10 best new games like portal 2 in 2021

There is good news for you, those of you who like portal 2 games a lot. Only for them, I will share with you the most popular games like portal 2 here. You know that portal 2 is a kind of puzzle game developed by a company called Valve and this game was released in April 2011 for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

Those of you who have played portal 2 must have You know how fun this game is, a puzzle game. That way we can play games like portal 2 games in your android phone only for those mobile users. 

Note: You can download each of the games mentioned here from the Google Play Store

List of the most popular games like portal 2: 

Rank Games Name Games Icon Games Address 
01 Portal Maze 2 ByDxXCc NUmxee0dZSG0PBoWjoFwtRjqIczT5sEWwkyQ1 View on playstore
02 Portal Puzzle 2 5G8P3HDui9rGF 5MUvc2zr9 4znQJP1 lCjV8AU3RSIz2zEshGbOlnopyMs4 uez4OQrWy0Rg 7w8xPOtc0f79xH8M6XZZBpoeeswvJCC z9ga9F jGNfe0SjD 9bfdT7PNcXRHR View on playstore
03 Portal Man 2 EXqX2Q GgGt0lTr39EgPtXB8i5PYKTZls3iizmoud8nmN9kewNK CEB7jzYlwTe2rr5eZuxWeLMZnc qaNw1MTc0ehFmeVpMbhwWMUa9Retv1CUoahdcIn3UuG9Jmscitrj3dKhD View on playstore
04 Portalize w DZ1EnpNGyC F8WnKlzitHG5YO90nLO1D7MXC 3ban View on playstore
05 Mod Portal Gun 2 vwzj4bJ7WDAfEx2uePUHcS69LwDVokaWMzRpIZbQE7GkjTbgb37IsxZPZULFBOHKmTNm0d MB4xf9RfFbsG 91mtfDOJPALKSJlYNEUvKXWeKzQ6A1qUaPDk fk02Ne3cQ flSy View on playstore
06 Portal Gun Mod View on playstore
07 MechBox 2 25dh2hCIb2PKayjiBmXk0ubQEIXsTm9Pm2w3ctXnNYUjffz7EcCfDTiUGGpIngvVnQ1sC01I81zlqOji View on playstore
08 Portal Poke eSG View on playstore
09 Portal Balls qYBWO5Nykf0XfSU4wZgkd9DdQzgCxShSsHlbQYSZfI7TvlEdVnaqKevhIV3NDa9HvJpB89RFXw5NSwhkJnHWY4xSnABQYw40b2LLwMBmtpTmwyWPh9yaF sy6zTkokfM6VL9swLW View on playstore
10 Portal Quest NxPMntqUQUcjSCUMbZk9WCWV3gz2 BODqF6QeJjISz3efG0UqMHDqLYrFwpyut2UQwqwDIxqiDcD7dUri3tepcuRdIo View on playstore
new games like portal 2

Above I mentioned the alternative games of portal 2 games I know no one has shared these games with you. I am the first to share these games with you.

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Each of the games mentioned here is a high quality rich game that you can understand as soon as you play. I will review every game here nicely. You must read each of our reviews before downloading the games. 

Portal Maze 2

Portal Maze 2 like portal 2
Portal Maze 2 like portal 2

Portal Maze 2 is a kind of jumper game or we can call it a puzzle game. The specialty of this game is that you can shoot according to the missions here and in each mission you get five stars. Then you can reach the next level. These are the best games like portal 2.

Although the game has a rating of 2.8, which means a lot less, I still like this game a lot. Because I feel a lot of fun playing against them. 

The thing I don’t like most about this game is that it needs a little bit of high graphics – I’m pointing to the developer of this game here.

The total number of users in these games is 5,010, much more than new games. And this game is an alternative game to Portal 2. You won’t see graphics like in portal 2 games but each of its features are the same. 

Portal Puzzle 2

Portal Puzzle 2 like portal 2
Portal Puzzle 2 like portal 2

Portal Puzzle 2 is a kind of Portal 2 alternative puzzle game. That’s a lot of fun to play and if I talk about its graphics then this game has been developed with a lot of high quality graphics. I like the game a lot because you get the option to shoot in each of these games. 

In these games you will find two types of cactus such as male and female. You can play with any character. I like all the content of the games very much though there is nothing to say. The only thing that is said is that this game has a rating of 3.0 and a total of 6,095 users.

The rating of Portal Puzzle 2 as a new game and the total user is completely right. If it is a little older then we hope to get a rating of 4.0. And the whole city of playing this game. If you have played the portal 2 game then you can play this game. I would say this game is much easier to play than playing portal 2.

I have given you the download link of this game on the table. You can download the game directly from the Google Play Store if you want. 

Since, this game has been published on Google Play Store, then you understand how good this game can be and how secure it can be.

Portal Man 2

Portal Man 2 like portal 2
Portal Man 2 like portal 2

Portal Man 2 is a game like Portal 2, where puzzles are formed by a character. You can play this game if you want because I like this game very much. The graphics of these games are very high quality and each of its features is similar to Portal 2. 

It’s very easy to get it in your Google Play Store. You can download this game directly from Google Play Store if you want. The game has a rating of 2.8 stars on the Google Play Store and has a total of only 203 users. Although this game has very few total users and very low ratings, many may feel that the game is not so good.

But I love playing this game myself, every feature of the game is very interesting. In this game you can fight with each other. And you can use your rifle as a weapon. This is an interesting and nice game that you can play by downloading the game from Google Play Store.

Since there are twenty platforms in the Google Play Store, you can understand that you can download a very good security game from there. If you read our article carefully, you will get a very good idea about each review. 


Portalize like portal 2
Portalize like portal 2

This game like portal 2 and each of its features have been used like portal 2. I really like the game. Funny graphics are as high quality as playing games. All in all, I like it completely. 

This is a kind of portalize puzzle game where you have to fill every puzzle of your game in the right way. If you can solve all these puzzles properly, it will take you to the next level. I like the whole unit of the game because each feature of this game is completely different from other games. 

If you want to play this game you can download it directly from Google Play Store. I have given the link table of these games above with the car you can download from there. 

The Google Play Store rating of this game is 3.8 and its total user’s 41813 people.

By looking at the ratings and users in these games, you can understand how popular this game has become in the new situation. The only reason this game is so popular is that the puzzles of this game are much better than the high quality graphics and other games.

That’s why I like Portalize games a lot.

Mod Portal Gun 2

Mod Portal Gun 2 like portal 2
Mod Portal Gun 2 like portal 2

Mod Portal Gun 2 The game is similar to the Portal Gun game, only the differences between the villages can be seen. However, it is good news for mobile users that Mod Portal Gun 2 game like Portal 2 game is available in Google Play Store and this game is completely new.

I like the way this game is done. The graphics were so good. Each of its features was very interesting. The Google Play Store is 3.1 much better and has a total of 1,295 users.

Your son will be able to download it directly from the Google Play Store for free. No money will be deducted from you for this. 

Portal Gun Mod

Portal Gun Mod like portal 2
Portal Gun Mod like portal 2

Portal Gun Mod is a very good game, I like every feature of this game very much, I hope you will like it a lot. This game is brand new though all of the users were organic. I like the game a lot because the graphics were so good.

If we talk about the features of this game then you can safely download and play the game. Because the features of these games were very good. And you will get everything like portal 2 game.

The game has a Google Play Store rating of 2.8 and has a total of 192 users.

Note: Above games like portal 2 all game reviews are mentioned. There were some more reviews that we didn’t mention because all the games are the same. And we’ve got the best game reviews here. You can see reviews of those games if you want. 


I hope you enjoy portal 2 alternative games. If you like it, you can share this game with your dear friends and with your family. 

Please let me know in the comments which games you like best. In addition, if you want to get updates on our new articles, you can follow our brand Twitter account.

 Thank you so much for reading this article.

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