Best Guide: Fortnite Skin Changer Free Chapter 2

What happens to the fortnite player? I wish you well. You know how to change your fortnite skin. No problem today I am nishat with you in this article. Now here I am explaining about fortnite skin changer step by step.

First you need to know about how many seasons in fortnite games. Now you need to know how it works per season. I am telling now a fortnite in total 12 seasons. You have no idea about all seasons so no problem i am explaining step by step.

Fortnite Skin Changer Free Chapter 2 

First of all you need a file for your fortnite skin changer. I will share here this file download address and now right you entered here and download this file.  

You must discord the gaming account, you have not a discord account other ways you can not download this file.

Editor recommended: register your new discord account and verify your gaming discord account, before you can download the upper file. Which I do now sharing with you my fortnite skin changer file.

You have not a time for this progress so you can bookmark my article with your  browser after changing your default fortnite skin.

Else If you have time so you can continue reading this article.

No. 1 step: Download the fortnite skin swapper this file which file i am providing you already.

No. 2 step: Then you need to open your download folder and find this file, and open it.

No. 3 step: Recommended is check this file virus and run it anyway. 

No. 4 step: If this file opens without any issue then You can see their project plato login/ free login option. 

No. 5 step: You have already paid for the Fortnite game so you can simply click the login button. Other ways you have not a fortnite paid version game then you can click the free login button. 

No. 6 step: Filup your user name and password or login now. After login you can see there your Fortnite skin profile. Now follow our step again!

No. 7 step: Are you seeing the section below in the settings option? So click “Setting” and check your Path config. And check also paid info for your persess information. 

No. 8 step: Now back and click on Pickaxes and you can see there a small icon, so click the icon. This icon clicks to open a browser tab which provides you the pickaxes information. Like below this type!

No. 9 step: Now you can see in the upper picture “OG Default”, so copy this text and back to Pickaxes and type there “convert” like you can see i will provide in the picture below. 


First of all type there “convert” and then press the keyboard enter key. And seccound past there your copy text “OG Default” and press enter.

Now alright, so next you need to type “Yes” and enter for access like.

Finally we are done. Now you can close this software and other ways you take it minimize. As you wish. So let’s get more steps!

No. 10 step: Open your Fortnite game if you are a paid user so these tricks working only for you. So now get selected pickaxes and you can see all the Fortnite skin available for you. Now you can change your Fortnite skin easily.

This tricks working for pc / xbox PS4 any IOS or Android device minded. 

FAQ – About The Fortnite Game

Can you get banned for using a skin changer in fortnite?

This policy depends on your fortnite skin changed. you can use common and default skin on your game. because there are 5 types of outfits in Fortnite skin. you do use anyone by default. other skins like K/DA skin or the star guardian then most likely not. 

Most people asked questions there who used fortnite skin changer with mode hack. I personally do not recommend it, but this is based on you.

How do you get skin changer in fortnite?

you can get a skin changer in fortnite esely but it’s based on you. if you want your change of fortnite skin so you can do it. so follow our upper steps. I wish you success in it. 

but the editor recommended if you get default skin it is better for you.


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