8 Different Fortnite Default Skin With Black 2024

What’s up Fortnite fans? My name’s Luke TheNotable, and in this blog.

we’re going to be talking about why Fortnite default skin is legendary. If you have ever played Fortnite, you have definitely seen this skin. It’s the default one. It’s goofy, it’s stylish, and it might just be the greatest skin of all time.

OK, maybe we won’t go that far, but it is a pretty good skin, despite some of the things you might read on the internet. In this article, I’ll be going over a ton of different fun facts about the default skin.

There’s more than you might know. And maybe I might be able to change your heart about our little default friend. So stand up, clear the area, and default dance until people ask you what’s wrong? We’re going to be talking about why Fortnite’s default skin is legendary.

Why Fortnite Default Skin Is Legendary

I guess first we should go over what the default skin actually is. Fortnite Battle Royale is a free-to-play game. Anyone can play it on multiple platforms. And the first customizable skin that you get is the default one. The default skin is actually multiple different skins.

It’s not just one. If you select the default skin and then go into a match of Fortnite Battle Royale, you will get a random different skin each time. There are eight different default characters, four male and four female.

There currently isn’t a way to choose which default skin you’d like to play as. It’s all random. This is an image created by a fan for a possible interface for choosing default skins.

But again, we can’t. Default skins are generally worn by free-to-play players in Fortnite. And yeah, they’re not known to be the best players. So if you see a default skin, it probably means it’s going to be a pretty easy kill.

Which I Have Never Played

The Save the World version of the game which I have never played, I swear– actually gives the names of the default skins. Hey, look at that!

Fortnite lore! The eight names are Hawk, Banshee, Wildcat, Jonesy, Spitfire, Ramirez, Headhunter, and Renegade.

Black Default Skin

We have a list of the default black skin, that we were posting too later. If you want you can go to our Fortnite category and read all the posts and with it you can find the black skin you like.

fortnite black default skin names

We have now 4 type Fortnite black skin names. We have given you the sort list. Please check it below:

  1. Spitfire.
  2. Renegade.
  3. Hawk.
  4. Jonesy.

8 Different Fortnite Default Skin Names

  1. Hawk.
  2. Banshee.
  3. Wildcat.
  4. Jonesy.
  5. Spitfire.
  6. Ramirez.
  7. Headhunter.
  8. and last, Renegade.

I think I like Jonesy the best. Now, these names are only in the Save the World version of Fortnite, not in the Battle Royale.

So maybe they aren’t technically the names of the default characters, but hey, a man can dream about that juicy lore.

All right, everyone, we’re going default hunting! I’m going to show you how to find some of these guys.

One Of The Most Common Places – You’ll Find A Default Is Tilted Towers

We have him. Can’t get past this guy. One of the most common places you’ll find a default is Tilted Towers. Don’t ask me why, but a ton of defaults go here.

Now, what you’re seeing here is a more advanced default. You can tell by the backpack that this default has a little bit of skill. He’s played before. That is a free-to-play backpack, though, so this guy isn’t an imposter.


He’s true free-to-play. I messed around with him for a while, and eventually, he killed me. Now, when I say this guy’s free-to-play, I just mean that he hasn’t spent any money on the game for customizable options. Fortnite has tons of different customizable options.

You can change your harvesting tool, your back bling, and, yeah, your skin. And some of these customizable options are available to free-to-play players. But there has never been a free-to-play skin. The cheapest and least rare skins in Fortnite cost about 800 V-Bucks. Now, if you went to buy those V-Bucks with your mom’s credit card, it would only be a couple bucks. She probably wouldn’t even notice. But if you’re a free-to-play player, getting V-Bucks is far more difficult. The only way to get V-Bucks in free-to-play is through the battle pass.

Every season, free-to-play players will get 200 V-Bucks Provided that they do a little bit of grinding.

The only problem is the season lasts three months, so that’s 200 V-Bucks every three months. So if you wanted to buy this cheap-o 800 V-Bucks skin that probably no one in the world would ever want and you were a free-to-play player, it would take you over one year to get the V-Bucks.

To get my battle shroud, it would take you over two years to save up 2,000 V-Bucks in order to buy it. What I’m trying to get at here is if you’re playing Fortnite as a free-to-play player, it’s going to be very difficult for you to get a skin and other customizable options though, Fortnite Battle Royale is pretty nice to the free-to-play players in the game.

If you were to complete every single daily challenge and every single weekly challenge in the battle pass– even as a free-to-play playeryou would unlock everything available.

For Season 5, the highest item available to free-to-play players is this weird shark thing. I don’t know.

But again, there has never been a free-to-play skin, which means most free-to-play players wear the default skin. But if you buy the battle pass for just 1,000 V-Bucks, you get a ton of skins. It’s a really good deal. All right, check this out. It’s near the end of Season 5 at least at the time that I’m writing this article.

If you bought the battle pass, it would cost you 1,000 V-Bucks, or about $10. If you were able to grind all the way to level 100, you would get a ton of awesome skins, including Ragnarok. But you would also make back 1,500 V-Bucks.

So just from grinding through the battle pass, you actually make back 50% more V-Bucks than you paid in. It’s like free money! Quit your jobs, guys. Fortnite is the way to go.

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I wanted to find out how rare the default skin actually is and how many people use a default skin in any random match, but counting defaults is not as easy as it may seem.

For these games, I dropped directly into Tilted Towers to make sure that I wouldn’t last long. And in game number one, yeah, that’s exactly what happened.

Once I was dead, I could go into the replay mode and count every default that jumped off the bus. Fun fact– you actually spawn out the front of the bus, not the back. You can set the speed pretty low, which makes it very easy to count any defaults that spawn out the front of the bus. And if you’re wondering why I didn’t count defaults on the respawn island, it’s because not all 100 players will load into this island before a match, so counting these defaults would give me bad numbers.

From my data on Xbox One, about 18% of players on average have the default skin in any given match. Interestingly, when I counted defaults on PC, I got quite a bit more on average.

Default Hunting

On PC, in my solo matches, I averaged 28% defaults compared to 18% on the Xbox. It’s not a huge increase, but it is an increase. So I guess if you are going to go default hunting, PC might be the better option. Now, if you’ve ever played Switch Fortnite, you’ll know that there’s quite a lot of defaults mostly because it’s the newest platform to receive Fortnite.

It’s still free-to-play, though. I’m pretty good at Switch Fortnite. I originally learned on the Xbox One, and it’s pretty much the same controls on the Switch Though going back to 30 fps is pretty sucky.

I wasn’t able to count defaults in the Switch version of Fortnite, mostly because there wasn’t a replay function. I guess the Switch just can’t run it. The best I could do was count them as they dropped out of the bus in the live game, and that just wasn’t going to happen. It’s too fast.

There is quite a lot of pride for the default skin out there, and for good reason. Being a true default means that you’re free-to-play and you haven’t spent any money on the game, and I think there is something a little noble about that. Sure, the skins out of the battle pass are awesome, and they’re still pretty cheap, and you make money from it! But it still costs $10 to buy into, and that’s not free.

Other Skins And Just Play Fortnite As A Default

So I can see why players wouldn’t want to go for the battle pass or other skins and just play Fortnite as a default. There’s also a lot of people coming into Fortnite every day. Those people aren’t going to buy a ton of skins right off the bat, right? They’re going to stay as defaults, probably for a while. Most of the time, people playing Fortnite are going to wait until they win a game to buy a customizable skin you know, to commemorate it.

It’s hard to win a game of Fortnite, so when you do, you’re going to buy a skin, right? Maybe?

I don’t know. That’s what I did. And this, in here, lies my argument about defaults. They’re bad.

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They’re “noobs.” They cannot play the game. If you see a default skin, it is an easy kill one trillion percent of the time. Obviously not every default is bad. There are defaults out there that could destroy me, you, everybody. My uncle Rodrigo. He plays as a default sometimes.

He’s pretty good. But yeah, most of them? Most of them are terrible. $10 gets you 12 skins, as well as a ton of pickaxes and other stuff. It’s crazy how good the battle pass is.

I’m not even schilling. If you care anything about Fortnite, you’re probably pretty good.

The Ragnarok Skin Or The John Wick Skin

If you’re good, what better way to show it to the world than earning the Ragnarok skin or the John Wick skin or Omega?

If you’re good at Fortnite, most likely you’re probably going to invest in a skin. And yeah, there probably are people out there that main the default skin and are very good at it.

More power to them! But most of those defaults are true defaults, which means they ain’t good. Good sir, you know not all default skins are “noobs.” Most are “anti pay to win” or don’t have money.

They could also be pros in disguise although highly unlikely. Well, thanks Lyssa Twiss. I enjoyed your comment. I’m going to give you a Subscribe. All right, now it’s time for some top-tier default strategies.

If you are a new player, you may suffer from sucking a ton! Well, papa Luke TheNotable’s going to show you some pretty good strategies.

Drop it every single game. It’s pretty easy. It’s actually right in the middle of the Fortnite map, between Tilted Towers and Dusty Divot. You’re going to want to drop to this little shack on top of the mountain.

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Always make sure to take care of this tree right next to it. There’s almost always a little bit of loot here. You want to pick up whatever’s there and build a stairway up to the top. Then knock out the floor above. There might also be loot up here. It looks like I just got some wood or something. Then you’re going to want to build a floor under you and sit in the corner. Defaults have weak little hearts, so this sort of game play’s good for them.

This is a good strategy because from the outside, this shack looks pretty much looted. There’s nothing in there. There’s no reason for anyone to come after you. That’s why I like the elevated shack. You can give it that look of being looted.

I might even be able to just put some extra stuff here, too, just to make it look like there was just some fighting or something. I don’t know. You’ll also want to notice the storm.

Most of the time, that means you’re going to get inside the first and sometimes even second circle. While everyone else is killing each other, you are safe. This strategy’s so simple that even a default could figure it out. I see him through the cracks. There he is. He’s not going to come near us. He’s probably just going to use our ramps. Oh, please don’t check. Oh, no. Oh, I don’t have much! I don’t have much at all. 17th place ain’t bad. I’ll take it. For sitting in a shack, I’ll take it. Look at that XP, too! Not bad! Say what you will about the default skin.

I really like it. I think if you’re going to have a skin that all new players are going to start out with, the default skin in Fortnite is one of the best skins for it. Rather than being some boring skin that never changes, you get 8 skins with the default one. They’re always random.

They change all the time. Now, I’m not going to wear the default skin, because I have tons of other skins and customizables that I like to put on. But I could see exactly why someone would take pride in this skin. If you’re a true default out there, then wear the default skin with pride. And if you’re not a true default, well, make them think you are. Then kill them.

Final Verdict

You can use some psychological warfare with the default skin, and sometimes people don’t fight you as hard, and that’s when you kill them. And to anyone offended by any of the default jokes that I’ve made over the last couple Fortnite articles that I’ve created.

Thank you so much for reading this article. You need more of this type of article so you can follow our Twitter account for more new black Fortnite default updates.

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