoying routine that can be avoided by…

NOT including this in the game.

But alas, here you have to drink and eat all the time.

Just like in real life.

I can hear you getting fatter.


Also, you have to sleep, keep yourself warm by using fire, and do many more survival things in order to keep your tiny character alive.

Gatewalkers in general is a cooperative game where players travel across different worlds in order to save their own.

Here you have to explore procedurally generated worlds, face hostile inhabitants, face various challenges like extreme weather conditions, toxic or unbreathable atmosphere, terrifying darkness, penetrating cold, and your mother-in-law.

Ok, maybe not the latter.

As a Gatewalker, one of the chosen few, you can go through the Gate and explore the worlds that lay on the other side.

If you are in doubt, if this gate concept is a literal rip-off from the Stargate series, then yes.

It’s the same.

In Lithuania, we have a saying for situations like this, “tas pats by bis tik kitoj rankoj”, meaning the same dick, just in a different hand.

Anyway, here you can team up with up to 3 other players and fight monsters, follow the orders given by the Guild, and most importantly, die together from thirst.

Or lack of vodka.

Because I have found zero vodkas in this game.

So far.

As I mentioned before, the world is procedurally generated, so you won’t find the same exact environment twice.

Well, it’s like Diablo’s dungeons, where everything is the same, just the walls and entrances are arranged differently every time you play.

Not that big of a deal, but a nice touch in general.

Also in Gatewalkers, you move by using WASD keys and the mouse is controlling the attacks and direction you are facing.

It really feels more personal that way, because you are actually controlling your character instead of you clicking on the ground and watching how he’s trying to get to that place on his own.

Although this kind of controlling feels a bit clunky.

Especially when your character moves like this all the time.

What is wrong with him?

He seems like he is running on burning coal in slow motion.

Or when you are very drunk, but on the moon.

I don’t think that it is so extremely hard to make characters move a little bit more realistic.

There are plenty of games that are nailing this kind of movement without any problems and here it looks like they took a model from the assets store and just left it like it was.

That is lame, I’m seriously hoping that they’ll fix it, because, geez, your character is the most important thing in the game, why do you leave it like this?

Anyway, here you have a base, much like in Stargate, except this is some ancient castle, where you can go back between the missions and craft various materials.

Crafting is a huge part of the game.

Your hero doesn’t have any stat points you can assign, everything is based on your own items and how powerful they are.

So you spend a lot of time searching for cool materials in dangerous worlds, then go back to your base, melt some copper, make some thread, saw some planks et voila – a new powerful weapon is in your hands.

The interesting thing about that is, that all your combat skills are tied not to you directly, but to your weapon.

If you wield some sledgehammer you will get the ability to bash or smash the ground and stun enemies like that, but if you equip magical staff you instantly become a wizard.

If you think that this is unrealistic, remember Harry Potter.

How much of the power he has without his wand?

Not much, huh?

So, when you equip staff here, you can instantly shoot magic bolts and other magic stuff from it.

The more powerful staff is – the more powerful skills you have.

Also here, instead of mana, your skills get cooldowns and you have to carefully plan all your moves instead of spamming one button and drinking mana potions with the other.

In Gatewalkers everything can be crafted if you have a recipe.

And because the game is about survival, you can craft such stuff like gas masks, antidote potions, warm clothes, capes, light sources of many kinds, and other things that you never craft in any other action RPG game.

For example, you can boil a soup from glowing fungi and when you consume it you start to glow by yourself in the darkness and at night that helps you to keep your sanity intact.

So, as I mentioned, I’m skeptical about all that survival thing. I seldom play survival games, because I just die from hunger or cold and then I just uninstall the game.

I’m too old for that, and also life in Eastern Europe is harsh by itself, I don’t need any more of this in an imaginary world.


You know when I set my foot on an Ice World and started exploring, I finally understood that surviving can be really fun.

I found out that I have to cut trees and collect stones to make a fireplace, otherwise, I would freeze to death, especially if a blizzard comes.

So I started exploring the world and realized that I need many more fireplaces than I can afford.

I started to put fires in strategic places, so I could go back in the case of a blizzard or in a case of slow hitting hypothermia.

And memorizing those places and then getting back to them, was a nice experience overall.

Although even by doing that I managed to die from the cold a few times because the fireplace you make is not eternal, it burns for a limited amount of time, and then it goes off.

It is a desperate feeling when you, trembling with cold, go to your fireplace only to see that it is not burning anymore.

Immediately there is a warning about an upcoming blizzard and you instantly realize that if you don’t make a fire you will quickly die.

And when you die you lose a lot of stuff in your inventory, so usually you will try to avoid dying at all costs.

Desperate attempts to find materials for fire often resulted in my death, so later I learned to make a lot of spare fireplaces and carry them with me, so I could put one down in a case of an emergency.

See, even I can learn new things.

Also, I like the battles with enemies a lot.

Despite the controls being clunky for now, every encounter with a stronger enemy, and majority of them are stronger, is like a tiny fight against miniboss, where you have to avoid his attacks and land precise blows of your own.

Stronger creatures can be hard to take down alone so you have to co-cop with your friends to do that.

Monsters and various beasts are made quite well with original designs not seen in other games.

That is a huge plus from me.

Also, I should mention that this game is not pure fantasy – it is a mix of sci-fi and fantasy genres because here you can explore ancient ruins filled with laser walls, battery cells, teleportation devices, and various guardian robots.

So, despite my being very skeptical about all this survival stuff, I was quite impressed by this game and I can recommend Gatewalkers to anyone who likes a bit harder games and has some friends.

You know that playing with strangers will not be as fun as it can be.

But if you like your hero to be actually a strong demigod that hacks and slashes hordes of enemies like butter, this game is not for you.

And that is OK, there are plenty of other games for you to try.

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