All Cat Pokemon Complete List Updates Of 2024

I hope today’s article will be a lot of fun for you. Because here I will mention a complete list of everything about the different types of all cat pokemon features and its colors or more then… 

There are also answers to some of the questions that you will find here.

As of 2019, there are four generations of pokemon and each of its features has no resemblance to one another. Each of them has its own characteristics and skills.

If you are interested in learning about Cats then this article will help you. 

So let’s know the characteristics of the cat:

  1. A cat is a carnivorous mammal.
  2. They have many sharp teeth and more than four sharp toenails.
  3. They have ears to hear and eyes to see.
  4. They have whispered.
  5. They have five toes on the front foot and four toes on the back foot.
  6. A cat’s nose extends slightly beyond its lower jaw.

We will complete the description of some cats in the form of the above features below. And here is a list of cat pokemon names for your favorite.

Cat Pokemon Names

I know you have a lot of passion for your cat. So for your favorite cat names given below are as follows:


above mentioned favorite names you can give your cat by choosing any beautiful name from here for your favorite love cat if you want. I know there are more beautiful names than this but I like them the most. 

Of course, you should give your cat a name that will affect his behavior and its characteristics.

I can give you some ideas of pokemon depending on the characteristics of the cat. So if you do not try to read our article in full, you will not understand completely.

I’ll explain the whole thing here, starting with the color of a cat and featuring the cat’s name.

Purple Cat Pokemon

The pokemon purple is very beautiful to look at. These cats are so cute that many people like them. You can call them by any name you want.

Cats of this color are so cute that you have to give them a beautiful name. 

purple cat pokemon names

Are you looking for a purple pokemon cat name? If you like the names of the following steps to select


purple color cats are primarily RAK fiction such as Pokemon.

purple cat pokemon evolution

This type of Pokemon has green eyes and a long tapered violet mark on it. It has a black nose which is very attractive and bright in nature.

This type of cat is very beautiful but a little angry.

It has cream-colored markings between the abdomen and the back tail. And the eyes become oval. The tip of its tail is curved. Which does not apply to all cats.

This cat can walk standing on two legs front and back which is one of the interesting aspects.

Pink Cat Pokemon

This Pokemon is the Pokemon of Final Generation 3. It has a slightly pink appearance which is why it is called pink pokemon. This cat is small but much bigger than its head, which makes it look very cute and looks very beautiful. 

What is the pink cat pokemon?

Cats that are light pink in color and have a much larger head than the body are called pink pokemon. 

cute pink cat pokemon

Below is a picture of some cute pink cat,

Fire Cat Pokemon

This kind of cat is a sea of ​​fire, how much fun because this kind of cat is very angry. Fire cats are then erect and have a large tail. This type of cat’s song stands all the time and its nails are very sharp. The eyes are red and blue and their appearance is very strong. 

Last but not least, the headline made you read this article. Because this type of cat owner prefers to give security to their home. Although I should have talked about this cat earlier, I have already talked about a better type of cat, which is why I put it at number three.

Black Cat Pokemon

usually a little scary to see black cats. Because its eyes are yellow and red and its whole body is covered in black. Such cats look ugly in the dark. And its additions look a lot scarier in the dark of night. 

What is the black cat pokemon?

Cats that are black and have black eyes and terrible eyes are usually called black pokemon.

black cat pokemon evolution

If we think about the evolution of these cats, we can see that most of these cats are completely black and white. Its eyes are yellow and red or completely white. Although these cats cannot be seen completely in the dark of night, you can understand where this cat is. The tail of such cats is curved and straight but the head is much larger. 

black cat pokemon name

Here is a list of some black pokemon names if you like the names. Then you can take it for the cat of your choice.


the above mentioned pokemon name, names of a lot of fun if you want this kind of cat, you can call your choice. Although these names are made by me. If you like our idea, you can choose any name for your favorite cat.

White Cat Pokemon

white cats are very beautiful, you can see that all these cats are very cute and cute. Cats that are just plain but not cats can be white and black. And there are different breeds of cats. 

The white cat’s eyeballs are yellow or blue in color that is very interesting. The characteristics of a cat are different but we have mentioned some of the above characteristics which is why we have to write the characteristics of this cat according to those characteristics. 

We will highlight the characteristics of different breeds of cats in our article but it is step-by-step. 

Psychic Cat Pokemon

The newest Japanese psychic type of Pokemon was introduced in the sixth generation and evolved starting at 25 levels from Asper. It is a fictional Pokemon whose appearance differs drastically between the sexes and both sexes have two tails. Their ears are folded. There is a short collar on the neck and a long fur above the head.

Let’s take a look at some cat breeds based on the above characteristics. Which will help you a lot in the Pokemon series. So you need to know all this.

Complete List Of All Cat From Pokemon 

I will give you the list of complete cats taken from pokemon and its description below. Here I will talk about the breeds and characteristics of a total of 29 cats. 

1. Meowth

First of all, we are writing here about Meowth, because you know Meowth is the most popular pokemon cat.  Did you know that this cat has many characteristics? like as below:

  1. Four whiskers.
  2. Big eyes and ears.
  3. Paws.
  4. Retractable claws.

That’s great,  we talk now that there is a big cat in the pokemon. I’m really sorry. I was just kidding, there are bigger cats that we’ll see later. Meowth is a lot of fun walking standing with two legs. Like other cats, this cat is very clever and very good at sports. Meowth is a normal type cat. This cat is based on [Maneki Neko].

2. Perrserker

Are you know who is Perrserker? I am explaining here, Perrserker is the opposite pole of Alan Percy who is thrilled by the steel-hard fur and is a bad cat. It has two horns which are very dangerous. 

3. Galarian Meowth

You know, Meowth goes where people go. Just as they live, Meowth cats adapt to their new environment. They especially prefer to live with people on the beach. Galarian Meowth cats tend to be much rougher and more resistant than common breeds. Galarian Meowth This species of cat is said to be a mixture of tabby cats and Vikings.

4. Persian

Persian is an evolutionary form of Meowth derived from feline pokemon. It has some more elegant forms and as a symbol of luxury, this cat is very popular among the rich, just like in real life. It has some features:

  1. The Persian has a fickle personality.
  2. Scratches needlessly with his sharp nails.
  3. This cat is known for tearing up anything unnecessarily.

5. Alolan Meowth

Alolan Meowth is a rare breed of cat, as he grew up in the royal family which is why he is so rare. He is very selfish and very arrogant. When for some reason Basat kicked him out of the palace, he started living in a forest.

This cat has large fur on both cheeks and its skin color is gray. Its tail is very large and this cat can walk on two legs. Its eyes are light white and its eyebrows are curved like a circle. These cats have ears and they can hear everything clearly. Its head is much bigger than its body.

6. Alolan Persian

Alolan Persian is a body similar to Persian. In a word, the Alolan Persian cat is exactly like the Persian cat. Only the color of its fur is different, that is, its color is gray that’s mean it is gray pokemon. It has a round face and a blue gem on its forehead which gives a full royal look.

It looks like a tiger and has long fur on both cheeks. Its eyes are long and its eyebrows are parallel. Its nose and mouth are like those of a tiger. It is very intelligent and he can think in a very complex way.

7. Espeon

Espeon This cat is a little different, which you can see in the picture. Espeon is a combination of different animals such as:

  1. Rabbits.
  2. Dogs. 
  3. Foxes. 
  4. Cat.

This cat has long ears and long fur on both cheeks.

Which is very strange to see. Its eyes are blue and long. Its head is much smaller than its body. It is close to the nose and mouth and has a red gem on its forehead which is very nice to look at.

Its hind legs are like those of a rabbit and its tail is as long as that of a fox. It resembles an espionage cat.

8. Raikou

Raikou is another pokemon that does not look like a normal cat. It is the originator of three generations and one of the three legendary creatures. It has tiger-like stripes on its body and its legs look like those of a tiger.

Its head is oval in shape and it has two long teeth that protrude from both sides of the mouth.

Raikou’s eyes are like people but yellow. The hair on this cat’s head is very long and curly. It has a shell-like shell on its head and a lot of fur on its mouth. Which is very real to see.

9. Skitty

Skitty is a feline Generation 3 Pokemon with a pink look and this cat is very cute to look at.

Its legs are short and the funniest thing is that this cat can walk on two legs. This cat can talk. Its face is round. It has a pink crest on its head which is very nice to look at. Its tail is huge with which this cat threatens its enemies and occasionally escapes.

This cat likes to chase others by showing fear of its tail. Skitty possesses a lot of cleverness and intelligence.

10. Delcatty

Delcatty is a developed form of Skitty. This type of cat is very beautiful to look at. Delcatty cats have many auspicious signs.

Its face and eyes look like aliens. Although its face is round, its cheeks are two wide. They like to enjoy their life at their own pace and they like to enjoy a sleep in different places. These Pokemon are purple in color.

The easiest way to recognize them is with their crested tails and ears.

11. Zangoose

Zangoose is another 3rd generation pokemon. Zangoose is not a cat-like pokemon ordinary cats, this cat is a combination of a cat called mongoose.

It has two ears as long as a cow and its eyes are pink which makes it easy to recognize Zangoose. It has a red nose and the front legs have two half red covers. Its tail is very thick and has a lot of furs.

Its body color is a combination of gray and red. This cat is very angry and this cat can run very fast. One ear is red and the other is gray.

12. Sneasal

As we have said above about Zangoose, we should also say something about Sneasal. Right?

So we included Sneasal in our list. Sneasal is a type of cat that you can see if you notice that there is a mixture in its tail.

This cat is known as a very naughty hunter and he is very good at stealing neem from Anna’s house.

13. Absol

Absol cats are especially known for their tails and horns. If any danger comes from the front he confronts it with his horns and with the rear tail he confronts the danger behind him. She has red eyes and a stingy face.

Its entire body is white and its face has a beard with a lot of furs. On its head is decorated with a black-blue oval which is very interesting to see. Its four legs are decorated with three sharp claws which are covered in black and blue. If Absol uses the handheld item Absol, it develops as a Mega Absol.

14. Shinx

The Shinx is the fourth generation of Pokemon that looks like a baby lion. Its evolution is different from all other cats. Its eyes are yellow and its nose is small red.

Its two ears are very beautiful. Inside its ears, they have a yellowish shape. There is some very nice fur under the two ears which looks very cute.

It has light hair-like fur on its head which is very nice to look at. This cat is very clever and has a lot of intelligence.

You will get a smile when you see its funny expression and it is a very funny cat. The front half of its body is light blue and the back is black.

15. Luxio

Luxio is developed at level 15, did you know that? This keeps the cat’s body color blue and black. It has a lot of fur on its body and Luxio likes to stay in small groups.

Do you know how they communicate with each other? They are mainly able to communicate with each other through electrical pulses.

The middle part of their body is covered in blue color and a gold ring is fastened on their front legs. It makes them feel royal. They have yellow eyes like normal cats and have sharp teeth on both sides of their mouths.

16. Luxray

When it is finally converted from Luxio to Luxray, it reaches level 30. If Shinx is a baby lion here, then Luxray is an adult lion.

Most of its body is covered in black fur and some of it is covered in blue fur. Its eyes are red and yellow.

These cats tend to be very cunning and violent.

The special feature of Luxray is that its vision is very sharp and it uses it as X-ray vision for hunting.

17. Glameow

Glameow cats look a lot like domestic cats. Its body color is gray and its upper part of the ear is white. It has white fur on the end of its tail which is known as a spiral tail.

Glameow’s mood is calm. Its eye color is blue and yellow. The cat’s eyelids and inner ear are pink. Its page is long and curved. It has two fur on each cheek.

Its nails are white and it has 2 short and long sharp teeth in its mouth. 

18. Purugly

When Glameow evolved into Purugly, it took on a much larger spherical shape. Which looks pretty awful. When Purugly possesses an elephant-like appearance he is not afraid to attack anyone.

Then its power increases and many become angry. Its body color is gray and white. Its mouth is round but its ears spread like the wings of two birds.

Its body looks as thick as a hippopotamus but this cat is much smaller in size than a hippopotamus.

19. Purrloin


Purrloin is a purple feline generation evee Pokemon. Like Meowth, this cat can walk with two hind legs. Its body is covered with purple fur.

Its face and some parts are covered with brown fur. Its eyes are green and its eyebrows are pink. Its tail is much longer purple. It has some purple fur on both cheeks.

Their people have a naughty habit of stealing from it and when caught they look at innocence which is very cute to look at.

20. Liepard

When you go to level 20, it develops from Purllion to Liepard. After that Liepard is seen as a tiger.

When he grows up, his behavior changes, and he is seen roaring like a tiger. Due to its silent nature, it is comparable to many wild cats like cheetah and leopard.

Its body color is purple and some parts are converted from brown to golden.

21. Litleo

Litleo is another Pokemon of the Lion family. According to the meeting, Litleo is curious and prefers sports. They always like to play with their siblings and do mischief with them.

The most interesting thing is that when they become adults, they prefer to keep themselves and make themselves proud.

They look very cute and have a red chicken-like vaccine on their head. Their noses are like those of a beautiful bear which looks very beautiful.

Their body color is black and some parts are brown. Their tails are much smaller in size.

22. Pyroar

Pyroar is an evolutionary form of Litleo that you can see at level 35. The most surprising thing is that they can breathe in fires up to 6,000 degrees Celsius.

It is very easy to separate males and females from their species. Male men are stuck in all directions and they bear resemblance to Japanese symbols for fire.

Then when the female males stretch behind their bodies. The color of their fur is red and yellow. Their eyes are blue.

23. Espurr

Espurr is the first psychic type of pokemon to be introduced in the 6th generation. It looks so cute and the presence of this little adorable creature will not let you be deceived.

This cat can stand on two legs and walk. Its entire fur is gray in color.

Espurr pokemon’s eyes are purple which is very exciting. The smiles of these little creatures look so cute and this cat loves to play. Espurr tends to be a little naughty and saintly.

24. Meowstic

When you go to level 25, you can see the developed version of Espurr to Meowstic. Its presence can be significantly differentiated depending on whether it is male or female.

The body hair of males is black and blue and the feathers of females are completely white and in some places are black and blue.

They have large ears and a large amount of fur on their tails.

25. Litten

In the beginning, you will get a three-star Litten fire pokemon cat in the 7th generation. Which is very calm in the beginning but gradually changes its nature as it ages.

They are easily recognizable, with red stripes on their foreheads and red fur on both cheeks. Litten is an emotionless cat and they like to be alone in solitude.

Their interesting attack is that the air saves the fur inside the stomach and it releases the next fireball.

26. Torracat

Torracat has been developed from Litten to level 17. Which makes many look angry and violent. It has a yellow bell on its neck.

Its eyes are yellow and it has two long teeth protruding from its mouth. Its attack is much stronger than its toes. Its skin color is red and black.

It has striped tails and legs, just like a tiger.

27. Incineroar

You know what The final form of that Litten is Incineroar. It doesn’t look like a cat because it looks and looks like a monster. They can stand on two legs and they are very violent.

Its skin color is red and black stripes are cut. They do a lot of damage. They tend to be selfish and reckless. They are the first to rush to attack in battle.

28. Solgaleo

Solgaleo is a legendary Pokemon of the steel type. Solgaleo is the opposite of all the Pokemon I mentioned here. These are cosmos and forms of cosmos are not cats.

They are considered to be one of the most powerful Pokemon. Because they are directly related to the sun. They can create ultra wormholes to go into ultra space.

Known as Solgaleo Ultra Breast. Because these are 11 extroverted animals. The color of their body fur is completely white and in some places, it is black and yellow.

Their faces are terrifying and their faces are round like the sun.

29. Zeraora

Zeraora is a kind of electric pokemon. Other is in Mythical Pokemon,

  • Mew.
  • Celebi.
  • Jirachi.
  • Deoxys.
  • Darkrai.

The above pokemon is included. They always live in hot cities. They are very angry and their body color is golden and brown. Their eyes are gray and they are very strong.


What Pokemon are cats?

List of my best Favorite Pokémon bellow,

  • Persian
  • Alolan Persian
  • Alolan Meowth
  • Zeraora
  • Glaceon
  • Leafeon
  • Liepard
  • Purrloin
  • Espeon, Purugly, and Glameow
  • Jolteon
  • Umbreon
  • Delcatty
  • Skitty
  • Flareon

What Pokemon is a purple cat?

Basically, Purrloin is a primarily purple feline pokemon.


We are included here in the current list of cats from Pokemon. Right?

well done and we are continuing to update this article with the pokemon lists. So now let me know who your favorite Pokemon is in the comment section.

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