Breath of The Wild 2 | game | What NEW Items Does Need?

One of the most controversial aspects of Breath of The Wild is the open world, oh already been covered a bunch.

Okay. is the Dungeons, oh that too.

The story, oh.

The music, covered, oh come on.

Alright let’s give this one more shot.

One of the most controversial aspects of Breath of The Wild is the items.


Oh well, these are my own thoughts and ideas.

The items in Breath of The Wild were very different from the norm but I’m sure you all know that, what I want to discuss is not how they will be done in the sequel but what does the Sequel need in terms of items.

Items to improve the experience of the game, tools to add to Link’s arsenal and equipment to traverse the land.

Oh and just in case it isn’t already clear, these picks are strictly my own opinion and I am not trying to suggest they will appear in the sequel, they are items I would like to see appear.

Be sure to go grab yourself a snack or drink and show me your tongue tantsizling snacks on social media and let’s now discuss what items the sequel to Breath of The Wild needs in my humble opinion.

Kicking off our list is a Grappling Hook.

This is something we have seen before in the series in both The Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass.

Often overshadowed by the more iconic hookshot and clawshot but one that could prove very useful.

Funny enough the hookshot was actually planned to in Breath of The Wild but according to the developers it wasn’t quite working as it sorta broke the game due how much of a focus there is on climbing and exploring.

However a grappling hook could be more practical.

The sequel is likely going to have both underground exploration and new areas to explore as playing within the same Hyrule wouldn’t feel new at all.

We get a small look at the underworld in the trailer and it looks to be full of ravines, drops and dangerous terrain.

I think this could open up the opportunity to bring in a grappling hook to traverse through these deep dark caves.

My idea reminds me a lot of Dragon Roost Island in the Wind Waker and how it was utinzled in that Dungeon but it wouldn’t be limited to just caverns.

In the potential new areas of the game such as beyond Hyrule the land could also be very dangerous and unpredictable, creating the need for a grappling hook to hook onto stuff such as trees, cliffs and whatever comes Links way.

It was also pair really well with the paraglider.

Link could be sailing through the sky beside a cliff and notice a small ledge, maybe he flew past it but thankfully he has his trust grappling hook to swing up and climb onto the ledge with.

I think this would be a very useful and practical item if reintroduced in the sequel.

A simple but joyful item.

The fishing rod is something that has appeared a few times across the series with it’s best apprentice in my opinion being in Twilight Princess where it was given the opportunity to be a proper rod and reel fishing rod which to an actual angler in real life such as myself meant a lot.

This would obviously be a secondary item, something that is not mandatory or necessary at all for the game but one that would add a little something.

I don’t need to explain how a fishing rod would work but I’d like to see a bit of depth to the mechanic.

It would obviously have casting the line into the water, either using bait and waiting for a fish to bait or using lures where you would cast in and reel in an attempt to attach a fish.

There should also be a ton of options in terms of lures, baits, rod types and so.

This would take us from bombing and shocking the rivers across Hyrule to civilly fishing them out.

It’s pushing it but I’d also love to see another Fishing Hole pop up and have someone running it who is either a descendant of Hena and the Fishing Hole Guy from Ocarina of Time or at least references them as they did in Twilight Princess.

Now for a very useful item, Diving Gear.

I’m sure if you are one of the long time Zelda fans and played Breath of The Wild you can agree that the game really missed out on a huge opportunity with underwater exploration, something that has been done extremely well in the past.

Most notable in Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask and Twilight Princess with emphasis on how Twilight Princess did it.

Looking at Breath of The Wilds world not only is it the largest Zelda game but also the one with the most water.

Rivers, lakes, ponds and of course the sea, the game has tons of water and we do that the developers added life to them as we can see life below the waves with fish, vegetation, coral reefs and other stuff like snails.

If at some point in the sequel Link was to acquire an item or even piece of gear similar to a scuba setup, perhaps it could be powered by Sheikah Tech as we know the Sheikah were developing a ton of stuff during their advancements seen in Breath of The Wild, or we could see the return of the Zora Tunic.

However it’s done I think it would offer a ton of exploratiblty and content to the game, just imagine diving around the shores of Lurelin and coming across a sunken ship or a mini dungeon and getting to explore them or something more relaxed like treasure hunting down a river.

Regardless of how it is done I’d love to see some underwater exploration in the sequel.

Along With all of that it could also open up space for a dungeon found deep below the waves or even beneath Lake Hylia, a callback to Ocarina of Times controversial Water Temple anyone?

Now for a more debatable one, Spirit/Energy Hand Abilities.

This comes from the mysterious glowing hand we saw in the reveal trailer for the sequel.

A lot of fans have jumped to the conclusion that this hand could be a pathway to some new items.

Using some unused concept art from Breath of The Wild as a strong piece of evidence for why and how this hand could be used.

It’s not a garntute to happen in my opinion as whilst unused concept art is often reused in the series that doesn’t mean every piece of unused work is reused.

Regardless, if it happens I feel it should be in a subtle way.

Similar to how the Sheikah Slate was done but with less of an emphasis.

Perhaps the hand could be more combat focused opposed to the Sheikah Slates focus on puzzles and traversal.

Going off the previously mentioned concept art we could see the arm used for a bomb canon, whip and all sorts of blades.

The possibilities are endless but personally if this is to happen I’d like to see it have combat focus as along with my other points Breath of The Wilds combat was to some degree rather basic compared to past games that featured in depth combat mechanics.

Oh hey, the one on the thumbnail.

Rain Gloves.

This is something that I’m sure a lot of Breath of The Wild players can understand.

The first game had rain, a lot of it.

Well more just inconvenient rain at times.

Breath has a huge focus on exploring the world which involves a lot of climbing but whenever it rains climbing is extremely difficult which is understandable but there was no armour to combat this.

The closest thing to it would be the climbing gear but all that actually did is speed up your climb which resulted in just slipping in the rain quicker, rather than actually getting past the rain quicker.

This was very frustrating when climbing large mountains or buildings as you could be half way through your climb and suddenly it starts raining, unless you have full stamina and pre cooked stamina boosting meals there is very very little chance you’re going to make.

I understand though, that is realistic but what’s also realistic is gear to combat the elements.

This is why I think that the sequel could greatly benefit from some climbing gloves, or even a full gear set.

A glove and boots combo could work really well.

Just imagine a Breath of The Wild world but with gloves and boots to combat the gosh darn rain.

Arguably this could be one of the biggest and most important items depending on how big an emphasis the sequel has on adventuring and traversal.

If it’s anything like the first game then rain gloves and boots would be an absolute priority item for Link.

Now for a different kind of item.

Crafting Tools and no I don’t mean like minecraft crafting.

I mean this in terms of crafting and repairing the Kingdom of Hyrule.

We know it is currently destroyed due to the attack of Calamity Ganon 100 years ago and the land will need some work done to restore at least some of its former glory.

I believe Link himself could play a huge role in this, obviously not as the main quest of the game but perhaps a sidequest or multiple sidequests where Link goes from location to location to help rebuild settlements.

It would be similar to how the Tarrey Town Side Quest was done but with a lot more depth.

The usage of having your own tools would offer customization options.

The style, colours, features and so much more all in your control.

This would also make every player’s experience all the more unique as you can rebuild settlements and design them in your own unique way.

This item could be acquired from simply a craftsman such as Bolson or Hudson, giving Link tools to build and craft.

I don’t think the tools even need to be specific or anything, even just a little tool belt or something to allow Link to craft and build would work.

Using these tools along with gathering materials could create a really awesome and new system to the series.

It’s definitely a bit of a bold shout but if done right one that would work extremely well.

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What items do you think the Breath of The Wild Sequel needs to introduce?

Agree with any of mine and or have your thoughts, leave a comment below and let’s get a discussion going.

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