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Hello, my name is ABDULLAH and this is my shortlist of games like The Outer Worlds that I made for the action game usa website.

Let’s start with Fallout New Vegas.

Fallout New Vegas

The Outer Worlds is basically a successor of Fallout New Vegas – the most acclaimed game in modern Fallout history.

It is made by the same developers as The Outer Worlds – Obsidian Entertainment when Bethesda somehow decided to allow Obsidian to make a Fallout game instead of making one by themselves.

And that was probably a huge mistake because they literally taught Obsidian how to make amazing open-world games and now they have a strong rival that not only made The Outer Worlds but also announced their new title Avowed that is obviously inspired by The Elder Scrolls.

Anyway, Fallout New Vegas is quite an old game – more than 10 years have passed from its initial release, but the remastered version is in the works by fans – they are using the Fallout 4 engine to recreate the whole game.

The release date is unknown, but works are in progress.

And for now, I do recommend you to play the old version – it is really fun and has an amazing story and writing.

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Mass Effect franchise

It is the other side of the coin.

Companion system and travels with your spaceship of The Outer Worlds are taken straight from the Mass Effect.

The franchise consists of four games including the infamous Mass Effect Andromeda.

Although the latest entry is absolutely the worst part of Mass Effect it is still an OKish game.

It’s not a bad game in general, but it’s bad if you compare it to other Mass Effect games.

When I say this in my articles, I always get a few angry and salty comments from hardcore fans of Andromeda, where they try to prove to me that the game is really good.

It’s not.

I would never dare to recommend the game to Mass Effect fans because it looks like a triple-A game, it looks like it will get better and better while you play it, but it never does.

All it does – it wastes your time.

And Mass Effect 1,2 and 3 are amazing games, absolutely 10 out of 10.

Here you will constantly feel that you are an important figure and your actions are actually saving the world from evil AI that decided to wipe out any intelligent forms from the face of the universe.

So, those who think that Andromeda is a good game in this situation would be absolutely safe.

Knights of The Old Republic

Knights of The Old Republic duology Like Mass Effect created by BioWare this game has a similar model of dialogues, difficult plots, and decision-making systems.

I would dare to say that they have a much deeper and more interesting story than any Star Wars movie and are a true gem for every RPG lover.

I know that they can look old by now, but believe me, you can upgrade those games using many mods that the community provides and enjoy the game without any regret.

Although graphics aren’t the main thing of this game – it was created with the story and difficult decision in mind and the scenario itself has a few unexpected turns.

Do not google anything about it, just play and you’ll be up for a treat.

Cyberpunk 2077

Difficult plots and decision-making system leading to various consequences of your actions is definitely one of the coolest parts of this first-person RPG shooter.

Despite that the plot is not revolving about space travels, the game is set in the future and has various shooting and killing devices that you will probably enjoy yielding.


Also, weapon upgrades, implants, and other feats of strength will make your shooting and looting actions even more fun.

And it has GTA 5 implemented ingame.

I’m kidding of course, but it feels like it – various vehicles will help you travel through the Night City pretty much like they do in GTA games and there are a lot of different brands implemented.

But do not forget that this is an RPG game, so your characters build and life choices are the most important part of the game.

And you have Keanu Reeves as a friend here.

That fact alone should be enough for you to try this game.

Disco Elysium

I was thinking a lot about, should I include this game here or should I not.

And my decision is pretty much obvious now, despite that this game looks nothing like The Outer Worlds.

At first, I have to say that this is not actually a game, this is more like a book.

Because almost everything you do here is read one sentence after another, and you’re the main character of this book.

It really depends on your actions and that was the thing that determined my decision to include this game here.

In The Outer Worlds, you could make some really important decisions, to support one group of people or another, and to decide the fate of the entire planets and Disco Elysium takes that to the next level – this game lets you make the actions no other game would ever let you.

For example, I was talking with an annoying 12-year-old kid, and he was insulting me over and over again.

I started to think, can I hit him?

And you know, suddenly an option appeared.

And I smacked his face so hard, he dropped to the ground.

After this, he wasn’t THAT brave and THAT insulting, but later he and his friend managed to get on my nerves again and I suddenly realized…

can I… can I just kill them?

So, you can see where I’m going – this game will let you do anything you want.

The writing part is incredible.

But I wouldn’t recommend you to play this game if you don’t like to read.


If you like to read – this will be the best thing you have ever played and if not – do not even bother.

And now it’s the time for a few Honorable mentions:

Fallout 4 has similar mechanics, decision-making system, and cynical humor you will probably enjoy, then

No Man’s Sky – will probably put out the flames of your urge for space travel and Borderlands 3 will satisfy your hunger for looting and shooting.

Thank you for reading, don’t hesitate to press share or even follow on Twitter for more lists like that.

Have a nice day and I’ll see you next time.


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