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Hello, gamers I am Nishat, you may have understood by looking at the title we will talk or guide you to a cheap gaming pc under $300 to get an idea of ​​how to get a PC.

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How is that? Let’s not know. The author of our website explains how to make a very good quality PC and it is very necessary for our visitors at a very low price because most of our visitors are gamers.

So today’s article will tell you about how to make a gaming PC at a low price for only 300 dollars. Here are some of the parts you can use to easily make a great gaming PC by posting 300 300.

The problems we have to face on a readymade PC.

  • After playing a little game, the PC gets hot.
  • Gaming PC’s cooler fan doesn’t work.
  • The PC hangs.
  • Suddenly it recedes and never turns on.

Those of us who play games on PC must face this kind of problem. Isn’t that so?

So by creating a gaming PC at a low cost we can play games beautifully without facing these problems. 

We will give you a step-by-step idea here so you will try to read this article very carefully because you can’t make a good PC for $300 by sending an SMS.

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So if you want to make a gaming PC for g 300 cheap gaming pc under 300 then you have to read the article very carefully and know all the parts well and have a very good idea about the lesson. So that you get every performance very well while playing your game.

So let’s see how we can build a gaming PC for only 300$.

How To Build A Cheap Gaming Pc Under $300

We who want to make a gaming PC, when we search Google to find out the price of each part, we get very frustrated. Because the price of each part is much higher. So we think it’s never possible to build a gaming PC for less than 700 dollars.

In fact, this idea is wrong.

Why I said wrong, why don’t you know that there are very good parts available in Compress to make a gaming PC. 

Basically, the aspects that we need to take good care of to make a gaming PC are:

  • CPU
  • Motherboard
  • Memory
  • Storage
  • Case
  • Power Supply

Above are the names of each of the parts that are required to make a PC. You have to have a very good idea about these before we discuss the price of these parts. Of course to give you these ideas and at a very low price i.e. cheap gaming pc under $300 dollars we will give you a good idea about how to make a gaming PC using these purses.

So let’s figure out a total of these parts!

CPU, Motherboard, Memory, Storage, Case, Power Supply Total Price For Gaming Pc Build

Parts NameModelPrice
CPUAMD Ryzen 3 2200G$78
MotherboardASRock B450M-HDV$60
MemoryOLOy 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-2400$50
StorageADATA SU635 240 GB 2.5″ SSD$25
CaseCougar MX330$44
Power SupplyEVGA BR 450 W 80+ Bronze$40
Total Price$297

figure out a total parts price

I have mentioned above the parts that are needed to make a gaming pc are at a low price, the ones that are good, the best quality, the ones that are mentioned in the price. And a total of it has been calculated. You can understand by looking at the table.

So let’s give a little shortcut analysis of all these parts.

CPU – AMD Ryzen 3 2200G

  • Brand: AMD
  • CPU Manufacturer: AMD
  • CPU Model: Ryzen 3 2200G
  • Processor Speed: 3.7 GHz
  • Processor Socket: Socket AM4

We have chosen a Raizen 2200G CPU because it is easily a great performer in everyday tasks. Sporting 4 true cores, a 3.7 GHz boost clock, a small but powerful IGPU (integrated GPU), very small power consumption footprint and an unlocked clock multiplier (if you somehow need extra performance boost), 2200G all with pleasure Will you throw it. The great advantage of this CPU is in IGPU which is just good enough for any gaming or rendering you want to do.

Motherboard – ASRock B450M-HDV

  • Brand: ASRock
  • Processor Socket: Socket AM4
  • RAM Memory Size: DDR4
  • Chipset Type: AMD Promontory B450
  • Series: B450M-HDV R4.0Rise

Upper 2200G CPU Another good advantage is that it works much better on cheap motherboard By; So you don’t have to shell out a lot for this. As a bonus, if you ever want to upgrade your CPU in the future, a B450 motherboard makes it easy because it has forward-compatibility with any AM4 CPU on the market! We recommend the ASRock B450M-HDV, a great priced B450 motherboard for the 2200G, but feel free to get one that is similar to this build because they are basically no different. Try to stay away from the A320 motherboard though.

Memory – OLOy 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-2400

  • DDR4 2x8GB UDIMM, total 16 GB
  • Frequency: 2400 MHz
  • 17-17-17-39 1.2V UDIMM
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Compatible with Intel and AMD

Although 8 GB will work well enough here, DDR4 RAM has great availability for a cheap prices. A single stick of 8GB will limit the performance of the 2200G CPU (due to the effect of single-channel memory) and 2 sticks of 4GB (dual channel) will limit you to upgrade in the future. Find yourself a $ 50- $ 60 2x8GB (16GB) DDR4 4 RAM kit and enjoy your PC never losing memory. It is very easy to get a $300 price point for a full cheap gaming PC without buying even 16GB RAM for any office PC in 2019.

Storage – ADATA SU 635 240 GB 2.5 “SSD

  • Compatible Devices: Desktop
  • Brand: ADATA
  • Digital Storage Capacity: 240 GB
  • Hardware Interface: SATA 6.0 Gb / s
  • Type of product: 2.5 inches

An SSD is mandatory on a modern PC. Features -8 times faster read and write speeds and lately, the price of this small storage device is always bargaining. The list above has a 240 GB, Adata SU 635 but if you think you need more on your PC then for a few extra dollars Get 480/500 GB and call in a day. Adding an HDD along with SSD is also an option, if you have to save a lot of data like files/pictures/movies then installing on your operating system and your most-used SSD.

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MX 330 Mid-Tower case of Comes at a very good price for; A strong side panel, PSU shroud, and multiple cable handling options. For the price and design, this case is tough to beat and easily makes it to this list.

Power Supply – EVGA BR 450 W 80+ Bronze

  • Series: 100-BR-0450-K1
  • Brand: EVGA
  • Connector-type: 24_pin_atx, Floppy, Sata
  • Output Wattage: 450 Watts
  • Type of product: ATX

EVGA BR 450W is an average quality 80+ bronze power supply that also includes 2 2 6 + 2 PCI connectors if you plan to pair a PC with a GPU in the future; Nothing special here but the quality and value is good.

a cheap gaming PC under $300 For those of you who are going to build a gaming PC, we have described above in a very beautiful way. Costs.

 If you want to know more about this, please let us know. We will read your comment in a very nice way and reply to your comment. We hope you will reply to our comment after seeing that reply. 

People Also Ask On Google About Cheap Gaming PC Under $300

What is the cheapest PC for gaming?

In fact, Google is under a lot of pressure to find out if the least expensive PC can be made. If we say that below 300 300, that is, under the suggestion we have given you, you can’t make a good PC for your gaming, that’s why 300 300 is best for you. cheap gaming PC under $300 If you make this gaming PC, you will have a very good performance ready for you to play games in this PC or do other editing work with this PC.

How much does a basic gaming PC cost?

The 300 300 we showed you the PCT will give you a very good performance after making the PC that you never expected and you can make it at the lowest cost. And if you want to make less than that, then we can’t say or hope that you can get better performance than this, so we have given you what is good for you. 

How can I build a 300 dollar computer?

If the budget for making your gaming PC is within 300 then you can make APCT as per our suggestion as you can get great performance on this PC. We have calculated that the total cost of this PC is a little less than 300 300. You can make this PC from any PC builder.

Why are gaming PCs so expensive?

In fact, gaming PCs are very expensive because those who make and build gaming PCs include a lot of custom things in them. Because on the PC you want to make, you have to play a lot of heavy games that have the ability to hack a computer, which is why you have to spend a lot of money to make a PC.

 If you are interested in playing games then my suggestion is to make a gaming PC at a very cheap price i.e. cheap gaming pc under $300 and it will be very good for you and at low price you can make it and play the game nicely. You can. 


must let us know your opinion in the comment box and if you feel any problem with this little one, you can let us know by commenting and we will solve your problem. We want every gamer to be able to play his favorite game on his computer very well which is why we have given you the guideline to make a gaming PC at a very low price. 

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