FRAG – News latest best version 1.7.2

Hey, there and welcome back to another FRAG News last update 1.7.2. If you haven’t seen our latest teaser, well, prepare yourselves, because we’re about to share some really, really, REALLY exciting stuff!

Today, Frag is starting a brand-new chapter and I’ll tell you all about it, but first check if you’re subscribed to our online games and games review website  and follow our twitter account to be notified when we post.

FRAG News Latest Version img
FRAG News Latest Version img

If you did watch our teaser or if you were on Discord and saw the leak, then you know that someone extra special is joining the Arena.

Everyone, let’s finally welcome the one who takes the whole world by storm… even literally!

Introducing the one, the only, the powerful.


Ark-On is more than just a character. His presence in Frag changes everything. Being the most advanced AI in the entire universe, he was strong enough to emancipate himself from his masters.

He is stronger than anyone we have seen before and he wants to prove it.

Ark-On’s power goes beyond what we imagine. He’s not just a strong character.

When he joined the Freig Arena, he forged what we call “Freig power” so that others could stand against him.

Yep, that’s right, Ark-On is changing how the game works. These Frag Powers are special perks that differ from character to character and you will be able to unlock in chests.

As an example, if you play with Jay B, then unlocking the Frag Power on him will increase his damage by 10%, and if you play Cyber Girl, then you’ll get 10% more HP, and so on.

FRAG News Latest Version
FRAG News Latest Version

There are a lot of these out there, and they will only be available for high level cards, but go to patch-notes to read all the details.

Now… it wouldn’t be a new Frag era without adding an exciting new mode to the mix!

Payload is an incredibly cool mode that has carts on both sides, and you gotta defend, and gotta attack, so it brings a lot of complexity to the game, because Now there is much more to take into account.

Your job in this mode, besides killing opponents, is to make sure your cart stays alive and not allow the opponent’s cart to reach your base, because then you’ll lose.

These carts regenerate health and their speed varies depending on their health, so yeah, this is gonna be fun and I cannot wait to finally play it with you all!

So there you have it, Update 1.7.2 is a true game-changer from all points of view and we’re super happy to finally be able to share all this.

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