Horizon Zero Dawn | game | for PC ultimate review 2020

Hey! Have you seen all the zero dawn shit going on? Let me tell you about it: Horizon zero dawn is a ps4 exclusive game from the far darkness of 2017.

The game was received well at the time getting extremely high

scores and it’s finally here on pc there but

should you get it? The premise of horizon zero dawn

is in a post-apocalyptic future robotic animals roam the earth and tribal remnants of humankind

are having trouble surviving. You as the protagonist can both help them survive and uncover the truth behind those mechanical cuddlies.

You get to play your character as a child in the tutorial

which is quickly becoming one of my least favorite

tropes and then as a young adult in the actual game.

The story as told is definitely not this game’s strong point –

once you get over shooting arrows at mechanical dinosaurs,

you realize the world doesn’t have anything

interesting going on. It’s mostly empty like most of its open world brethren.

Graphics department is where the game has won over its audience for sure.

It does look pretty good and if you’ve got the gaming rig to showcase it to its full extent

it will look even better. It’s bugs galore right now with the game randomly crashing

and optimization is problematic at best along with some graphical options outright malfunctioning if that’s the reason you’re getting it and don’t mind waiting a bit. I would recommend waiting for the first patches.

playing has been extremely difficult for me with almost

every session ending with a crash. It will

probably get fixed within the week but the current

outlook is admittedly grim.

For a game that is so highly reviewed I found the gameplay to be somewhat lacking.

So you’re in a hostile environment with mechanical enemies constantly bearing down on you

the weather is freezing and night’s closing in

You’ve been awake for the last 36 hours and you can see some robots in the distance

looking for your tracks it looks pretty grim right?

Well not really because you don’t feel the cold

unless some robot shoots you with a frostbolt,

you don’t hunger, the creatures don’t care about your tracks they’re just in the way to your next objective and night is only a problem because you don’t get to have a torch. While I understand not going for a full-on survival content

all these combine to make you feel like you don’t belong.

…Also this. Ledge jumping seriously who enjoys this?

Who among you –  The combat is heavily borrowed from the monster hunter series Different

sorts of creatures have different weak points that you can exploit and your trusty digital thingy magic you found as a kid in the tutorial shows you everything there’s to know anytime. I can’t really bash too much on combat because you get to have slow mo in combat and slow mo just makes everything fun.

You also have a combat roll that grants an

absolute load of invulnerability frames so there you go, we all like dark souls what an excellent game. The problem here being

both monster hunter world and dark souls which were on pc

before horizon word salad has much more detailed and way more entertaining

combat systems in place. Just going around purchasing the most recent bow and upgrading it to shoot at some animals just gets

boring after a while. I can’t tell what animal they are anyways without my thingimabob. Also

i gotta add some weak points don’t make sense

the horns of a reindeer type animal called

lancehorn has its horns

as a weak point. The horns it uses for combat, know for hitting enemies.

Aren’t they supposed to be the least weak, eh

whatever oh you can tame and drive mechanical animals i knew there was something genuinely fun in there.

Music is obscenely minimalistic it sometimes pops in skyrim style while you’re merely on your way but lacking

jeremy’s soul at the helm the tunes just end up detracting from the game.

The voice acting though now voice acting has to be congratulated. Most main characters and at least

50 percent of secondary characters have excellent voice acting –

It definitely was a strong point of game So i guess if you

watched me rambling this far you can guess what’s coming.

Horizon zero dawn is an amalgamation of skyrim,

far cry, dark souls, assassin’s creed and monster hunter franchises. It does have an edge in visual design and voice acting is top-notch but the rest i just cannot recommend in good faith.

If you’ve already went through aforementioned franchises and still hunger for more or just want to look at excellent graphics

sure, go ahead – Otherwise no don’t go ahead. Alternatively if you love far cry series gta 3 onwards red dead redemption and are just frustrated that you can’t get your claws on ghost of tsushima then maybe horizon zero dawn was ported to pc just for you. follow on twitter for new ubdates.

So enjoy and take care and Where’s Bloodbourne? Give bloodbourne.


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