How to fix among us loading screen Problem [100% working]

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As we know, “among us” is a lot of fun to play and the game is much better. But lately, we are not able to play this game well. Among us the screen loading starts while opening the game but “among us” is not played, now your focus is – How do you fix a stuck loading screen Among Us and How can you get unstuck Among Us without screen loading problem. Right? It’s a 100% working method

So, for that keep reading our article.

Why can’t you play online Among Us?

Due to some updates and some reasons you can not play the game online among us. There may also be a server problem in your area or this game may be banned. However, you can still play this game. The full details of how to play among us and what problems to solve before the game are given below.  

Why is Among Us not loading?

There are many reasons for loading your device screen. But we have the best solution for fixing the stop loading screen. How fixd it? First we need to know some reasons for loading your among us screen!

  1.  You have not updated the new version of among us.
  2.  Maybe a server ip problem.
  3.  Firewall and Antivirus issue.
  4.  Integrity game file problem.
  5.  Device permission issue.
  6.  Android emulator not updated.

Due to any one of the reasons mentioned above, your among us game is not opening. I will explain the solution of the above reasons below, so if necessary you have to read the entire article.

How to fix among us loading screen

Fixd among us loading screen: among us a funny game and if there are some errors in that funny game then the interest in playing the game is over. In order to solve this problem, some of the exact reasons mentioned above have been mentioned which we have to solve. E.g. updated version of among us, IP server problem, Firewall and Antivirus problem, Integrity file problem, Device permission issue, Android emulator not updated. The solution of those reasons has been given here step by step. Which you just have to follow.

1. Updated the new version of among us  

First of all, check if the new version update of your game is coming to google play store. If new version update comes, then update the game and reinstall.

Because, for this reason you may have  among us loading screen problem.

How to update and reinstall among us game, the steps are mentioned below: 

  1. First go to your google play store app, 
  2. Then you can see the search bar there for search. Now you need to search there “among us” game.
  3. After searching, you can see there among us game, 
  4. Now click this game. And check this game updated version. If you can see there “update” button so, click update.
  5. Then finish your reinstall among us game.

2. Among us IP Server problem

May be due to some problems with servers in your area or country among us loading forever. This problem can be solved very easily. For this you need to use any good VPN, just to change the IP of your device. 

Note: Due to the problem of IP Server among us the game is not loading. So, it is very important to use VPN to change your IP temporarily.   

How to use VPN for among us IP servers changing?

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to use VPN for among us game:

image 8
  1. First go to your google play store.
  2. Then search for the Tomato VPN.
  3. After searching, if you get Tomato VPN apps, then install this.
  4. after installing the tomato vpn app. Now select any country server then connect VPN.

Note: “Tomato VPN” is free, it’s not a paid vpn.        

3. Firewall and Antivirus issue

If playing among us on a PC takes more screen loading time to play the game among us, in that case continue the previous methods, you have to disable the active firewall and antivirus setting on your PC. Follow the procedure given below,

  1. First you need to press the Windows key + I.
  2. Then find the Update & Security setting and click it.
  3. After clicking Update & Security setting – open Windows Security, then click to open Firewall and Network Protection.
  4. Then open the Public profile.
  5. After that you can see Microsoft Defender Firewall. Click yes to proceed if prompted by UAC.
  6. Then restart your windows.

Before restarting your computer, make sure that the antivirus is temporarily turned off from your system after disabling the firewall. If not, you need to remove it from your PC system. 

4. Integrity game file problem

Among us not loading problem integrity game files may be the main reason. Because, while updating the game, sometimes some files of the game may be lost. As a result, when your system does not find the necessary files from your windows system while running the game, then you have to face this problem. 

Note: Steam has a special feature that verifies your game data and replaces any defective files.

Now, how to fix the Integrity game file and remove your among us loading screen? The procedure is given below. Turn on Steam on your PC.

  1. Then open the Library tab.
  2. After opening the Library tab, then right click on Among Us and select Properties or click it.
  3. Open the Local Files tab in the Properties window.
  4. Click the Verify integrity of game files button.
  5. Wait for Steam to verify and resolve / fix any issues with the game files.
  6. Relaunch Steam and check if Among Us launches without any issues.
  7. Relaunch the steam and check if it is among us game running without any problems.
  8. If you see the same problem, please restart your pc to update the system. 

5. Device permission issue

If you want to play any game, device permission is required. That could be your location, gallery, phone data, personal data, etc permission. If you accidentally avoid these permissions while running your game, in that case you will have to take the game loading, but will not open.   

Well, in the same way this factor also affects “among us” game. As a result, among us stuck on loading screen, but you can’t play this game, because this game will not run without your device permission

This permission problem you can do in all cases Mobile android or IOS and PC. Below is the procedure:

Permission Issue solve for PC:

  1. First right click on the “amongus.exe” file from the desktop shortcut or installation folder.
  2. Then click on Properties.
  3. Now, In the Properties window, open the Compatibility window.
  4. After, in the Settings section, check Run this program as an administrator box.
  5. Click Apply and then click OK to save the changes.
  6. Relaunch Steam and open Among Us to see if that helps you resolve the issue.
  7. Now, restart your pc.

Permission Issue solve for PC:

  1. First refresh your phone browsing data.
  2. Then tap on among us for 1 second.
  3. After tabbing you can see there remove, uninstall, edit, app info.
  4. Now, click on app info.
  5. Then you get the permissions setting. Click for permission.
  6. Now, allow your device permission. 

Now you can run the game among us. Hopefully this problem will be solved if among us game loading screen shows.

6. Android emulator not updated

If you’re among us, play Android emulator on your PC, play through any software and in that case also if you have the same problem. What to do then? Here is the solution. 

First, update the Android emulator software to the new version, then, allow the above mentioned device permission. If that doesn’t work, change your IP to a free VPN. I hope you understand the solution and have been able to solve it.


I hope you can solve this, with which I hope that among us airship update will not have to face stuck on loading screen problem. This is because I have guided you before by finding the solution of the problem among us black screen. In this case too, I guided you by finding the solution of the problem of Among Us loading screen Android, PC, IOS.    

Written by Nishat.    

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