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Hello, Dirt 5 driving games lover. Today I am Nishat explain here these games some gammers problem like For example, dirt 5 system requirements, release date, gameplay, download system, price, platforms. Etc!

dirt 5 system requirements

  1. Processor – Intel Core i3 2130 / AMD FX 4300.
  2. Memory – 8 GB RAM.
  3. Graphics – NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD RX 480 [DirectX12 Graphics Card].

dirt 5 release date

Dirt 5 is set to release on Friday – November 6 for PC on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

dirt 5 price

The standard version costs Rs 4,000. 3,999 / US in India for PlayStation Store and Rs 59.99 / Xbox users in India 3,799 / US in India. 59.99. Steam, the title is available in rupees.

1,299 in India / US. The 59.99 Amplified version costs Rs 3,000 for PlayStation 7,493 in India / US. 79.99 and Rs. 4,899 / US in India for Xbox. 79.99. PC gamers can get the amplified version for Rs 2,000. 1,699 in India / Steam US $ 79.99.

dirt 5 gameplay

In addition to the career, the Dart 5 gamer can choose from four more players for a number of other modes, such as arcade, time trial, online multiplayer, and local co-op-split-screen.

Dart 5 also brings playgrounds mode that allows gamers to design, create, edit and run in custom akhina. Each single creation will bring you a global leaderboard to see how well you rent with global gamers. Speaking of car classes, the Dart 5 goes all out with 13 different division vehicles, each with its own style of play and challenges. You can choose to go for a vintage racing experience with classes like Classic Rally, 60s and 90s Rally.

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Or if you’re looking for an instant adrenaline rush, you can choose classes by sprint, super lights, Formula Off Road or crazy big wheels like our favorite, rock bouncer and even crazier suspension.

Dirt 5 – driving games review explanation 

Dirt 5 – is a naked and raw arcade, colorful and over the top like few other driving games, perfect for spending many hours  behind the wheel without too many thoughts. 

The main mode is the career, all focused on the repetition of challenges, drifts and ramming. The progression exploits the trick of a sort of podcast-comedy to tell the races, which take place in the classic way and are unlocked on a tree of successive connections.

Dirt 5 Driving Games Review Explanation
Dirt 5 Driving Games Review Explanation

At the end of each branch, you arrive at a kind of final challenge, obtainable only after having achieved certain objectives. The competitions are divided into different categories, while the choice of a sponsor guarantees extra money and points, necessary to unlock liveries and textures for the cars, or some parts to customize the character card. Each sponsor guarantees different customizations, so as to push to change it from time to time to improve its level.

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In parallel to the career there are one-on-one challenges that can be unlocked to achieve hidden objectives, which allow you to face the strongest drivers in the game. All events can be completed in about ten hours.

Dirt 5’s arcade mode is simple but fun, and is divided into two types of races: in timed challenges you can decide the duration of the competition, while in single races the laps to be completed. The tracks are all those of the career mode, and before departure you can set the time and weather conditions. Finally, Playgrounds is a sort of fully customizable mode editor, which allows you to create checkpoint races, trick challenges or point competitions.

After choosing the arena, you have various types of obstacles, arrows, platforms and objects to use. The creations can be saved and uploaded to the server, or used at home with friends.

Dirt 5 | Official Announce Trailer

Once on the track it is impossible not to fall in love with Dirt 5’s arcade driving model. Every single curve, every single extra kilo and every single puddle will make the experience so varied and fun that it will push you to try all the tracks with every possible car. , to test its characteristics and find the most suitable one for each circuit. There are a total of 12 car categories to choose from, with cars belonging to the biggest car brands, from Ford to Aston Martin, via Fiat and Peugeot.

In addition to the classic rally cars, there are also other types, such as super light trucks, heavy trucks and pickups. The damage is only aesthetic, while the artificial intelligence does its job, trying in every way to hinder the player and also the other opponents.

Dirt 5 Driving Games Highly Compressed For Free 2020
Dirt 5 Driving Games Highly Compressed For Free 2020

The technical and artistic sector of Dirt 5 is designed to amaze. Some tracks and certain side effects leave you speechless, so much so as to sometimes distract from the actual race. Many details to note: particles, reflections of light on cars, water and ice; sudden snowstorms that limit the view and night fireworks. The dynamic change of time and weather, then, increases the realism and makes everything even more spectacular. The feeling of very good speed thanks to the usual side blur effect, well dosed and used only when really needed. The fluidity is excellent, while the soundtrack boasts truly engaging punk pieces.

Unfortunately, the remains are out of the test online mode, not yet available at the time of the test: the servers will open on November 6, when the game will be released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The next-gen version will be available at the release of Xbox Series X and PS5, while the Stadia version will arrive in 2021.

Dirt 5 is a very successful synthesis of arcade rally games. Fun, colorful and fast, it will remain for a long time in the hearts of enthusiasts, thanks to a driving model satisfying and well-balanced. 

dirt 5 download

You can download and play these games from dirt 5 games developer official website.


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