Fortnite Game Chat Not Working Xbox One 2024

We give you the best guide here for how to fix Fortnite game chat not working on Xbox and everything. Are you know Fortnite is the most popular survival game in the battle royale. 

This game developed and published by Epic Games. Anyway if you face this game chat not working, so this article only for you. Because we are fully explaining here about this problem fixing. I will give you the best solution and information. 

Are you know Fortnite game chat is very important for communication with your squad. This is why the Fortnite game chat system is so important for team gameplay. 

If you can’t hear game chat Fortnite Xbox? So let’s read this article step by step.

Fortnite Mic Not Working Ps4

We have a solution to this problem (mic not working). You can easily solve this problem and we will give you a complete idea. First of all you have to see our list given below because here is the solution to all your problems.

Proper Device Selection  Select the correct device
Registry Changes Due To Updates  Change the registries if needed
Wrong Controller Settings   Change the mode

If you do not understand the details from the table above. So below are some more steps that you can use or try to solve this problem.

  • Check Your Headset
  • Check Your Drivers

How you can check your headset

If you want to fix your voice chat problem, you need to check your headset first. This is because your headset may have a microdevice problem. Make sure the connection to your headset is correct, except that if your headset is damaged, you can change the headset.

Otherwise, you can check your microphone with your earphones. 

How you can check your Drivers

If the driver in your games is out of date then it is your failure as you need to check your driver regularly. This means that if you update your driver regularly, you can avoid such problems and deal with such problems.

First, you need to go to Sound Settings, and there you need to check if your earphone or handset is OK. Except if all of that is fine then you need to install and update your drivers anew. Then you will get rid of the problem of Fortnite voice chat not working.

Game Chat Not Working Fortnite Xbox

We face the fortnite voice chat not working ps4 problem in 2020. But, I solved this problem for Xbox myself And I hope it will work until 2021. Because I watched a lot of videos on YouTube, but they never helped me. In the end, I do the research myself and then fix the problem and then I am going to tell you about this in the article. And here’s a step-by-step guide on how to solve this chat not working fortnite Xbox problem.

Step 1: First you go to Fortnite Voice Settings and there you turn your voice off and on again.

Step 2: then you can see their voice chat method in the open mic option. Please check it. Or now back you Fortnite game home screen.  

Step 3: now go to parties and chat setting and select there start a party option which you can see now. And now select your party profile and check it or go back to the Fortnite play screen.

Step 4: Now go to controller option setting and in your right hand you can see now audio settings. Click the audio setting or check out the voice chat off option. You can see it there.

Step 5: now leave this game and open the Fortnite game again, then you can see in the audio setting in the voice chat option is on. This great. Now there will be no problem in voice chat. Now you can communicate with your player very easily.

Note: finally we solve this fortnite voice chat problem. Now you can play this game without any problems. I hope you follow all of the above instructions. Then you can get rid of this problem.

Chat Not Working Xbox One

When you connect the included chat cable to the Xbox port, you can see the headset icon at the very bottom of the watch. Now you press the Xbox Guide button, then if you see a mic with a slash through it, it means your Xbox has a headset attached but, can’t detect it.

If Fortnite game chat doesn’t work even after the following everything above. Then you need to reboot the Fortnite game from the game console.

Now how to reboot your Fortnite game console? Let’s see.!

First press the guide button and scroll there or you can see below the restart console. Click the restart console button to reboot your game.

Another way you can try different headsets like a 3.5mm port on the controller. And if you need support about this problem, so you can get Xbox full support.


Why is my Xbox game chat not working?

Answer:  To find out why your Xbox game chat isn’t working, you first need to check your audio settings. And there you have to make sure that your audio settings already have voice chat on. If voice chat is not on, you need to turn it on.

Why is my fortnite game chat not working?

Answer:  Your Fortnite mic setting may cause problems which is why it doesn’t work. Otherwise, your game chat will not work if the microphone of your headset does not work. So you have to make sure everything is connected.

How do I fix game chat on fortnite?

Answer:  Here’s a complete guide on how to fix your game chat problems. So I urge you to read our article thoroughly and take action accordingly. I have given you here a complete guide specifically on how to fix your game chat problem. So I urge you to read our article thoroughly and take action accordingly.


I hope you can easily chat fortnite game. If that doesn’t work, be sure to let me know in the comments. I will try a lot to write an article on this topic later. If you want to get more articles on this topic then you can definitely follow our twitter account. Because when we publish an article here, we first go to the Twitter account.

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